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Richard L. Burden

Richard L. Burden - book author

Richard L. Burden is the author of books: Numerical Analysis, Student Solutions Manual with Study Guide for Burden/Faires' Numerical Analysis, 9th, Numerical Methods, Instructor's manual to accompany Numerical analysis, Study Guide for Burden/Faires Numerical Analysis, Numerical Methods, 4th, Student Study Guide for Burden/Faires Numerical Analysis

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The new Seventh Edition of Burden and Faires' well-respected Numerical Analysis provides a foundation in modern numerical-approximation techniques. Explaining how, why, and when the techniques can be expected to work, the Seventh Edition places an even greater emphasis on building readers' intuition to help them understand why the techniques presented work in general, and why, in some situations, they fail. Applied problems from diverse areas, such as engineering and physical, computer, and biological sciences, are provided so readers can understand how numerical methods are used in real-life situations. The Seventh Edition has been updated and now addresses the evolving use of technology, incorporating it whenever appropriate.
The Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide contains worked-out solutions to selected exercises from the text. The solved exercises cover all of the techniques discussed in the text, and include step-by-step instruction on working through the algorithms.
This text emphasizes the intelligent application of approximation techniques to the type of problems that commonly occur in engineering and the physical sciences. Students learn why the numerical methods work, what type of errors to expect, and when an application might lead to difficulties. The authors also provide information about the availability of high-quality software for numerical approximation routines. The techniques are essentially the same as those covered in the authors' top-selling Numerical Analysis text, but in this text, full mathematical justifications are provided only if they are concise and add to the understanding of the methods. The emphasis is placed on describing each technique from an implementation standpoint, and on convincing the student that the method is reasonable both mathematically and computationally.
Includes solutions to representative exercises, including a large number of the type students will find on the actuarial exam.
Includes solutions to representative exercises, including a many of the types of problems students will find on the actuarial exam.