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Jayanthi Sankar

Jayanthi Sankar - book author

Jayanthi Sankar is the author of books: Dangling Gandhi, MISPLACED HEADS, Car Driver Stories: Stories by cab drivers

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Here is a set of short stories that artistically break the traditional rules of storytelling to bring about freshness, so Singaporean, India, and Asian. About 10 out of the 12 short stories ranging right from 1905 colonial period in Singapore, the period of the independence struggle in India to the contemporary modern themes such as 'my mother is feminist’ are truly SingLit, aptly published when we celebrate our Bicentennial. The collection has all the features like smooth readability, with an anthropological approach, interesting experiments both in content and form that any good collection would be expected to have.
my book has two important threads. A contemporary thread and another thread about an ancient system prevalent in Indian Hindu temples. Colonial India is covered as well.