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Nicole Macaulay

Nicole Macaulay - book author

Nicole Macaulay received her MFA from Emerson College in Writing and Publishing and her BA from Boston College. She worked in television, news media, and the travel industry. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, four children and tuxedo cat. Honeymoon Alone, released in December 2019, is her first novel.

Nicole Macaulay is the author of books: Honeymoon Alone

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Just how reliable are psychics - specifically psychics hired by your sister for wedding entertainment?

When irrepressibly romantic Lucy Gray is ditched at said wedding by her date in front of her whole family, the promises of a psychic seem better than her pity-riddled reality. The psychic's advice seems insightful: stop ignoring fate's signs - fate will lead you to love. But when "fate" leads Lucy to London, she finds herself tangled in a web of lies. In a story about finding independence and taking chances, Lucy learns that leaving everything up to fate can be dangerous - and jeopardize her chances at happily ever after.