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Nitish Bhushan

Nitish Bhushan - book author

Nitish Bhushan is the author of books: Love, Swipe, Blackmail

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"Ravi & Vandana have everything going right for themselves – they are both in careers of their choice, both are alphas in their role and profession, both love each other deeply. And while they seem to be steadily headed towards marriage, Ravi is conflicted by his desires.

Encouraged by his friends he downloads an app and meets someone! Now, what are the odds of another someone getting to know about his activities on the app?

How will Vandana react if and when she gets to know about this? Who is blackmailing Ravi? What about demons from Vandana’s past?"

About The Author:

"Nitish Bhushan has been in the IT Services industry for all of his professional career spanning almost two decades. He is settled in Gurgaon with his wife, their two children, and his mother. An alumnus of IHMCT&AN Bangalore, Delhi University & SIBM Pune, he is an avid cricketer, shuttler and swimmer.

When he is not shaping up business strategies or playing sports, he plants trees, and reads, his keen interests being astrophysics, marketing, economics, politics, history & military."