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Gary A. Braunbeck

Gary A. Braunbeck - book author

Gary A. Braunbeck is a prolific author who writes mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mainstream literature. He is the author of 19 books; his fiction has been translated into Japanese, French, Italian, Russian and German. Nearly 200 of his short stories have appeared in various publications.

His fiction has received several awards, including the Bram Stoker Award in 2003 for "Duty" and in 2005 for "We Now Pause for Station Identification"; his book Destinations Unknown won a Stoker in 2006. His novella "Kiss of the Mudman" received the International Horror Guild Award in 2005."

Gary A. Braunbeck is the author of books: In Silent Graves (Cedar Hill #1), Mr. Hands, Coffin County, Prodigal Blues, Keepers, Far Dark Fields, To Each Their Darkness, In the Midnight Museum, In Hollow Houses, We Now Pause for Station Identification

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Robert Londrigan seems to have it all. He is a newscaster with a rising career. He has a beautiful wife, Denise, and a new baby on the way. But in just a few short hours Robert's world is turned upside down. And the torment only gets worse when his daughter's body is stolen from the morgue by a strange, disfigured man....

Robert is about to begin a journey into a world of nightmare, an unimaginable world of mystery, horror and revelation. He will learn, from both the living and the dead, secrets about this world and things beyond this world. Though his journey will be grotesque, terrifying and heartbreaking, he will not be allowed to stop. But can he survive with his mind intact? Can he survive at all?
Includes The Bonus Novella Kiss of The Mudman

It was an odd doll, carved out of wood, with stubby legs but long arms and huge hands. So little Sarah named it Mr. Hands. She loved that doll. . . until the day she was murdered. Now her mother, Lucy, has discovered something amazing about her daughter's doll - it allows her to control another Mr. Hands. But this one is no doll. He's a living, terrifying being with horrendous power.

Mr. Hands's deadly power is at Lucy's command. He will do whatever she tells him - even kill. To Lucy this is a rare opportunity, a chance to see that justice is done. Her justice. She decides who will live and who will suffer a horrible death, and Mr. Hands carries out the sentence without mercy. But once Mr. Hands is unleashed, will anyone be able to stop him?
From award-winning author Gary A. Braunbeck comes Prodigal Blues, his first foray into non-supernatural horror.

After he finds himself stranded at a truck stop in Missouri, Mark Sieber gets one of the biggest shocks of his life when he recognizes the face of a little girl on a Missing poster as belonging to the same little girl he saw only a few minutes before. Looking around for some sign of her, he comes back to his table in the restaurant to find the little girl sitting there, waiting for him.

"I'm sorry, mister," is all she seems capable of saying.

As the police and media begin to converge on the truck stop, Mark retreats back to his hotel room to call his wife and let her know what's going on, only to be taken hostage by the same people who released the little girl. But his abductors are little more than children themselves.

Ranging in ages from 12 to 19, Mark's abductors are in the process of escaping from a sadistic pedophile known to them only as "Grendel" a man whose practices include torture and mutilation specifically, mutilation of the face.

Mark's abductors have all been mutilated by Grendel, who may be very close behind them, and need someone with a "normal face" to help them carry out their plan for justice and return home.

For the next few days, Mark will come to understand not only the inhuman horror that these children have suffered, but how they eventually learned to fight back and how they discovered that Grendel and his practices are at the center of a very complex network catering to those whose tastes run toward the molestation and mutilation of children.

Prodigal Blues is perhaps Braunbeck's most suspenseful and emotionally powerful work to date; a story of suffering, depravity, redemption, and in the end the individual's compassion for his or her fellow human beings that can lead some people to find reserves of courage and determination they never thought they possessed.

Terrifying, suspenseful, sometimes surprisingly funny, and ultimately moving, Prodigal Blues is quintessential Braunbeck.
"The Keepers are coming..." The last words of a man who died in the middle of a highway through Cedar Hill, Ohio, still echo in Gil Stewart's ears when he discovers a dying dog in his front yard. At the same moment a package arrives on his doorstep. A package holding hope that a past young love might not be lost after all.

The Keepers are coming, and they're bringing with them memories Gil has spent most of a lifetime forgetting, memories leaking through fractures in his psyche.

The Keepers are coming, and the animals — the harbingers — are acting strange.

The Keepers are coming. But from where? And why?

Before the day is over, Gil will have the answers, and the world he thought he knew will be irrevocably altered.
The lone survivor of a brutal massacre returns to Cedar Hill 35 years later only to find a series of missing children has the town in a panic. He also discovers that Hoopsticks, the local mythical bogeyman, is all-too-real.
2010 Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in Nonfiction

Explore the world of writing horror from a Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild award-winning author's point of view. Gary Braunbeck uses film, fiction, and life experience to elucidate the finer points of storytelling, both in and out of genre. This part-autobiographical, always analytical book looks at how stories develop and what makes them work--or not work--when they're told.

Be warned: reality is as brutal as fiction. Rob Zombie, police shootings, William Goldman, and human misery are all teachers to the horror neophyte, and Braunbeck uses their lessons to make To Each Their Darkness a whirlwind of horror and hope for the aspiring writer.
Librarian's Note: Some Copies have wrong ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 numbers on back of dust jacket.
The wrong numbers belong to She Love Monsters by Simon Clark 0975363549 and 9780975363546

Martin Tyler is a 44-year-old janitor whose life has come to a sputtering halt; he has no friends, no family, and no promise of better days ahead. In the grip of blackest depression, he attempts to take his own life, only to find himself waking up in a local mental health facility where he has been placed for observation.

But something more has happened to Martin than just a failed suicide attempt; certain doors of perception have been unlocked in his mind, allowing him to see fantastic creatures that lurk outside on the streets of Cedar Hill - creatures only he can perceive.

Over the next 48 hours, Martin will discover what these creatures are, who controls them, and why he must enter The Midnight Museum, a place with no doors or windows, but many entrances and exits; a place just outside the perception of everyday life; a place where Martin will discover how and why he inadvertently holds the fate of the world in his hands.
It's all true. — It's not a nightmare. — It's all possible. An unspeakable evil stirs beneath the nation's capital, the gateway to a world of terror few have seen. The Hoffman Institute may be our only defense . . . but is it part of the solution or part of the problem? Reality and paranoia collide when dark forces converge on a world that seems normal. This is In Hollow Houses, the first novel in a new line of dark, contemporary fantasy fiction.
The dead have come back to life and the world as we know it has come to an end. A lone talk-radio DJ is trapped in his broadcast booth, low on food and water, and dangling at the end of his sanity. All he has left is the sound of his own voice and the fading hope that there's actually someone still alive out there to hear him . . .