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Penny Brooke

Penny Brooke - book author

Penny Brooke is the author of books: Empaths and Paws (A Spirits of Tempest Cozy Mystery Book 1), Pendants and Paws (A Spirits of Tempest Cozy Mystery Book 2), Peril and Paws (A Spirits of Tempest Cozy Mystery Book 3), Ghouls and Paws (A Spirits of Tempest Cozy Mystery Book 4)

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The seaside community of Tempest welcomes back one of its daughters as Fiona leaves city stress behind and moves into Mortimer House—the family Victorian she inherited.

A sensitive, Fiona loves animals and soon finds herself adopted by a rambunctious mini schnauzer, Lizzie Borden, and an adorable kitten, Henrietta. Together with some old friends, Fiona converts the aged mansion into a boarding house, but not all the guests who come to stay are alive.

How does a dead body find its way into a bedroom wall? And will Fiona find her Aunt Mable’s missing ferret, Sherlock Holmes? It’s only one read away.
It’s Harvest Festival time in the seaside community of Tempest, and Mortimer House is packed to the brim with unexpected guests: a whole troupe of carnies. In addition to Fiona’s regular boarders, now a fortune teller, a bearded lady, and even a snake charmer have come to stay at the boarding house.

When a priceless pendant necklace is stolen, Fiona finds herself in the middle of a town in chaos. With an acquired crystal ball, will she discover the truth behind The Stolen Heart?

Join Fiona and her best friend, Gretchen, in this fun cozy mystery, featuring a spunky mini schnauzer, a lovable kitten, and a mischievous ferret. It’s only one read away.
It’s summer in the seaside community of Tempest, and the insufferable heat has the locals irritable and restless. Among the new boarders at Mortimer House is a salty, old doctor with a dark past.

But when a series of bizarre events plague her boarding house, Fiona finds herself smack dab in the middle of a mystery that risks her livelihood, and her very life.

What is the link between a falling body, a terrible storm, and a ravaging fire? And what sorts of peculiarities fill the jars appearing in Fiona’s boarding house? It’s only one read away.
It’s Halloween in the seaside town of Tempest, and darkness and evil are about to descend on Fiona’s world within the walls of Mortimer House.

When Fiona makes a gruesome discovery in her attic, she once again finds herself wrapped up in calamity. Add in her best friend’s spooky heartthrob—a tall, dark, and handsome man who may or may not be from Transylvania—and it’s soon clear there is way more to this mystery than meets the eye. In fact, this time, Fiona may have to single-handedly save the world.

Will Fiona find the power within to defeat the wicked forces that seek to destroy her? Or will she lose everything, including those she loves and cherishes the most?