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Emma Champion

Emma Champion - book author

Emma Champion is the author of books: Taiden's Truth, Taiden's Truth: The Taiden Trilogy: Part One

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THE DAUGHTER HAS RISEN… The four islands of the Shalmeir are falling into chaos. The world is under threat from a fallen deity intent on revenge and destruction. Only one can end these dark and difficult times - or so Salzahr's Prophecy states, but prophecies without proof are no more than myth, and the so-called 'Daughter of the Shalmeir' is nowhere to be found. When a lonely princess befriends a prisoner dwelling in the dungeons of her castle home, his remarkable story has the potential to reverse the Shalmeir's fortunes irrevocably. However, it is one thing to seek the truth and another to know it. Having acquired this revelatory knowledge, can she find the strength to accept and rise to all it implies? Taiden's Truth is the debut novel of author Emma Champion and Part One in The Taiden Trilogy.