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Alexa B. James

Alexa B. James - book author

Alexa B. James is the contemporary romance pen name for a 2-time USA Today Bestselling author of YA paranormal romance.

Alexa is a mom, wife, librarian, and country girl at heart. When she's not pounding away on her keyboard, you can find her in her garden, chasing chickens around the yard, or holed up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and a book with lots of kissing. She loves romance novels of every variety (why choose?) and plans to publish more this year.

Alexa B. James is the author of books: Her Wolf (Silver Shifter #1), Dirty Alphas (Heartland Forest, #1), Unleashing Trials: Year 1 (Academy of Sorcery #1), Her Dragon (Silver Shifter #2), Her Bear (Silver Shifter #3), Ruin (Fire & Blood #1), Her Panther (Silver Shifter #4), Fallen Master: Year 2 (Academy of Sorcery #2), Filthy Fae (Heartland Forest, #2), Chasing Her Cats (Feline Royals #1)

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Ariana has been stuck inside a cage as long as she can remember.
From one master to the next, she hasn’t known kindness since her parents were alive, and even then, she never belonged to herself. When a handsome werewolf saves her from the fighting pits, Ariana’s life is turned upside down.

Thrown into a brand new world, Ariana discovers she’s not only a wolf, but the Silver Shifter, a being born every hundred years, and she’s supposed to be the last. But her hot new alpha is hiding more than he’s telling, including the alphas of the other New York packs.

Wolves. Dragons. Bears. Panthers. Each pack is holding back a secret from her, like why Ariana feels an unnatural pull to each.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance that features one kick-butt woman and her four shifter mates. It contains violence, medium burn romance, sexually explicit content, magic, vampires, and a lot of action. For ages 18+.

Know what’s worse than being forced to marry your depraved, sadistic alpha?
Hiding his corpse.

Ten years after storms and seismic disasters ravaged the world, only one major forest remains intact in the United States, and my werewolf pack is responsible for keeping Heartland Forest for the wolves. Jacob Knight may have been a terrible alpha, but he kept the fae, vampires, and man-eating trolls from taking over Heartland. Day by day, they close in on us.

For two years, I’ve gotten away with murder, and it hasn’t been easy. I live a lie, and it’s eating me up inside. It’s a price I must pay to keep my secrets buried and my pack safe.

But nothing stays buried for long in Heartland Forest.

When Jacob’s three alpha brothers ride their motorcycles into town, claiming they want to rent a room in the apartment building I manage, I know they’re here for more than low rent and creaky pipes.

Do I have what it takes to take on three dirty alphas?
Magic is dangerous.

I should know. It got me a thirty-year sentence scrubbing toilets for a scumbag wizard.

My only hope is the Unleashing, a ceremony that unlocks the dormant powers of magical descendants when we turn eighteen. Since my mom was a lowly psychic, I don’t expect to be blessed with much more than the ability to forecast the weather.

But when the sorcerers unlock my magic, all hell breaks loose. Turns out, I’m not a wizard, witch, or even a sorcerer. I’m…something else.

Because of my unique abilities, I’m required to attend the Academy of Sorcery until I learn to harness and control my magic. Not only that, but the three sexiest and most powerful sorcerers on campus are assigned to guard me night and day. Jackpot, right?

Not quite.

Turns out these guys aren’t too happy with the arrangement, and they show it by making my life hell. That’s just the beginning of my troubles. The mean-girl squad declares open season on me, a mysterious woman attacks me every time I step off campus, and my professor is too hot for his own good. And when it’s time to find a weapon to help me master my abilities, my magic chooses… a spork.

It’s going to be a long year.

Good thing I have what it takes to survive it.
Everybody wants a piece of Ariana.

After surviving the latest vampire attack, Ari's mates are certain that the bloodsuckers are out to get her. Is someone else after her, too? Vampires, humans, and warlocks all have reasons to want her. Worse, she’s not sure she can trust her own mates. Maximus struggles with jealousy, and Jett still hasn't accepted the mate bond.

As tensions rise between her mates and the clans, Ariana struggles with her role as peacemaker. She’s barely gotten a taste of freedom and begun to adjust to her role as the Silver Shifter when another attack rocks the New York clans.

She and her alphas may never recover from this one.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance that features one kick-butt woman and her four shifter mates. It contains violence, medium burn romance, sexually explicit content, magic, vampires, and a lot of action. For ages 18+.

Ariana has been kidnapped.

Ariana hoped never to know the horrors of living in captivity again. But she wakes to find herself a prisoner once more, and no one can save her this time. Her captors have bound her beasties inside her, her mates don’t know where she is, and a betrayal shatters her last hope.

Soon she learns the terrible truth. Her captors plan to use her blood to exterminate vampires. Trapped in a science experiment from hell, Ariana has no escape.

But there are two things her captors didn’t count on. Ariana’s blood does more than turn vampires human. And no one knows just what Ariana is truly capable of—not even Ariana herself.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance that features one kick-butt woman and her four shifter mates. It contains violence, medium burn romance, sexually explicit content, magic, vampires, and a lot of action. For ages 18+.

In a world of perpetual night, vampires rule and humans have no chance of escape.

On the surface, my life must appear one of lavish design. As a courtesan for the vampire royals, extravagant gowns are tailor-made to hug my curves, ensuring I look my best as an ornament decorating a luxurious palace.

What is the cost of all this splendor? My blood, my body... and my soul.

After being arrested for war crimes, I volunteered to become a consort to the three kings to allow my family time to escape. But when the malicious leader of the human rebellion demands I betray my new lovers, even I’m surprised to discover my loyalties have shifted.

My body now craves the touch of my vampiric kings, awakening a burning passion within me to protect them from an uprising that could bring them to their knees. Can I find a way to protect all those I love, or will I pay with my life for daring to care for both sides?

The Fire & Blood series, written by Alexa B. James, is an 18+ Reverse Harem Romance weaved together by secrets, fangs, and passion.
Ariana has one goal: unite the four clans.
Easier said than done.

After a massive attack is launched by the Lamia Queen, Ariana and her mates are left weakened. Monster attacks become all too common in New York, threatening to expose the entire supernatural world.

If Ariana can’t pull the four clans together in time, life as they know it will erupt into chaos.

Will Ariana be able to unite the clans, or will the Lamia Queen and her monsters destroy the world as they know it?

Find out in the final book in the Silver Shifter series!

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance that features one kick-butt woman and her four shifter mates. It contains violence, medium burn romance, sexually explicit content, magic, vampires, and a lot of action. For ages 18+.

I've been marked. My time is limited. Soon, the dark woman who attacked me will return for me. To prepare, I'll have to work harder than ever. Having four powerful, sexy sorcerers watching my every move should make things easier, but somehow, it can be a bit of a distraction. Especially when my magic is urging me toward them all. Could it really hurt my chances? After all, a girl's gotta practice.
The only thing worse than a sadistic werewolf is a sadistic fae queen hellbent on revenge.

Two months after meeting my mates, I’ve settled into a semi-comfortable life with them. But as the new alpha of the Six Rivers pack, it’s my job to make peace with the fae and the other werewolf packs that surround Heartland Forest. And not everyone wants peace.

When a swinger party turns into a bloodbath, all signs point to one of my pack members as the killer. Queen Titania is determined to avenge the twenty-two fae killed at the party, but I know my pack, and I know my werewolves aren’t capable of that type of carnage.

Or are they?

With a war closing in on us, the fae queen threatening to take a life for a life, and my mates in danger, time is running out. If I can’t figure out who is behind the murders, someone I love could be next.

This is a full-length reverse harem novel that is full of action, violence, and sexytimes aplenty. Suitable for readers 18+
Camila is the Ocelot Nation's princess, a golden girl groomed from birth to become queen. She is poised, schooled, and everything a princess should be.

This is not her story.

This is the story of her sister Itzel. As the second child of a shifter, Itzel is nothing more than a common human, something the king never lets her forget. She runs wild with stable boys by night and advises her sister by day. But when she volunteers to help her sister seduce a shaman from the Jaguar Nation, she is drawn into the mysterious world of shifter mating rituals that will push every boundary and test her limits in ways she never imagined.

***Contains triggers***

***This book contains situations that many find triggering. Dark romance is intended for audiences 18+.
This is a reverse harem romance in which the main character builds her harem throughout the series.