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Stephen Laws

Stephen Laws - book author

Stephen Laws is a full-time novelist, born in Newcastle upon Tyne. Married, with three children, he lives and works in his birthplace. The author of 11 novels, numerous short stories, (collected in THE MIDNIGHT MAN) columnist, reviewer, film-festival interviewer, pianist and recipient of a number of awards, Stephen Laws recently wrote and starred in the short horror movie THE SECRET.

Stephen Laws is the author of books: Chasm, Darkfall, The WYRM, Daemonic, Ghost Train, Spectre, Somewhere South Of Midnight, Macabre, The Frighteners, Ferocity

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In the ordinary town of Edmonville a tremor hits, followed by a second devastating tremor, then darkness. The next morning, the survivors discover that most of the town has disappeared into an enormous crevasse.
As they struggle to survive, one by one people start to disappear without trace.
A raging lightning storm causes the occupants of a high-rise office building to vanish, and the only thing found is a severed human hand. Detective Jack Cardiff and his squad are about to discover the hell of Darkfall, where the impossible and the insane become all to real. Original.
Something deadly is stalking the corridors of the King's Cross train, preying on passengers. Commuter Mark Davies has been attacked and thrown from the train. Now he must team up with Ghost Train obsessed, ex-policeman Les Chadderton, before the predator disembarks for wider pastures.
The inseparable Byker Chapter: six boys, one girl, growing up together in the back streets of Newcastle. Now memories are all that Richard Eden has left, and one treasured photograph. But suddenly, inexplicably, the images of his friends start to fade, and as they vanish, so his friends are found dead and mutilated. Something is stalking the Chapter, picking them off one by one, something connected with their past, and with the girl they used to know.
Something is stalking the Northumberland moors, slaughtering sheep and other livestock. There have been sightings of a "big cat," a huge, feral creature that has so far managed to elude capture. Some of the locals are terrified, while others scoff that it's only a legend. Still, the killings continue.

Cath Lane is a young novelist and mother, eager to explore her new home in rural Northumberland. To her the legendary beast of the moors is excellent fodder for a new novel. How could she know as she begins her research that the beast is no mere myth? How could she foresee the terror that waits for her, crouching in the dark...