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Mark Bright

Mark Bright - book author

Mark Bright is the author of books: My Story: From Foster Care to Footballer, Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol. 3, Genesis: The Art Of Transformers, Twenty-Five Letters From Norman Clyde, 1923-1964, Avengers Epic Collection: Heavy Metal (Avengers (1963-1996)), Dazzler (1981 - 1986) #32, Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #3, O Novo Incrível Hulk - As Novas Aventuras do Homem de Ferro! / Extra: Uma História do Hulk na Encruzilhada, O Novo Incrível Hulk - Filhos da Bomba Gama!, Capitán América de Mark Gruenwald 2: El Capitán

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A new collection featuring the legendary 1990s Batman epics "Dark Knight, Dark City" and more.

This new collection of 1990s Batman stories takes the Dark Knight behind the Iron Curtain to battle the mysterious Demon. Then, the Penguin exploits a disfigured genius for his latest evil scheme, but Batman helps turn his tech skills to the side of good. The Joker goes on a new killing spree--but is it really the Clown Prince of Crime, or is this a case of a copycat killer? And the Riddler returns in the three-part story "Dark Knight, Dark City."

Collects Batman #445-454, Detective Comics #615 and Batman Annual #14.
Don't miss this opportunity to own this very limited and rare hard cover edition; a very low print run will be made, so be sure to order it now to get your copy. This might be your only chance to own a true piece of Transformers history.
Después de que Steve Rogers se niegue a seguir las órdenes del gobierno, La Casa Blanca decide despedirlo. Un nuevo Capitán América nace entonces, pero, mientras tanto, Steve no va a quedarse atrás y asumirá otra identidad: ¡La del Capitán! Llega la más recordada saga de Mark Gruenwald al frente de las aventuras del abanderado.

Contiene Captain America #326-350, Marvel Fanfare #31 y 32 y Iron Man #228 USA.