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Autumn Summers

Autumn Summers - book author

Autumn Summers is the author of books: Obsessed With His Curvy Girl (Navy SEAL and BBW Romance #1), Protecting His Curvy Girl (Navy Seal and BBW Romance #2), Hot for the Firefighter (Hot for Heroes, #2), Shielding His Curvy Girl (Navy Seal and BBW Romance #3), Rhythm Rider (Chasing Dreams #2), Ammo: A Curvy Girl MC Romance (Savage Saints MC Book 11), Buzz: A Curvy Girl MC Romance (Savage Saints MC Book 12), Gunner (Savage Saints MC Book 10), Wolf (Savage Saints MC, #7), Tank: A Curvy Girl MC Romance (Savage Saints MC Book 9)

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She caught my eye from across the bar, now I’m gonna make her mine! Aaron may have ruined it for me by being a jackass. But when she needs me the most, I come to her rescue.

I don’t know why Maverick is pursuing me, he can have any girl he wants. He’s so out of my league. But he came through when it mattered, and he’s not willing to let me go.

This is Sweet, Steamy Short Story Romance is the first part of the Navy SEAL and BBW Romance Series. If you love short and sweet romances with insta love, sexy scenes, and happily ever afters, you’re going enjoy this one!
Admiral Benjamin Copper

It’s been seven long years since my wife died. I know it’s time to move on, but I still hold on to her days before the anniversary of her tragic Christmas death. While I usually like to stay buried in my work, I am forced to go to a mandatory company dinner. I was just ready to leave when a hardworking, curvy, waitress walked by and, suddenly, I knew I’d give anything to talk to her.

Sarah Ivywood

Insults from a Navy officer named Aaron sent me rushing out for a cigarette, in the middle of my shift. Suddenly, I turn to find a sexy admiral has followed me out and asks for a date, sealing it with a hot kiss! After what I've been through with my ex-boyfriend, I can't trust so easily. But, the admiral quickly proves that he will protect me.
Willow Hardy lost everything in the fire, not only her material possessions but she also lost a piece of her soul.

Firefighter Zach Lowe saved Willow’s life, in more ways than one.


It was so unexpected, my whole life just came crumbling down.
I lost my home, all my possessions, my job...basically everything that made me, me.
But what I gained from that loss, is priceless.

I’ve saved dozens of people from burning buildings, but this one is different.
When I first saw her in the fire-filled room, a chill came over me.
There’s was something special about this girl, but she’s lost everything including a piece of her soul.
I’m willing to do anything to make her whole again and make her mine.

Hot for the Firefighter is a sweet and steamy Insta Love Romance with a happily-ever-after featuring an alpha man and the curvy woman he loves. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating.
Aaron Dupree

Nightmares of that day plague me and I’ve lost more than just my position as Admiral, but my “girlfriend” too. I can’t remember when I could trust a woman as far as I could throw her, not even my own mother. Heather is different. She takes my insults and only gives smiles in return. She’s too good for me, but I can’t deny that with every passing day, I grow more fond of her.

Heather Summers

I am a sucker for men who need my help. Particularly a man named Aaron who is hotter than hell and has an attitude to match. He’s no match for me though. I can see him breaking down under my kindness, but I’ve heard that he has an issue with women my size.

I’ve always had a thing for rockstars. One rockstar, in particular, Travis Matthews.

I’ve been going to his every show just hoping to get one night alone with him. I can’t help it that he haunts my dreams with that husky voice of his.

How am I supposed to stay away?

But my little slice of paradise was thrown right in my face and I was left with nothing more than the bittersweet crumbs. I
vowed off the rockstar but let’s face it, did I really expect to keep such a promise?

Because after all the talk of never listening to Travis Matthews – to never supporting him again – I was in New York, right in the mouth of the lion.

Would I get bit or run with the best of them?


I’m starting to wonder why I go around and do all these shows. The girlfriend wants nothing but to leech off my fame and honestly, I’m so sick and tired of it. Time to let her go and find someone else.

Someone with blue eyes ready to set me on fire.

And I think maybe I found her and in the most unexpected way, too.

The night’s fire didn’t last long. It burned hotter than the sun before being snuffed out by my idiot band manager.

But mark my words, I’m not letting her be the girl who got away.

This is the second book in the Chasing Dreams series.
An enemies to lovers MC Romance

He was supposed to have a wife, kids, and a white picket fence, but because of her, he ended up fighting for his life in the Vietnam war. Now she needs help, her life is in danger and he’s the only one that can keep her safe...


I finally put the war behind me, all I want to do is grow this MC with my former brothers-in-arms.

Things are running smooth and I’m moving on to a new life.

That is until the one woman I hate shows up at our clubhouse doorstep, bringing along baggage from my old life.


I’m tired of running and sleeping with one eye open.

I’m scared for my life, those bikers just tried to kill me.

The biker who almost ran me over brought me back to his clubhouse and I didn’t expect much better here.

That is until I saw him, the one who can take care of me and keep me safe, but he hates me...
I can’t stand her from the minute she walks in the door…and yet she’s the one I’ve been waiting for…

My MC can't know the truth about me, I’ve worked hard to keep my secret from the Savage Saints Motorcycle Club and I won’t let anyone ruin that. 

As soon as I feel her presence in the club, I start losing control, I can’t have her here on my turf.                                                

She’s the only one who can out me, I have to get rid of her at any cost. 

My secret is almost exposed when I’m threatened by the Wicked Kings MC, but of all people, she saves me.                                           

She helps me keep my secret when I wasn't able to. 

But why would she help me, she’s a sworn enemy?

Expect the unexpected as secrets turn enemies to lovers in this suspenseful motorcycle club romance. 

This stand-alone motorcycle club romance, featuring an older bad boy MC outlaw with a younger curvy girl, is part of the Savage Saint MC series.
Second chance MC romance

She thought her high school sweetheart was dead, that is until he shows up at the bar she works at.

He's just got back from 'Nam, but he's not the same person she fell in love with. He's having trouble readjusting, but his old high school buddies have moved on with their lives and none of them are willing to give him a helping hand.

She's the only one he as to lean on, but he's trying to keep his distance.

She finds him a motorcycle club she thinks can give him what he needs, but things go south quickly when he punches the club's Pres. in the face.

She just wants to spend the rest of her life with him, all he wants is a home and a band of brothers who understand him.

Things start changing quickly when his Army brothers show up.

Will she be able to win him back?

This stand-alone motorcycle club romance, featuring an older bad boy MC outlaw with a younger curvy girl, is part of the Savage Saint MC series. If you love action-packed motorcycle romance with HOT & steamy scenes that have a happily ever after, one-click now!