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E.C. Land - book author

E.C. Land is the author of books: Stoney's Property (Devil's Riot MC: Originals, #1), Horse's Bride (Devil's Riot MC #1), Owning Victoria (Devil's Riot MC: Originals #2), Thorn's Revenge (Devil's Riot MC #2), Cleo's Rage (Devil's Riot MC #4), Connors' Devils (Devil's Riot MC #5), Chains Trust (Inferno's Clutch MC #1), Blaze's Mark (Devil's Riot MC: Originals #3), Twister's Survival (Devil's Riot MC #3), Hades Pain (Devil's Riot MC #6)

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I learned the hard way to never trust a woman. They don’t do anything but cause headaches and heartbreak. I know this from firsthand experience. To top it all off, I see a pattern with these bitches lying too. Which is why I swore to never let another woman into my life. While they might be in my bed, they'll never be in my heart.

I refuse to go through it all over again. You know what they say about history repeating itself? Well, yeah, I always get the short end of the stick when it comes to lying, no good women. Call me an ass if you want but I’ll never have to deal with someone like Horse's mom ever again.

I had a great plan and I was doing just fine until a woman I never expect waltzes in my life. From the first moment, I knew something was different and she came crashing through my walls, breaking down the defenses I had set in place for a reason.

I don't know why the fuck I did it, but I claimed her, and now she's my property. She belongs to me.

Question is, can I trust her, or will she lie and deceive me the way every other woman in my life has before her

Only time will tell.

Years ago I lost the one woman who’s ever been able to rock my world. When she disappeared into thin air I stopped caring, fucking whoever, whenever.
The one thing I didn’t plan for was seeing her face in all of these women.
No one could ever compare to her and here she is, her ghost haunting me every day.
I thought that relocating with the club to start our new charter would be the change I needed to move on, but what happens when I see her again. Only this time, she isn’t a ghost.
She’s real.

I was lucky enough to have escaped a world where I was viewed as nothing but a possession, a toy, a little plaything. Only, two years later I found myself owned by a man who made my heart beat from the very moment I met him.

There's just one problem-- he doesn't feel the same way. I'm merely someone he can push around and give orders to.

I hoped for so long he'd change, but he didn't. So, I ran. I ran to the farthest edge of the Earth to escape all the pain, but he found me. He wrapped his arms around me and vowed that things would be different between the two of us. But, will they? I haven't told him everything and I worry he and his club can't handle the demons from my past.

My demons want more than just me now, but to get what they want, they'll need me dead.

Nothing in this world comes without a price.

I only wonder if the price we pay will be worth it.

No one should have to face the devil more than once in their lifetime – yet I’ve had to stare deep into his soulless eyes twice.

If you ask me, I was left broken beyond repair. At least, that’s what I thought. Rage didn’t though.

They say love conquers all, but how will that be true when he hears everything? The veil will be removed and Rage will see every emotional and physical scar that marks my mind, spirit and soul. This man has been my rock since the moment I met him, and I just wonder if our love is strong enough to weather the storm that’s headed our way.

When life knocks you down and you get right back up again. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? You don’t allow the monsters to tear you down.

Never did I expect to see my life where it is now. I might seem to have my life together on the outside but on the inside I’m a catastrophe.

I don’t trust easily, and I refuse to allow men in my life. There’s a good reason for that, though. I haven’t been with a man in over five years. I wasn’t ever planning on it. In my mind I was fully prepared to live my life with just my son.

It all blew up into smoke when two men swept into my life as I knew it. They refused to give up on me and now my past has collided with the present. Can we get through this, or will they wipe their hands of me? It’s not like I don’t already know I’m worthless. It was drilled into my mind for years.


Trust is hard to find when you don’t know who will turn their back on you. After going through some rough crap in life, I know the only ones who won’t are my brothers. They have my back, and I have theirs.

When all hell is about to break lose I knew I should've told my sister I couldn’t do it. You see, my sister asked me to watch a woman, one of her friends' who had been through it recently. I wondered why she'd ask something like this of me. Hell, I didn’t have time to babysit some woman. A stranger nonetheless. It'd be different if she was one of my brothers' ol' ladies.

Then it happened, she walked through those doors at the club and I could see she was gonna be trouble. The look in her eyes made me realize she had been through some trauma, but there was also some fire too. It didn't make sense, considerin' she was scared of her own shadow and all.

She refused to be around anyone else except me. I don't know what my sister told her, but she's stuck to me like glue now.

How the hell can this woman trust me when she doesn’t even know a damn thing about me?

Tensions rise when the monsters come out of the shadows. To face the creatures, I’ll have to jump through the flames.

The only thing I'm not sure of is if this woman will be jumping by my side.

To be in the Inferno’s Clutch MC you gotta be able to handle the fire. Can she?

It only took one day, one millisecond, and my entire life changed before my eyes. It was then when I chose to follow my heart. Losing everything I ever loved does that to you. It makes you cold inside to the point where you wonder what the point in living is.

Now, only anger consumes me. I lost it all. Fuck, how could you blame me? I lost the one thing that brought so much joy-- never hearing her laughter whenever I open the door is going to burn more than any physical wound I could ever have.

Just like the moment everything changed for the worst, it begins to change for the better.

A black raven flies into my life causing chaos at every turn. At first, I refuse to admit she's gotten under my skin. Though, I can't hold back when jaw-dropping secrets are revealed and the true fight begins.

A price has been put on my little birds head.

There's only two questions I'm wondering: Can I except who she really is? Or should I let my little bird fly away?

Time is of the essence when it comes to figuring it all out. Regardless, she'll carry my mark.

For as long as I can remember, I've only felt one thing - pain. It consumes every part of me and I just want it to end. Enough has happened over the years and I'm ready to make it all stop.

The night I lay out my plan and am fully prepared to end my life - he stops me. His act is simple, offering me his hand but in that, he gave me so much hope.

While Twister may have won the battle, he didn't win the war. My demons are a constant nuisance and I'm left wondering, will I survive and finally find peace? Or did I make the biggest mistake in my life accepting his help?
Please Note: It is recommended to read this series in order. 


They call me Hades for one reason, and one reason only. I’m the one who sovereigns rule around here. I sit on a chair made up of skulls in the depths of Hell, ready to add more to my extravagant throne if they deserve it.

My life was filled with nothing but pain until I met her. In a split second I realized the pain has only just begun. Could this woman who captured my soul be the one destined to control Satan himself? 

She doesn’t know the power she holds over me and I doubt she ever will. We went through a barbarous experience beside one another, somehow coming out the other side of it. 

My question is this: can she survive the searing flames beside me?

Love is agonizing as it is grand. For she will be my queen and I will stand behind her as her king. While I’ve never been certain of much in my life, I’m certain of this - together we’ll conquer everything that stands in our way, or we’ll allow it to consume us both.