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Shandi Boyes is a USA Today Bestselling Author who was an avid reader for many years before she discovered the love of writing in February 2016. Her first penned novel 'Perception of Life’ is a new adult rockstar romance that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the very last word.

In September 2016, her focus shifted to hot alpha men in steamy contemporary reads that sizzle off the pages. Shandi’s novel ‘Enigma of Life’ is an award-winning story on an FBI agent and the subject she was assigned to investigate. Her men are swoon-worthy, devoted, and alpha; and her heroines are strong-willed, determined, and loveable. You should start her stories first thing in the morning, or you may not sleep.

You will laugh and you will cry, but Shandi's characters will stay with you for a lifetime!

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Perception of Life (Noah and Emily #1)
Reality of Life (conclusion of Noah's story #2)
Fight of Life (Jacob's story - standalone #3)
Player of Life (Nick & Jenny - standalone #4)
Beats of Life (Slater's story - standalone #5)


Enigma of Life (Isaac #1) - ** FREE **
Unraveling an Enigma (Isaac #2)
Enigma: The Mystery Unmasked (Isaac #3)
Enigma: The Final Chapter (conclusion of Isaac's story #4)
Beneath the Secrets (Hugo #1)
Beneath the Sheets (Hugo #2)
Spy Thy Neighbor (Hunter's Story)
The Opposite Effect
I Married a Mob Boss
Second Shot



Russian Mob Chronicles:

Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance
Nikolai: Taking Back What's Mine
Nikolai: What's Left of Me

You will laugh and you will cry, but my characters will stay with you forever!

I love writing and reading. They are both my passion. My genre is generally set to new adult and contemporary, with a few twists thrown in.

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Enjoy reading!

Shandi Boyes is the author of books: Just Playin' (The Ballsy Boy #1), Nikolai: A Mafia Prince Romance (Russian Mob Chronicles, #1), Spy Thy Neighbor (Enigma #7), I Married a Mob Boss, Nikolai: Taking Back What's Mine (Russian Mob Chronicles, #2), Enigma: The Complete Collection (Engima, #1-4), Enigma of Life (Enigma #1), Nikolai: What's Left Of Me (Russian Mob Chronicles, #3), Perception of Life (Perception, #1), Unraveling an Enigma (Enigma #2)

Author books

Presley “Elvis” Carlton was at the top of his game. Number one draft pick, engaged to an up and coming model, and voted best player of the decade his first year on the field.

Things were golden... until an accident saw everything important torn from his grasp.

He’s determined to get his life back, and with a strict regime, and no time for a life outside of the game, the last thing he wants is the attention of a curvy university student whose only motto in life is to not take it too seriously.

Can an Australian expat show the struggling sports star there’s more to life than the next win? Or has Willow Underwood chewed off a chunk of man meat too thick for her to swallow?

Just Playin’ is a standalone sports romance romcom that will give you all the feels. It has sexy scenes and several laugh-out-loud moments.
What happens when a first-year defense attorney is left alone with a mafia prince? Chaos, turmoil, and sexual friction so great it will melt your kindle and your panties.

Get ready for a fast-paced joyride set to prove it isn’t just blondes who have all the fun. It is the women determined to tame the bad boys.

By tame, we mean stake our claim.
Can be read as a standalone.

I flew across the country with one goal on my mind.... finish my book.... and maybe lick the wounds of my shredded heart. 

My editor was screaming for the first draft, my agent was nagging for teasers, and my publisher was reminding me that my strict deadline was only months away. However, there was a dilemma. I had writer's block. Not just a little spanner thrown into the works writer's block. Writers. Block. As in staring at the blinking light on my Mac monitor begging for a stream of words to magically appear. 

This was not my first rodeo, though. I am a well known and respected author. I just can't write about romance, flowers, and butterfly kisses when all I want to pen is my own rendition of Basic Instinct. Ice picks to the heart, forks in eyes, and knees slammed into assholes crotches are not solid key pointers for a sweet romance novel. 

Just as I was about to throw down the gauntlet and call in my defeat, I spotted him. The bearded, tattooed man who lives in the glasshouse next door. He was in a venereal, lust filled twist with a pretty blonde who had buxom bosoms and legs that went for miles. I should have looked away. I should have respected his privacy. I should not have opened my notepad and took detailed dot points on his technique. However, every precise thrust of his hips, snippets of his well-carved physique, and droplets of sweat running down his glistening torso had words flowing quicker than I was able to write them. He was my inspiration, my muse, my next book alpha male. 

My plan was working. The words were flowing, and they were magnificent, by far my best work to date. My editor was in love with the first half of my draft, my agent was using snippets of the first two chapters to secure big endorsement deals, and my publicist was talking about a new three book deal. 

Everything was perfect.... until the bearded stranger spotted me spying on him.

Adult content, sexual references, recommended for 18+ readers.
I thought waking up hungover with no recollection of the previous twenty-four hours was going to be the worst thing I’d encounter during my whirlwind trip to Vegas. It wasn’t... not even close. Not only did I wake up in a strange room with a gold band wrapped around my finger, I witnessed something no woman should ever see. If that wasn’t unscrupulous enough, the unspeakable act was done by my husband; the stranger I married.

With freshly signed alimony papers and a guilt-riddled heart, I left Vegas praying that what happens in Vegas truly does stay in Vegas. My hope was left for dust when the small fragment of my life I tried to forget collided into the present.

Can the guarded, tortured man I married keep me safe when he is the one I need protecting from the most?

A heart-clutching, spine-tingling romantic suspense story that will have you gasping until your very last breath.
Have you ever wanted something so bad, you’re willing to kill for it?

That’s what I felt the instant my eyes locked on Justine. I could practically taste her innocence on my tongue when she stood across from me, riling me up like the life in her eyes hadn’t been snuffed years ago. The thrill of the chase ran through my blood so fast, for the first time in years, I felt like I had a heart sitting in my chest. Its beat was weak and cold, but it was still thumping nonetheless.
 It had literally only been a few hours since I had a woman’s warmth wrapped around my cock, but my hunger for Justine was uninhibited. Her scent was so intoxicating, my arrogance fed off it. I craved it like a drug, willing to give up everything to have it embedded in my skin—even my freedom.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but Vladimir isn’t going to be that lucky. I was maimed, beaten and tortured as he groomed me to be a natural born killer, and he is going to discover the hard way how precise his tactics were.

Disrespecting my family is as punishable as disrespecting me. Justine is now my family, and I’ll spill the blood of a thousand men before I let anyone take her away from me. 
This devil needs his rest, and Justine is the angel who can give it to me.

Author Warning: This book has adult scenes and situations that may be distressing to some readers. This book is part two of Nikolai's story and it is not intended to be read as a standalone. Part one of Nikolai's story is available as part of the Royal and Reckless Boxed Set.
Enigma: The Complete Collection is the entire story of the tumultuous relationship of Isaac and Isabelle. A sitting on the edge of your seat read that will have you enthralled until the very last word.

Over 390,000 words on an enigmatic alpha male and the FBI agent assigned to his case. This is a story about two people who were never destined to fall in love. But not everything is black and white; there is a whole heap of gray no one pays any attention to. 

Author warning: Contains open door sex scenes, swear words, mystery, intrigue & an awe-inspiring read.

Books included in this package:

Enigma of Life

Unraveling an Enigma

Enigma: The Mystery Unmasked

Enigma: The Final Chapter
A rookie FBI agent versus the mob. . . I don't see how this will end well.

After a chance meeting, Isabelle was falling at Isaac Holt's feet--literally. His enigmatic personality set her pulse racing, but no matter how much Izzy craves Isaac's touch, she can't have him. Morally and ethically, he is off limits. He is the enemy.

Her astute brain understands this, but her lust-driven heart needs a little more convincing. Join a fast-paced story based on forbidden love. Can two people on opposing sides of the team work together for love? Or will outsider influences force their cart off the tracks before the fireworks truly begin?

This is a story about two people NOT destined to be together. This is not your typical love story. Not everything is black and white: there is a whole heap of gray no one pays any attention to.

Lovers of Meghan March's Beneath Series and Sylvia Day's Bared to You are devouring Enigma of Life! Scroll up to one click this suspenseful romance now!
Please note: Book 1 and 4's covers were recently switched.
Blurb to come. . .

The gripping third and final installment in the Russian Mob Chronicles.

Author Warning: Due to adult content this book is not recommended for those under the age of 18.
Noah Taylor is on the cusp of stardom with his band 'Rise Up'. Noah's soul has been shattered beyond repair after a series of devastating family events. The last thing that Noah wants is a committed relationship. But Noah soon learns that life doesn't always work out the way you plan. Sometimes life can take you on a small detour.

You will never want another book boyfriend after you meet Noah Taylor.

This novel is sexy, gritty and a little bit raw.

Please note this novel contains adult content, such as swear words and sexual references.
I've known for months that Isabelle was hiding something in her beautiful chocolate eyes. I just had no clue that it was something so mammoth. Over the past five years, I’ve become accustomed to the vicious ploys some women undertake to capture my attention. The spilled drinks, the damsel in distress. Hell, I’ve even been propositioned with money from wealthy business associates in my industry just for the chance of occupying my bed for one night. But Isabelle was by far the most elaborate ruse I’ve ever come across. The woman that invades my every waking thought is an undercover FBI Agent. A stringent ruse to pry me of privy information that no one outside of my inner circle has access to.

I’ll give it to her, though. She performed well. She played me like a f*cking fiddle.

Only now, after being arrested by Isabelle, do I realize that all of my assumptions and thoughts I had compiled on her have been terribly inaccurate. I don’t really know her at all. She is practically a stranger.

Or she will soon become one.