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Liam Kingsley is the author of books: Knot the Broseph (Howling Hills Heat, #1), Knot The Manny (Howling Hills Heat, #3), Knot The Sheriff (Howling Hills Heat, #5), Knot the Ex (Howling Hills Heat, #2), Knot The Enemy (Howling Hills Heat, #4), Omega for Rent, Bad Boy Babysitter, Christmas Heat (Season of Love, #1), Cuffing Season (Season of Love, #2), Pick Of The Litter

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Nyle's done well for himself - at only twenty-six years old, he's the prime alpha of the close-knit Howling Hills Pack, as well as the owner of the town's hottest nightclub: Club Rumblefish. There's just one thing missing: a mate. And when Nyle receives word that his best friend - and longtime crush - is returning home from his military service, his wolf can't help but sit up and take notice.

Seph is glad to be home. He didn't hate the military - but he was never able to keep himself completely invested. Part of his heart has always been back home in Howling Hills, with the alpha he left behind: Nyle. There's only one problem - he and Nyle have never taken that final step from best friends to lovers.

When Seph's heat hits him unexpectedly only hours after their reunion, neither man is prepared for the scorching fire that arises between them, and even though they agree to keep it casual, realizing that they are fated mates changes everything.

But fate can only provide a nudge in the right direction. Relationships take work - and if this couple can't learn to trust each with their deepest feelings, they risk losing everything.

Knot the Broseph is a wolf shifter mpreg romance novel(la) with a guaranteed happily ever after! It is the first book in the new Howling Hills Heat series, where finding your fated mate isn't just a dream - it's destiny. This book and every other book in the series can be read in any order.

Thorne isn't ready to fall in love. His wife has only been gone for two years; he's still a grieving widower. Most days, he's not sure if he'll ever be ready to open his heart again. A simple, quiet existence with his beloved son, Mason, will have to be enough for him - and when it's not, he's got his friends in the Howling Hills pack to take up the slack.

Omega Logan is trying hard just to stay afloat. Not only has he just been made redundant at his job, his beloved Nan is quickly slipping away into the hereafter. When she passes, not only will he lose the last of his family, but also the roof over his head. He's running out of options... until fate steps in, taking the form of a child's lost stuffed elephant.

Returning the stuffed animal to his owner gives Logan a sense of purpose - and a job. Thorne needs a manny to care for Mason during the day. Logan needs an income. That Thorne is the hottest alpha Logan has ever met doesn't even matter, because Thorne is obviously straight... isn't he?

When Logan's heat hits unexpectedly, the tentative feelings between the two men burst into something deeper - something richer. Fate has given Thorne a second chance at love and family... but with his heart on the line, will Thorne choose the specter of his past? Or a brighter, happier future?

Knot the Manny is a wolf shifter mpreg romance novel with a guaranteed happily ever after. It is the third book in the Howling Hills Heat series, where finding your fated mate isn't just a dream - it's destiny.
Sheriff Brady Schell has never allowed himself to fall in love. He's never so much as been with another man - it's too risky. Ever since he was abandoned as a baby for being an omega, he's understood that to allow yourself to get close to someone means to put your emotional safety on the line. Now thirty-six and unbonded, his omega instincts are pulling at him, urging him to find a lover - and if he's truthful with himself, he's had his eye on the much younger Shane Raynor ever since he wrote Shane his first speeding ticket.

Shane Raynor is hell on wheels - and he knows it. An alpha's alpha, he works hard and he plays hard, channeling his hot temper into the fast and furious sport of drag racing. He never backs down from a challenge, and he never fails to challenge himself to help out a friend in need. His heart of gold makes him the perfect candidate to raise the baby that is unexpectedly left on his doorstep.

It's not his child. He's absolutely sure of it. But that doesn't stop Shane from falling in love with the little sweetheart, demanding Brady's help in cutting through the red tape so that Shane can claim the baby permanently as his own son.

But raising a child is hard work, especially when you're a new, under-prepared father. When Brady offers to help, Shane isn't going to turn him down. And when Brady offers his heart, Shane is going to have to step up and prove that when love is involved, the promise of a forever family is worth the risk.

Knot the Sheriff is a wolf shifter mpreg romance novel with a guaranteed happily ever after. It is the fifth book in the Howling Hills Heat series, where finding your fated mate isn't just a dream - it's destiny This book and every other book in the Howling Hills Heat series can be read in any order.
Alpha Grayson McNally is one of Howling Hills' hottest bachelors - or at least, he would be if he weren't still grieving for the ex who left him behind five years ago. He's learned to hide his loneliness behind smiles and practical jokes, but when a rogue bee sting sends him to the hospital, Grayson wonders if he might not have a second chance at love after all.

All Harvey has ever wanted was to become a doctor - and it's something he's excelled at, his passion for saving other people rivaled only by the belief that he doesn't deserve a happy ending for himself. Leaving Grayson behind to get his education was a no brainer, but even Harvey can't resist the call between them when the one man who never left his heart comes back into his life... as a patient.

Sparks fly as one chance meeting leads to another, but the discovery that Grayson is Harvey's fated mate leaves him with mixed emotions. Harvey loves Grayson... but he also loves his career.

Will an unexpected pregnancy be the key to tearing down the walls surrounding this omega's heart?

Knot the Ex is a wolf shifter mpreg romance novel with a guaranteed happily ever after! It is the second book in the new Howling Hills Heat series, where finding your fated mate isn't just a dream - it's destiny. This book and every other book in this standalone series can be read in any order!
Devan Puckett is a rising star in the culinary scene. A well known chef with his own cooking show, he lives and breathes meats and vegetables, grains and fruits... and his years-long rivalry with Ori Wilson.

Ori Wilson is a confident omega. Sassy and irreverent, he's not about to let any alpha show him up... especially not Devan Puckett. He's been overshadowed by that particular alpha enough - first in culinary school, and then by Devan's commercial success.

When the local network pairs Ori and Devan together for a show test-tasting their way across California, neither man believes it will pan out. They're at each other's throats constantly - which turns out to be exactly what the viewership wants.

The pressure is on to deliver as the ratings climb the charts, but when Ori finds himself going into heat mere hours before an important shoot, will simple biology be the undoing of their joint career? Or will the animosity between them spark into something far more dangerous - and delicious?

Knot the Enemy is a wolf shifter mpreg romance novel with a guaranteed happily ever after. It is the fourth book in the Howling Hills Heat series, where finding your fated mate isn't just a dream - it's destiny. This book and every other book in the series can be read in any order.
It’s better to fake a relationship than be forced into one… But what happens when the fake relationship starts feeling like everything you never knew you wanted?

Chase Cartwright has a problem—his dad needs him to date the omega son of an important businessman in order to close a deal. But omegas often form intense emotional attachments with alphas and Chase, commitment-phobe, isn’t willing to take that risk. He just needs to figure a way out of it…

Riley Lewis is an omega for hire, and he offers a specialist service—he can take an alpha knot without any of the emotional baggage. And now he’s got a client, a rich alpha who needs him to be a fake boyfriend. But Chase is adamant it’s just business. A fake relationship for show, to keep his father off his back. No sex. Definitely no knotting.

But what’s Chase supposed to do when the immediate connection he feels for the omega turns into a soul-deep craving to be close, too overwhelming to ignore? It’s all-consuming and beyond any kind of human bond, and the alpha will tear apart the world to keep it safe—both Riley, and the new life they’ve created within him.

Because there’s a new danger lurking on the edges of their happiness, another alpha who’s obsessed with Riley, and he forces Chase into an impossible decision: How much is Chase willing to sacrifice to protect the man he loves and the baby he carries?
An Accidental Pregnancy Billionaire Romance.
A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance

A well-to-do alpha father. A bad-boy omega babysitter. Could they be fated mates?

Handsome alpha wolfshifter Gideon had his youth stolen by an arranged, loveless marriage, and despite his affluent lifestyle and a son he loves dearly, there’s something missing.

Enter omega Ryan, who is anything but affluent. When Gideon calls on the tasty young bad-boy to babysit Gideon’s son Noah, a spark between them ignites, but will the flames burn bright enough to overcome their differences?

Animalistic lust runs deep between these two opposites in The Alpha’s Babysitter, a 50,000-word gay paranormal wolfshifter mpreg tale. Intense sexual content makes this slow-burn gay romance a story intended only for adults.
I knew being an omega would get me fired one day, I just never thought hiding it would be the excuse they needed. Irony, you suck.

For years I was their best employee, right up until their new alpha hire smelled me in heat. I could’ve kept my job by playing his game, but I’ve spent my whole life running from my biology. I have principles.

I also have bills. Which is the only reason my desperate search for a roommate ended with a grizzled alpha veteran, Stefan. Brooding and damaged from years of battle.

My biology and I are not on speaking terms now.

But who needs words when you live inches from an alpha who looks like that? I was just kidding myself, pretending it wasn’t inevitable, our wild night of passion that ended with me pregnant and freaking out. And kicking him out. Look, mistakes were made.

Now I’ve got a new job with tons of stress, a baby on the way and a wannabe mate who doesn’t know he’s gonna be a dad. All because I’m paranoid he’s gonna take the baby and leave me. The way everyone else has.

Maybe its why I don’t listen when he tells me my new job is shady. Why I’m so eager to prove him wrong. To prove myself right.

Except I hardly ever am…

I was the best of the best, and now I’m nothing at all. A broken alpha who can’t even get his omega roommate to look at him with need. Desire. Hunger.

I don’t know why I thought things would be different with Tyler, but I did. There was an undercurrent to the way he avoided me in the mornings. A tension when he said he didn’t need or want an alpha. Want me.

Or so I thought, but one frantic, amazing night together and its like he can’t even stand to look at me now. I try and keep my distance. Give him what he wants, even if that’s not me.

But something about his new job pings all my alarms. Instincts that’ve kept me alive all these years. I wish his work was everything he wants it to be, but deep down I know better.

I just don’t know how to convince him before its too late…

This 50,000 word mpreg novel about wounded werewolves has a HEA under the mistletoe. Just be eighteen and up, or its onto the naughty list for you!

In a world full of strife, two wolves find solace in each other.

Ben was wounded in the heat of battle, now considered by society to be just another injured veteran werewolf. He’s loved, lost, and decided it isn’t worth the trouble. In a world where shifters die just because of the blood in their veins, what’s the point in committing? You just risk losing yourself.

James is a kept omega, hidden away by his family until his breeding date. Soft and supple, James knows his intended mate-to-be will probably break him all to pieces. But isn’t that what omegas are for?

Everything changes when James loses all he knows in an attack, leaving him the sole heir to the family fortune. Uncomfortable with his new responsibilities, he hires a bodyguard who ends up being so much more.

Cuffing Season is a stand-alone novel, the second in the Season Of Love series. It’s rich, gay, mpreg, shifter plot will have you begging for more. Only happily ever after endings and never any cheating! Adults only!

A Gay Paranormal Romance.
Finding love in a divisive world has come down to the luck of the draw.

At 25, Graham is an alpha werewolf that’s just come of age and that means one thing—it’s time to settle down. However, with so many omegas to choose from, an alpha is stuck hoping he picks the right name from a number of potential mates. The CEO of Roll Over needs a submissive lover, one that will support him in his business ventures.

Parker is Graham’s omega life-long friend. Upon reaching puberty he, like all other omegas, was rounded up and tossed into an omega safe zone. When he’s dragged to a mate choosing ceremony, Parker never considers the alpha waiting for him on the other side of the curtain might be the alpha he’s been dreaming of.

When the two are finally reunited, sparks fly—and not just romantic ones. Coming from two very different lifestyles, will Graham and Parker rise to the challenge of a real relationship? Or will they come undone after so many years apart?

Pick of the Litter is a gay mpreg shifter romance novel. It is intended for adults only and guarantees a happily ever after ending for the main characters.