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Sylvie Pham - book author

My name is Sylvie Pham. I always wanted to be a graphic designer and an illustrator when I was a kid. It has been many years of me dreaming about it, taking art and graphic design classes, and self-training through multiple short-term illustration contracts …

I want to make beautiful children’s books inside out that Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Big Sister and Big Brother would read to their little baby (or babies) every night.

I hope my books are part of your good memories to remember. I hope they will be the memories we share together.

"Uni & Drago" is the series that I created together with my daughter - Ha-Linh. The first book "Uni & Drago meet new friends" was written by Ha-Linh Le and this second book "Uni & Drago - a fun Boring day" was written by me. We hope Uni & Drago's fun adventures and friendship will bring joy and happiness to you and your kids.

Sylvie Pham is the author of books: Uni & Drago - A fun Boring day - A fun book full of colors and imaginations for kids (Uni and Drago 2), Uni & Drago - a fun boring day - EN-VI Bilingual Version - A fun book full of colors and imaginations for kids (Uni and Drago 2) (Uni & Drago - EN-VI Bilingual), Uni & Drago meet new friends

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Uni & Drago are two best friends for a long times lives in a wonderland full of color and magic. Then something excited happen to them.
What could it be?
What will happen to their friendship when two new friends appear in their picnic?
This English-Vietnamese bilingual version of the book will allow your kid to practice reading in both English and Vietnamese at the same time.
Written by an 8 year old girl and illustrated by her mom, "Uni & Drago meet new friends" is the very first book of the "Uni & Drago" series.
The series tells stories of a sweet friendship between Uni and Drago, a unicorn and a dragon, and their many colorful, imaginative, and lovely adventures. "Uni & Drago meet new friends" is one of their adventures, except this time, they share it with some new friends.
Author Ha-Linh said that she had been thinking of her friends when she was writing this story. I think this is what really happened in a kid's mind when she/he has a playdate with their friends: pretend play, imaginary friends, playing on slides, playgrounds, talking,