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T.R. Kohler

T.R. Kohler - book author

T.R. Kohler is the author of books: Shoot to Wound, Spare Change (The My Mira Saga #1), Office Visit (The My Mira Saga #2), Peeping Thoms (A Kerrin Thoms Mystery #1), Fair Trade (The My Mira Saga #3), The Hunter, The Ring: A Suspense Thriller

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From award winning screenwriter and Amazon bestselling author Dustin Stevens comes the first book under the pseudonym T.R. Kohler, a gripping action thriller with equal parts suspense and mystery!

Five years ago, Remy Bomar found himself on the wrong end of a military operation in Syria that went terribly wrong, the results catastrophic, his reaction to walk away just years short of his pension and return to his family in Oregon. There he stays, tucked away from the world, until recent events force him out of hiding.

Those events? Someone is terrorizing major cities across the country, opening fire on sacred lands, with no regard for human life. Authorities are convinced these are the acts of an international organization, but Bomar has an aching suspicion that something else is afoot, something that calls back to being out in the desert years before.

Joining forces with a disgraced young FBI agent and an enterprising young reporter, the unlikely trio must race across the country to unravel what is going on, and bring it to an end before anybody else gets hurt.

It was supposed to have been a celebration. A night out among friends. A chance to celebrate the culmination of ten long years.

For the last decade, Kyle Clady has served as a Navy SEAL. He has endured sleepless nights, hellish environments, personal injury, strained relations. He has fought enemies foreign and domestic, and multiple continents.

At long last, it is over. He is free to return home to San Diego, to the wife that has endured by his side, to the plans they have made for the future.

Little does he know that waiting there for him is an eventuality far worse than anything he ever encountered in the military...
“You think this is about you?”

Just six simple words, they comprised the last sentence ever uttered by the man that killed Kyle Clady’s wife. A sentence that he is unable to get out of his head, the possibilities it contains keep him awake at night, spurring on his every movement.

But little does he know, he isn’t the only one being affected.

Across town, two meetings take place almost simultaneously as a result. The first involves the people that hired the hit, the action taken a part of a business decision that still needs to be seen through. Twenty miles away, a second takes place, held by the men that the shooter rode with, people considered closer than brothers, that would do anything to mete out their own form of justice.

Join Kyle as he begins to uncover that what started as a single, senseless act of violence has a reach and scope much wider than he’d have ever thought possible…
“Who the hell are you two?”

Nothing in Kyle Clady’s world is as it should be. His wife is gone. He can’t bear to set foot in his home. He’s back sitting vigil at the hospital, hoping his brother-in-law will survive the night. His head aches and his hand hurts from his confrontation with members of The Wolves motorcycle gang just hours before.

All a result of trying to unravel the path leading away from his wife’s murder. A path that has now presented him before the diminutive Fran Ogo and her granddaughter Valerie, two women with little in common beyond their shared lineage.

Together, they seem even less sure of what is going on than Kyle, the only certainty that exists being that whatever started with the death of his wife is still a long way from being completed.
Three days ago, Ember Squires had things in order.

She was a well-known detective in Seattle. She had a son she adored and an ex-husband she was learning to navigate. Her life was ordered and purpose-driven.
But that life was shattered, stripped away in an instant, as she sat huddled along the side of the road in a relentless snowstorm. Her car beyond repair, her phone ruined, her son’s head in her lap, she was forced to accept the only offer of help that came her way and the ironclad stipulations that came with it.

Seventy-two hours later, Ember finds herself an employee of Hell.

Forced to call on the skills she gained working for years in the Pacific Northwest, she now scours the world, seeing it in an entirely new manner. Invisible to all she might have known, unable to contact anyone from her past life, she must push forward, handling whatever is thrown her way, all in honor of a contract she signed that fateful night.

No matter how ill-prepared she might be or how much she despises what is thrown her way, because to recant would be unthinkable.