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Kristine Allen is the author of books: Colton's Salvation: A Demented Sons MC Novel, Lock and Load: A Demented Sons MC Texas Novel, Mason's Resolution: A Demented Sons MC Novel, Styx and Stones: A Demented Sons MC Texas Novel, Erik's Absolution: A Demented Sons MC Novel, Smoke and Mirrors: A Demented Sons MC Texas Novel, Kayde's Temptation: A Demented Sons MC Novel, Make Music With Me: A Straight Wicked Novel, String Me Up: A Straight Wicked Novel, No Treble Allowed: A Straight Wicked Novel

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Colton Alcott was a soldier with no family. The Army was not just his career; it was his life and the only thing he felt he needed. When he agreed to go home with his battle-buddy prior to deploying to Afghanistan, he had no idea that a single night with a woman he intended to be a one-night stand would become his beacon in the night. When his career is unexpectedly cut short and his inner demons threaten to consume him, he finds the comradery and brotherhood he thought he had lost with the Demented Sons Motorcycle Club.
Stephanie Quinn was focused on her college graduation and the beginning of her culinary dreams. When her best friend, and roommate, dragged her to the big end-of-the-year party, she planned to hang out for a little while and then head home. Alone. What she didn’t anticipate was that the blue-eyed stranger she brought home would leave her with an unexpected surprise. A surprise destined to change both of their lives.
Can two star-crossed lovers overcome the obstacles of fate and find one another in the vast ocean of life? Colton’s Salvation is a story of love lost, second chances, and the unforeseen salvation of a single tormented soul by an unexpected, but precious, gift.
Watching your best friend find happiness and salvation can cultivate a longing and desire for that level of devotion. Even if that wasn't what you thought you were looking for. Mason Lange had always been the fun, happy, life of the party guy. But sometimes laughter covers deep wounds. He loved the Army and being a spotter for his best friend, Colton, but injuries and loss ended his desire to continue putting his life on the line. Haunted, he returns home to join the Demented Sons MC in an effort to find the comradery he lost. Betrayal and a promise to his sister had resolved him to trust lightly and never ruin another's relationship. But when the club goes to Vegas to celebrate his best friend's wedding, he meets the woman who will bring him to his knees. Becca Kannan grew up wild, carefree and happy. "No party too big" was her motto. When she became an elementary school art teacher she knew she needed to curb her wild ways and put on the respectable hat. She thought Trevor was the perfect man to keep her on the straight and narrow. Not to mention, her parents think he's perfect and she fears leaving him would just be another disappointment to them. But wearing a shell of someone she's not, eventually smothers her. Vegas, for her best friend's wedding, is the perfect opportunity to let loose, have fun and find herself again. She never expected to find the man who would complete her. A misunderstanding ends their relationship before it can begin and it takes the disintegration of Becca's job and life as she knows it, to put him back in her path. As soon as Mason and Becca are in the same room together, the undeniable chemistry they share sends sparks flying. Can they learn to open their hearts and trust each other enough to build something lasting from the flames? Or will they let their past heartaches destroy the possibilities of their future. Mason's Resolution is a story of the masks two stubborn souls feel obligated to display to their friends and families. A story of resolutions born from hurt, and how love can overcome it all, if only they have the courage to let go.
I'm the Enforcer for the Demented Sons MC, I don't do beach hook-ups with a prim-ass school teacher. And I sure as hell don't obsess over the chick afterward. But that's exactly what I did.

Remembering every inch of her luscious body, every damn sound she’d uttered—I fell into a hole I couldn’t crawl out of. A five foot nothing, legs for days, hole.

No choice, I made a decision. Come hell or high water, the school teacher was gonna be mine...

Except I didn’t realize she had a past I couldn’t survive.
Avoidance doesn’t make our sins go away. Especially if we refuse to believe that those sins we feel burdened with, aren’t actually ours to bear. Forgiveness is most difficult when it’s ones self needing the absolution, and guilt is a destructive beast.

Erik Jaeger had been the town’s football star, and all-around golden boy. But without an explanation to his family or friends, he dropped out of college. Throwing away a promising career in computer engineering, he joined the Marine Corps. After six years and too many demons nipping at his heels, he was tired and ready to go home. He found you can’t run forever from the monsters that chase you… eventually, you have to fight back. Upon returning home, he joins the Demented Sons MC; a group of men with unparalleled loyalty toward each other. Betrayal and failure were subjects he knew well, and they had left distrust and self-loathing, simmering with bitterness in his soul. He immersed himself in his MC, his family, but mostly his motorcycle and his computer security business… things he had control over.

Kassandra Donahue had her life planned out, including a full scholarship for her four year nursing degree. After a series of events tore her life asunder, nursing school at the community college came out of her own pocket. So she worked a job she despised, focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. Letting a man into her life was absolutely not on her list of priorities, until Erik, with his turquoise-blue eyes and infectious smile, hit her like a tornado. Her heart didn’t stand a chance. But when he allows his past demons to take control, he inadvertently crushes her fragile heart in his fist, and her friend and colleague, Hunter, steps in to reconstruct her heart from the rubble.

Erik and Kassi have an undeniable magnetism between them. They skip simple sparks, going straight to raging inferno. But will they be able to get past their pain and ghosts to find the happiness and love they so desperately need?

Erik’s Absolution is a story of one man’s overwhelming guilt, which prevents him from accepting the possibility of happiness. Can he learn to forgive himself for events he couldn’t control? Or will he forever dwell within a finger’s breadth of the absolution he deserves?
As President of the Demented Sons MC, I don’t have time in my life for a woman. It’s not easy running a chapter and raising a teenager alone. Except sometimes life nails you like a freight train.

Nothing prepared me for her.

A ghost from the past, she barreled in wanting something from me I wasn’t prepared to give.
Trying to keep my club together and my daughter from going off the rails, while staying under my enemy’s radar had me wound tight. Haunted by icy blue eyes and a sexy smile, I caved…

Now I’m caught in a web that’s destined to get me killed.
Kayde Maguire became a Marine so he didn’t have to watch the woman he loved, marry his best friend. The problem was, she had been his best friend, too. So leaving home still left him feeling like he’d cut his heart out and left it lying on the ground. For years, he felt like the cold, heartless bastard many people called him. He could kill a man without batting an eye, but being part of the Marine’s Force Recon taught him those necessary skills; It wasn’t what he’d aspired to become. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, deep down, he was still the sensitive young boy who stopped to help the little girl who always fell behind, despite desperately trying to keep up to three rambunctious boys. To keep her “out of sight and out of mind,” after the Marines, he relocates states away and joins the Demented Sons MC with his buddy, Hacker.
Serafina Hernandez claimed Kayde as her best friend when she was only four years old, and she thought he would always be there for her. Kayde, Tyler and her brother, Christian, were known as the “Three Musketeers,” and so when she married Tyler, she never anticipated Kayde would desert them for the Marine Corps. When tragedy strikes, her world crumbles, and she barely keeps her sanity. Lawrence seemed like the savior she needed, but he wasn’t Kayde. When life shows her it can always get worse, and she needs her best friend more than ever, he isn’t there. Unfortunately, he’s the only one she can think to contact when she needs to disappear.
Kayde and Sera were destined to be together, but people don’t always follow the path laid out for them. Hesitation and feeling he wasn’t good enough, cost him Sera once. Can Kayde take advantage of the second chance fate has handed him? Will Sera admit she loves him, or will she continue to push him away, because she feels like she loses everyone she loves?
I’m the lead singer for Straight Wicked, the hottest rock band in years.

Every woman wants to be my muse. But that position is already filled. Lust, love, heartbreak, anger - every word I sing is for her.

Except she doesn’t belong to me.

She used to be my brother’s woman, but now she’s drowning in grief and I’m soullessly plotting.

I want her to see me.
I want her to hear my music.
I want her to know my words.

I should feel guilty for what I’m about to do, but I don’t. She needs to move on and I need to fucking breathe again. I’m a substitute for no one. My name is Levi MacKenzie and I’m in love with my brother’s fiancé.