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Cece Rose

Cece Rose - book author

Cece Rose is a young British author who spends most of her time hiding from the outside world. (Unless it's through Facebook, she never shuts up on there.)

She is also the proud owner of one dog, four turtles, and one annoying boyfriend.

She hails from Devon in the South-West of England, but dreams of sunny skies and sand between her toes. Although, whenever abroad she will moan about the heat and the sand that gets everywhere.

She has largely convinced all who know her that she is a vampire, mainly due to her nocturnal habits. In reality, it’s because her creativity only ever strikes when the sky is dark and the stars are shining. (Plus, it’s actually quiet enough to concentrate on writing.)

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Cece Rose is the author of books: Marked By Power (The Marked, #1), Marked By Pain (The Marked, #2), Marked by Destruction (The Marked, #3), A Demon's Blade (The Desdemona Chronicles, #1), Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch #1), A Demon's Debt (The Desdemona Chronicles, #2), Fractured Fate, White Charms and Dark Secrets (Grey Witch #2), Blood Sea (The Last Siren's Song #1), Twisted Fate (Fated #2)

Author books

Is being marked with just one of the powers enough? Is being marked with six? What about being marked with all twelve?

When Mackenzie’s seventeenth birthday comes around, she planned to spend a few years at the school for the marked learning about her new powers, and then leaving and living her life. But nothing goes as planned when she attends the marking ceremony and all twelve marks appear.

Kenzie lives in a world where being marked with six powers is normal, being marked with seven or more is rare. But being marked with twelve? Well, that’s unheard of.

With learning about her new powers, the last thing Kenzie needs to worry about is falling for her hot teacher. Not to mention the unneeded distractions of the sexy twins, the jerk in all her classes, and her older brother’s best friend who finally seems to notice her.

Romance and marked powers are never a good mix, not when there are people who desire her for more than her heart.

Kenzie may not know, understand or want her twelfth power, but someone does.

This is a reverse-harem series.
Twelve marks, twelve powers, and the deadly risk that the twelfth mark brings... is having all that power worth it? What if the price is destroying the world?

Kenzie's twelve marks have caused her nothing but trouble since she was blessed with them. From getting her treated differently at school, to getting her kidnapped by rebels, her marks have caused chaos in her life.

When a familiar face shows up in the warehouse she is being kept in, Kenzie doesn't know who to trust, or what to believe anymore.

With time running out to escape, and the threat of the rebel’s plans looming over her, can Kenzie overcome these challenges?

Love and destruction comes at great price. A price that is marked by pain.
Even the smallest of mistakes can bring destruction.

Mackenzie Crowe is lost. Not lost emotionally, or even lost somewhere she can find a map. She's lost in a whole different world, one she never even believed in.

Luckily she has Enzo at her side, but will she be able to the find the others when they're all lost? Is getting back to earth and stopping her father even possible anymore?

With no marks, no magic, and in a world she doesn't understand, how can Kenzie possibly survive in a world marked by destruction?
When Mona was six years old, she witnessed the death of her mother… by a Demon. Mona was told what she saw was impossible, but she always knew the truth, nothing would convince her otherwise; not even pesky little things like doctors or psychologists.

It’s been 12 years, 8 foster homes, 5 schools and 2 crappy part-time jobs since then, but now the monsters are back, and they’re everywhere.

Suddenly Mona finds herself in a world which she never knew existed and hunted by a creature like the one plaguing her nightmares.

Luckily, Mona isn’t alone. But will the help of her new friends, be enough to save her?

- This is a full novel. Book 1 of The Desdemona Chronicles.
- This book is a RH Novel.
Kayla Harlow is an unlucky witch.

A dead boss, a demonic kitty in her bathtub, and a smoking hot detective… If only he wasn’t trying to pin her for the murder.

Between a mysterious fae prince with no sense of modesty or boundaries showing up, having to call a vengeance spirit, and more demons than she ever expected or wanted to meet appearing in her living room, an iced latte spilled all over her new dress is suddenly the least of her worries.

When white magic won’t save her, and black magic will taint her soul, what’s a witch to do?

-Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem-
Pay your debt or forfeit your soul.

Mona thought her troubles were over, but little did she know, they were only just beginning.

When you owe a demon, they will always come to collect. Mona must enter the demon realm to repay her debt to the demon Adramelech. If she fails to complete her task, the forfeit is her soul.

Few have ever returned from the demon realm and those who have, are never the same. The realm is cruel, dark, and merciless, much like its inhabitants.

As if that wasn’t already enough, Mona must now deal with her growing feelings for the guys. (Yup, guys as in plural.)

Things can never just be simple for Mona.

*This is a slow burn Reverse-Harem series.
***This is part one of a serial release. Approx. 12,000 words.***

Selena's world is turned upside down when she meets a mysterious man in a London nightclub. He’s a man with secrets, a man with enemies.

As the tangled web of secrets and lies begins to unfold, Lena needs to make a choice, but what’s a girl to choose when she knows that what she wants is wrong?

And him? He knows what he wants, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get her, right or wrong be damned.

But Lena fracturing fate itself, driving it from the original path, wasn't a part his plan.
Don't get sent to supernatural prison... That’s just common sense, right?

Being cursed with bad luck makes it impossible to find a decent job. Leaving me with no choice but some bar work in some very questionable establishments. If that wasn’t bad enough, my best friend has been accused of murder and is on the run, so I don’t even have my bestie to complain about it with.

When a twisted vampire-witch hybrid from Kier’s past shows up, I know that time is running short to find answers for the curse that plaguing me and anyone that gets too close.

When the only person that can save me is a four thousand year old demon that I’m pretty sure would like my head on a spike, what’s a witch to do?

-Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem-
This is a full length book. 334 Pages in print.
Don't go in the water; Never go out at night.
For in the seas and darkness, are creatures that will bite.
I've always been drawn to the water, sneaking away to swim in the hidden cove. I know the dangers, but the water calls to me, its song luring me into the depths.
All my life I've been home by dark, but just once I want to swim in the moonlight. The vampires haven't come to our isle in years anyway, it's a stupid precaution to stay inside.
How could I know that the one night I choose to take a moonlit swim, the waters around our island would run red with blood?

* 17+
* Vampire Pirate Reverse-Harem
Selena is on the run, hiding from those who seek her. Cut off from her friends and family, to contact them would be too risky.

Relying on an ally with more secrets than open truths, is a lot harder to trust in when you know how dangerous secrets can be.

Fate is twisted. A sick, tricky, and manipulative thing. Can Lena keep out of fate’s clutches? Or will she find herself walking right into its trap?