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Autumn Summers is the author of books: Obsessed With His Curvy Girl (Navy SEAL and BBW Romance #1), Protecting His Curvy Girl (Navy Seal and BBW Romance #2), Shielding His Curvy Girl (Navy Seal and BBW Romance #3), Rhythm Rider (Chasing Dreams Book 2): An Alpha Rockstar, Groupie Romance, Lord (Savage Saints MC #1), Wolf (Savage Saints MC New Blood 7), Crow (Savage Saints, #4), Chains: An Older MC Outlaw and Younger Curvy Girl Motorcycle Romance Series (Savage Saints MC: New Blood Book 8), Rex (Savage Saints MC: New Blood 6), Dylan: Motorcycle Romance Series (Savage Saints MC Book 5)

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She caught my eye from across the bar, now I’m gonna make her mine! Aaron may have ruined it for me by being a jackass. But when she needs me the most, I come to her rescue.

I don’t know why Maverick is pursuing me, he can have any girl he wants. He’s so out of my league. But he came through when it mattered, and he’s not willing to let me go.

This is Sweet, Steamy Short Story Romance is the first part of the Navy SEAL and BBW Romance Series. If you love short and sweet romances with insta love, sexy scenes, and happily ever afters, you’re going enjoy this one!
Admiral Benjamin Copper

It’s been seven long years since my wife died. I know it’s time to move on, but I still hold on to her days before the anniversary of her tragic Christmas death. While I usually like to stay buried in my work, I am forced to go to a mandatory company dinner. I was just ready to leave when a hardworking, curvy, waitress walked by and, suddenly, I knew I’d give anything to talk to her.

Sarah Ivywood

Insults from a Navy officer named Aaron sent me rushing out for a cigarette, in the middle of my shift. Suddenly, I turn to find a sexy admiral has followed me out and asks for a date, sealing it with a hot kiss! After what I've been through with my ex-boyfriend, I can't trust so easily. But, the admiral quickly proves that he will protect me.
Aaron Dupree

Nightmares of that day plague me and I’ve lost more than just my position as Admiral, but my “girlfriend” too. I can’t remember when I could trust a woman as far as I could throw her, not even my own mother. Heather is different. She takes my insults and only gives smiles in return. She’s too good for me, but I can’t deny that with every passing day, I grow more fond of her.

Heather Summers

I am a sucker for men who need my help. Particularly a man named Aaron who is hotter than hell and has an attitude to match. He’s no match for me though. I can see him breaking down under my kindness, but I’ve heard that he has an issue with women my size.
I'm tired of the superficial billionaire lifestyle my parents force me to live, I just need to get away. Never do I expect to get caught up with an MC that would put my life in danger.


At first, she’s just a hot piece I picked up off the side of the highway.

But now I can’t seem to let her out of my sight.

I don’t know where these feelings are coming from, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to make her mine…and keep her away from dark past.


I was just looking for a wild ride, but then I get caught up in his eyes and his strong protective presence.

When trouble goes down with one of the bikers and I’m caught in the middle of a rivalry between two motorcycle clubs, I’m terrified and scared for my life.

Can I really trust the word of this complete stranger?
I can’t stand her from the minute she walks in the door…and yet she’s the one I’ve been waiting for…
My MC can't know the truth about me, I’ve worked hard to keep my secret from the Savage Saints Motorcycle Club and I won’t let anyone ruin that. 
As soon as I feel her presence in the club, I start losing control, I can’t have her here on my turf.                                                
She’s the only one who can out me, I have to get rid of her at any cost. 
My secret is almost exposed when I’m threatened by the Wicked Kings MC, but of all people, she saves me.                                           
She helps me keep my secret when I wasn't able to. 
But why would she help me, she’s a sworn enemy?
Expect the unexpected as secrets turn enemies to lovers in this suspenseful motorcycle club romance. 
This stand-alone motorcycle club romance, featuring an older bad boy MC outlaw with a younger curvy girl, is part of the Savage Saint MC series.
An older alpha man and younger curvy girl mc romance


I treat her just like I treat every girl I wanna get with, but she’s not biting.

She’s nice, until something in her snaps and she flips out on me.

I never knew a woman could be so raw... I think I found my old lady.


I give him the benefit of the doubt, I know very well not all bikers are like the Saints.

But, he goes too far and I snap.

He just doesn’t know any better, I guess I’m gonna have to show him.

This is a stand-alone sweet and steamy short romance story, that is a part of the Savage Saints MC series. Motorcycle outlaws and the curvy girls who love them. If you love insta love stories with hot love scenes and a HEA, you won’t want to miss this one. No Cliffhangers. No Cheating. Safe.
He’s a life long drug dealer. She’s a regular customer who belongs to a rival Motorcycle Club. He rescues her from an abusive biker, she robs him, she overdoes, but will that change him?


I keep it strictly business, I have no time for anyone’s personal drama.

Take the bag, give me my money.

I don’t know why I’m helping this girl, not like this the first time I’ve seen a biker beat on his old lady.

She’s a customer of mine, but I doubt it would have hurt my pocket if I just stood by and watched.

As a matter of fact, she’ll probably come to me for a bag as soon as she’s done taking the beating.

But, here I am with a rival biker's old lady overdosing in my bed.

What the hell am I thinking?


This is sure not the first time I’m getting punched in the face, and probably not the last.

I’m dazed, and all I can think of is getting my next hit and feeling this pain fade away.

When I come too, I see him, the one that can give me a hit, but he denies me my hit.

Instead, he takes me back to his club, the minute he leaves me alone, I find some dope and take a hit.

I almost die.

I’m tired of this junkie life, but will my dealer help me turn it around?

This is a stand-alone sweet and steamy short romance story, that is a part of the Savage Saints MC series. Motorcycle outlaws and the curvy girls who love them. If you love insta love stories with hot love scenes and a HEA, you won’t want to miss this one. No Cliffhangers. No Cheating.