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Ruby Jean Jensen

Ruby Jean Jensen - book author

Ruby Jean Jensen was born and raised in southwest Missouri. Most of her life has been spent in Missouri or nearby in northwest Arkansas, where she currently makes her home. In addition to writing, Ruby has always been an animal lover, and spends most of her time now caring for her pets. Ruby began her writing career in the 1970's by writing Gothic romance novels with a strong paranormal story line. In the 1980's she switched over to the purely horror genre and has more than twenty five published books, and has an enthusiastic following.

Ruby Jean Jensen is the author of books: Annabelle, House of Illusions, The Haunting, Mama, Night Thunder, Chain Letter, Victoria, Baby Dolly, Wait and See, Lost and Found

Author books

Make Believe Terror
Jessica liked to play make believe in the old abandoned stone mansion. She liked to pretend that the beautiful golden haired woman in the portrait was her mother. And that the big dollhouse she had found upstairs was hers, along with the family of dolls who lived there. Sometimes she was sure the dolls moved all by themselves. Sometimes she even heard them whisper to her. Only instead of calling her Jessica, they always called her Annabelle.
Life Like Horror
Annabelle had come back to them. The dolls had lived for so long by themselves. With no one to dust them off, play with them or love them. But now Annabelle had come back. And everything would be just like it was before. Only this time, they would never let anyone hurt Annabelle. And anyone who tried would soon discover that pretty dollies can have very ugly tempers.
For Amy and Jody, living with the carnival for the summer was great fun--until Jody stepped into the House of Illusions. It was there that she saw the clowns, with their large red noses, floppy shoes--and deadly grins. A hellish nightmare was about to begin. For these clowns craved terrified screams--not gleeful laughter--and were hungry for death!
The abandoned house in the woods is exactly what real estate agent Katie Rogers has been looking for. Thrilled with her find, she moves in with her sister and young niece and nephew -- blissfully unaware of its gruesome history of bloodshed and murder. — Soon bizarre dreams begin... nightmares in which Katie is a small child again, running in terror. Then come horrifying visions of a woman wielding a gleaming butcher knife...

Of course, Katie doesn't believe that any of it is real. Until her niece and nephew disappear. Now only Katie can put an end to a savage evil that is slowly awakening... to unleash a fresh cycle of slaughter and death in which the innocent will die again and again!
Once upon a time there lived a sweet little dolly. Her porcelain like face was so smooth, just like a baby. Her mouth even had a tiny hole so she could eat and breathe. But her one beaded glass eye gleamed with mischief and evil. She had waited a long time in the attic for someone to set her free...

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little girl. The only place she was happy was in the attic with her dolly. If she could have seen her little doll's legs kick, she would have been frightened. If she could have felt her little doll's arms squeeze, she would have been shocked. But if she could have read her little doll's thoughts she would have run from the attic forever--for her sweet little dolly only had killing her on her mind...
It is 1865 and as the Civil War rages across the land, an 11-year-old boy awakens to the sound of thunderous drumbeats. Four days later, his mother is dead, and a strange cult of religious wanderers have been brutally murdered by the terrified local farmers. In 1995, a gnarled sycamore tree planted over their graves is uprooted by bulldozers--and evil arises.
The paper was yellowed with age and edged in black. The spidery words were elegantly penned:
Whosoever possesseth this letter and dares to break this chain shall suffer disaster and death...
Abby and Brian knew what they had found. A chain letter. But it was unlike any chain letter their friends had ever gotten. This one was evil - they knew it in their souls. They dared not break this chain. They would send the letter to their special friends. And they would know who had broken the chain - by who had died...
It was such a lovely baby dolly. With its tiny , delicate hands, its cunning wrought features, its hand-stitched gown. It was a doll any little girl would long to hold tight. Instead it has been kept hidden in the china cabinet all these years... — But now it was time for the doll to be taken out. To be carefully placed in a child's bed. So that it might once again claim its victims in the darkest hours of the night.
The body floated in the depths of the river. Slowly it rose and fell with the shifting waters. The once beautiful eyes were wide and staring. The hair, once as red as copper, had turned into a pale lifeless pink, sweeping out strand by strand in a large undulating fan. Trapped beneath the murky waters of the waters of the river, she waited... — Don't go near the river, his aunt had said. But Kevin wouldn't listen to her. He could see the river from his new bedroom window as it glistened in the moonlight. Something dark and evil was waiting for him there. Something caught in a twilight world between life and death, that beckoned to him in his dreams with skeletal hands and spoke to him through the blackened flesh of decaying lips. Something that once freed, would exact a terrifying unthinkable revenge...
A Mother's Terror

The dreams had been coming with increasing frequency. The ground splitting open...the head of an infant emerging...its teeth...Magret would wake up screaming to find herself safe in bed with her husband beside her. It had, after all, been only a dream. And dreams could never hurt you.

A Child's Revenge

Then Magret's daughter Sheena came home telling stories about the little girl in the forest. A strange little girl with funny sharp teeth. Magret put it down to Sheena's overactive imagination. Until the killings began. Killings that were seemingly random. Only Magret knew they were not random at all. In fact they made a certain terrifying sense. If only she could bear to face it...

Night after night, Magret dreamed the same horrific nightmare: the ground split open ... the head of an infant emerged, it's eyes wide open, it's mouth filled with pointed, needle-sharp teeth. Then her daughter told her about the girl with funny teeth in the forest. Then the random killings began. Then Magret knew the terrifying truth.