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Hemant R. Joshi

Hemant R. Joshi - book author

Hemant R. Joshi is the author of books: The Advisory Board, Digital Nervous Breakdown

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Jai is a modern- day IT engineer who invests a lot of his time in cybersecurity. As a part of the process, he builds his own viruses that he creates a virus which he feels could destroy some of the biggest database system. He inanely limits his scope to the governmental database, thinking that it would be the highest his contrivance could reach. But despite having a tool capable of mass destruction at the tip of this fingers, he does not intend to harm anyone. So he meet Mr Shukla, a top bureaucrat in the india government who dosen't delay in negating jai's claims. But with time, as he discovers that he was wrong, Shukla and jai are led on a journey to a heavenly imagined about. It turns to be quest to keep the master of the earth- the database alive. Will they be able to hold the systems against the attack?