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Michael Brooks is the author of books: 13 Things That Don't Make Sense: The Most Baffling Scientific Mysteries of Our Time, Instant Rapport, Hollywood Wants to Kill You: The Peculiar Science of Death in the Movies, Developing Swimmers, The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook: a history of the Renaissance mathematics that birthed imaginary numbers, probability, and the new physics of the universe, Power of Business Rapport, El manual del astrólogo cuántico, Teaching children positive values about money, Best Man Toasts: Best man wedding speeches & wedding toasts, Are There Christian Cops in Austin Texas

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Ninety-six per cent of the universe is missing. The effects of homeopathy don’t go away under rigorous scientific conditions. The laws of nature aren’t what they used to be. Thirty years on, no one has an explanation for a seemingly intelligent signal received from outer space. The US Department of Energy is re-examining cold fusion because the experimental evidence seems too solid to ignore. The placebo effect is put to work in medicine while doctors can’t agree whether it even exists.

In an age when science is supposed to be king, scientists are beset by experimental results they simply can’t explain. But, if the past is anything to go by, these anomalies contain the seeds of future revolutions. While taking readers on an entertaining tour d’horizon of the strangest of scientific findings – involving everything from our lack of free will to Martian methane that offers new evidence of life on the planet – Michael Brooks argues that the things we don’t understand are the key to what we are about to discover.

This mind-boggling but entirely accessible survey of the outer limits of human knowledge is based on a short article by Michael Brooks for New Scientist magazine. It became the sixth most circulated story on the internet in 2005, and provoked widespread comment and compliments (Google “13 things that do not make sense” to see).

Michael Brooks has now dug deeply into those mysteries, with extraordinary results.
The national bestseller that shows how anyone can master the proven scientific techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and forge instant relationships, instant chemistry, instant intimacy at will--now with a special chapter on sexual rapport! Trains the reader to control others' perceptions, dissolve communication barriers, create more intimate relationships, negotiate more effectively, and more.
Talent, skill, and a passion to compete: These are the characteristics that define elite-level swimmers. But as the sport's best coaches know, even the most gifted of athletes won't develop these traits without a plan--one that recognizes talent, develops skills, and nurtures success.

Developing Swimmers is the only book to offer a comprehensive, long-term plan beginning at an age-group level. Renowned coach Michael Brooks shares the insights, secrets, and strategies that have transformed his athletes and swim teams from novice competitors to distinguished champions.

Developing Swimmers will show you how to

-evaluate and identify talent in even the youngest swimmers;

-establish realistic yet challenging short- and long-term goals for your athletes;

-assess and refine strokes for greater power and efficiency;

-improve starts, turns, and finishes for faster times;

-structure positive and productive practices for swimmers and swim teams; and

-foster your swimmers' passion, bolster commitment, and instill winning attitudes.

From motivation to meet management to race-day tactics, Developing Swimmers covers it all. It is the guide every coach should have on the shelf. With Developing Swimmers, you will improve the performance of your swimmers--and your entire team.
Using the principles of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Brooks presents effective techniques for creating power in business and maximizing opportunities. Teaches listeners to sell themselves to their bosses, clients, and colleagues.
They say power is closely related to responsibilities. But, when talking about money we can say: “Children’s prosperity is closely related to their parents’ responsibility”. Some of you consider that are a lot of things to do when raising a healthy child (both physically and emotionally) who knows the real value of money. I agree, although it doesn’t have to be that difficult. This e-book was written to help you become a parent who is willing and able to answer any question from your child regarding money and other financial matters.
Best Man Toasts is a must have book for those giving a wedding toast. Where do you start, what do you say, how do you not look foolish? You'll learn how to get started with your wedding speech and this book even gives you some sample groom speeches. It's an honor to be asked to be the best man in your friend's wedding, so make giving the best man toast fun, humerus and enjoyable for all. Pick up your copy today!
Ramon Perez graduated the Austin Police Academy in Austin, Texas (2004) with the honor of the Ernie Hinkle Award for Humanitarianism given to him by his fellow cadets and the academy. He had a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a wife who sold real estate, they home-schooled their children...and they were Christian's. Unable to allow bad practices at the Austin Police Department to continue, he spoke up. When he refused to Taser an older suspect, saying it was unnecessary force; within two months he was forced to resign. Read about the history of the Austin Police Department, the events leading up to the lawsuit, and the exciting trial for religious discrimination, fraud and misrepresentation!