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Melonie Purcell

Melonie Purcell - book author

Melonie is a Las Vegas native—a rare species to be sure. She grew up riding horses in the desert, camping and fishing her way through the state of Utah and exploring ruins in Arizona.

As an adult, she still traipses around the desert and mountains, but now she does it in cooler shoes and usually carrying a camera.

Melonie Purcell is the author of books: Hand and Talon (World of Kyrni #1), Shield of Drani (World of Drani Book 1), Dagger of Drani: World of Drani Book II

Author books

Steal the bag. Don’t get caught. Repeat. Not the most glorious existence, but Krea likes it just fine.

When Sorin, a cranky old soldier, barges in and decides to take over her life, Krea is less than enthused. Sure, he saved her from a brutal death at the hands of the guards, and he did stop decrepit faerie monsters from eating her. But declaring she isn’t human and dragging her through a cursed forest to the Royal City is going too far.

Now, she is eyeball deep in magic wielding nobles, shapeshifting dragons, assassins and an ancient elf war that could destroy the Empire. Her cloak is too small. Her horse thinks she wants to eat it and her companion resents her very existence.

And then there’s Dane.