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Tracey Cramer-Kelly

Tracey Cramer-Kelly - book author

Tracey Cramer-Kelly started riding motorcycles at the age of sixteen. A month shy of her eighteenth birthday, she left for Army basic training. She spent five years in the Army National Guard as a combat medic, where she fell in love with helicopters. She went on to get her helicopter pilot license outside the military, and has spent time with search-and-rescue teams in Idaho.

In 2019 she returned to school to re-certify as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), and currently works at various sporting and music events when she's not processing orders for the family business (Leader Motorcycle) or working at a substance abuse counseling center.

Tracey lives in small-town Minnesota with her husband, two kids and two cats. They are a true "soccer family" (she even worked as a referee for two years). She enjoys downhill skiing and spending time at the family lake place.

If you're looking for military romance, consider the Army Ranger Trilogy:
Ranger's Destiny
Ranger's Sacrifice
Ranger's Honor

If you love feisty, spunky heroines and unconventional romance, consider the Lady Biker novels. (Shorter biker reads can be found in the Dream Machines Series.)

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“This author’s voice will earn her high marks in the book world…”

“Inspirational novels that will leave you breathless and uplifted…”

Tracey Cramer-Kelly is the author of books: Calling the Curveball (Lawson Family #1), True Surrender, Protecting His Heart (Lawson Family, #2), Ranger's Destiny (Army Ranger #1), Mercury Falling: a Dream Machines Novella, Ranger's Luck, Directing Zac (Lady Biker Series, #1), Ranger's Sacrifice (Army Ranger #2), Ranger's Honor: Army Ranger Trilogy Book 3, Hot and Bothered: A Collection of Sexy Short Stories for Women

Author books

Striking Out…

Jamie Lawson always believed he’d make it to baseball’s big leagues, but when a tragic accident leaves him maimed, and his wife dead, Jamie heads back to his small Minnesota hometown with his dreams shattered. Six years later, he’s opened his own chiropractic clinic, but guilt and grief still haunt him. The closest he comes to baseball these days is coaching little league and umpiring for the town’s Fourth of July softball tournament. He certainly doesn’t have room in his life for the pretty stranger who shows up at the tournament and then boldly asks him on a date.

The Boys—and Girls—of Summer

After an ugly divorce, grade school teacher Kira Walker needs a break to reassess her life and come to terms with being single. Spending the summer with her sister, she attends the holiday softball tournament. But how can she keep her mind on the game—and her goals—when the umpire is such a distraction? She might be up for a summer fling if it was with Sexy Umpire Man.

Sliding into Home…

Kira’s got her own share of past hurts, but as the summer—and the romance—heats up, her playful nature coaxes Jamie into rediscovering parts of himself he thought he’d buried with his wife. Kira has thrown Jamie a curveball. Will he let her walk, or will he embrace the possibility that his glory days just might be in the future, with Kira?
When Major Aaron Bricewick is rescued from Afghanistan terrorists, he thinks the worst is over. But his personal journey is just beginning…

The first surprise is the amputation of one of his legs.

The second is the woman he left behind, now a widow with a 4-year-old son – and his new prosthetist (artificial limb maker).

He vows that losing his leg won’t derail his career. But maintaining his outward appearance as a got-it-together officer becomes increasingly difficult as he faces one personal demon after another – and sees his career aspirations slipping away. And though he has no intention of expanding his life to include a woman, his heart has other ideas – and he finds himself questioning the very foundation of his personal beliefs.

When violence – and unexpected redemption – touch his life again, Aaron must make a stand. Which will he choose: duty or love?
From a tragic past…

Police officer Ian McCleary knows from personal experience what abuse looks like. Thanks to his best friend’s family, he managed to escape his childhood—and the small town he grew up in. Now he’s back to protect and serve those who knew him as a kid. That’s all the more reason to stick to business and toe the professional line—even as his growing attraction to Rachel tempts him to cross it.

To a dangerous present…

Rachel gave up her dream of becoming a nurse, but she still craves marriage and a family with all her heart. Josh seemed like the answer—but now she’s hiding a secret that could destroy those hopes, too. She doesn’t dare accept help from anyone, not even the handsome police officer who steps in to help her. But Ian’s kindness makes her feel things she can’t ignore…

Can they create a new future?

When Ian’s past shows up on his doorstep, his world is thrown into chaos. He’s determined to protect those he loves, but can he protect his own heart? Does Rachel have the courage to leave Josh? Can she convince Ian to let down his walls and forge a new future together
U.S. Army Rangers Cory Foster and Chase Richards are at the top of their game. They’ve seen it all. They know it all. Or so they think.

And then they fall in love.

Nothing in Cory's Army training has prepared him to handle his sister’s miscarriage and subsequent medical emergency. And when he meets Doctor Madeline Wright she makes it clear she doesn’t date military men – or the family members of her patients. But when a beaten and bloody Cory shows up on Maddy's doorstep, she can’t turn him away.

Chase has been infatuated with Ella Foster for years but, as his best friend’s sister, she is strictly off-limits. But when Cory asks him to watch over Ella while she recuperates, Chase gets more than he bargained for. Ella has wanted Chase ever since he appeared as her knight in shining armor during an attempted rape. But he’s so far out of her league, she’s sure she can never have him.

NEW AND EXPANDED CONTENT! This title was re-released 1/29/17 as the combined and expanded version of the previous novellas "Ranger's Luck" and "Ranger's Destiny." To read more about the Army Ranger Series visit:

"WOW! this book was amazing and well written! it was packed full of action and plays with all your emotions. totally hot." ~ Olivia

"The moment I started reading this book, I was hooked. The opening scene intrigued me beyond belief!" ~ Lydia

"A free flowing read that sucks you in and holds your interest to the very end." ~ Tanya
This book is no longer available.

U.S. Army Ranger Cory Foster returns from his latest mission to find the ‘civilized’ world turned upside down. Trading in defending his country for protecting his sister, he’s just biding time until he can leave on his next mission.

Dr. Madison Wright doesn’t date military men - or family members of her patients. But when a medical emergency introduces her to a tough-but-sensitive Army Ranger, she’s tempted to bend the rules despite the little voice inside her head.

When a beaten and bloody Cory shows up on Maddy’s doorstep, she can’t turn him away. But their relationship is soon tested as Cory struggles with doubts about his future in the Rangers, and Maddy wonders if opening herself to loving a military man is a wise choice.

This is Book One in the Army Rangers Series. It is a novella of under 15K words. There is one sexually explicit/erotic scene in this novella. Ranger’s Destiny, Book Two (and Chase’s story) will release May 20, 2015.
Welcome to the Iron Zebra, the Lady Bikers’ favorite watering hole and a place to hang out with like-minded riders, sharing their love of motorcycles and the freedom of the open highways. They may not start out on the road to happily-ever-after, but when hot men hitch a ride with cool riding women, these ladies will rock their man’s world.

All she needs is an open road…

Hollywood movie director and single mom Gina Devereaux isn’t about to let her past defeat her. It’s hard work but she’s firmly on the path to making her dreams come true. Her daughters, her career, her beloved baby-blue Harley Softail, and the other motorcycle-loving women of the Iron Zebra Bar are all she needs. She’s never going to let another actor steal her heart. Even if the star of her latest movie does have the most gorgeous blue-green eyes. Besides, he’s way too young for her.

All he needs are bright lights…

After rising Hollywood star Zac Davies’ parents are murdered, he finds comfort in acting, stepping into make-believe lives to escape his own. But brutal reality catches up to Zac when a crazed fan poisons him just as he’s about to get his big break. Left with a need for ongoing dialysis treatments, Gina offers to let him recover in her home, far from the harsh glare of the paparazzi.

Love wasn’t in the script…

Away from the set, Zac discovers the Harley-riding, small-town-at-heart Hollywood director is not who he thought she was. Gina’s generosity gives him more than a safe haven. It gives him a glimpse of what life could be. Will their fragile new feelings for each other survive the media frenzy when they return to the set? Will Zac choose bright lights and fame, or the love of a Lady Biker? With Zac’s stalker still out there, he may not live long enough to decide.
*Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is harder.*

Army Ranger Cory Foster is a born leader, but always being in control comes at an increasing cost – especially where Maddy is concerned.

Doctor Madeline Wright struggles to open herself to a man who spends half his life on the other side of the world – and who may not come home in one piece.

Ella Foster is determined to prove she’s moved on from her disastrous relationship with Rolando, but feelings of shame and inadequacy ambush her at every turn, making her doubt the love that’s offered her.

Army Ranger Chase Richards knows Ella is “The One,” but he also has an unbreakable allegiance to the Ranger team. Can he give himself fully to both?

When an old enemy and a jealous ex join the mix, the Ranger team starts to unravel.

And then, the unthinkable happens, changing the lives of all four.