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Karl Stig Kjell Eriksson is a Swedish crime-writer, author of the novels The Princess of Burundi and The Cruel Stars of the Night, the former of which was awarded the Swedish Crime Writers' Academy Best Swedish Crime Novel Award in 2002. They have both recently been translated into English by Ebba Segerberg.

* Ann Lindell Mystery

Kjell Eriksson is the author of books: The Princess of Burundi, The Cruel Stars of the Night, The Hand That Trembles, The Demon of Dakar, Black Lies, Red Blood, Il giardino di pietra, Open Grave, Den upplysta stigen, Att skjuta hästar, Kjell

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This spellbinding new thriller opens when a young father fails to show up for supper on a snowy night just before Christmas. His is not the only sinister disappearance, and before the final breathtaking climax, a secret killer terrorizes an entire frightened town.

Despite being on maternity leave, Inspector Ann Lindell is determined to find John's murderer. The cruel cat-and-mouse game that follows leads Ann to a deadly confrontation with a treacherous killer. Ann must decide whether to take a huge risk that could result in many more dead bodies in the snow, including hers and that of her unborn child.
When The Princess of Burundi was published last year by Thomas Dunne Books, American critics hailed Kjell Eriksson as Sweden's Ed McBain, and they compared him to Henning Mankell. Now The Cruel Stars of the Night, the next in this internationally acclaimed crime series, unveils a spellbinding new tale again featuring police inspector Ann Lindell.
The Cruel Stars of the Night opens one snowy day when thirty-five-year-old Laura Hindersten goes to the police to report that her father, a local professor, is missing. Inspector Ann Lindell and her colleagues can find no motive for the man's disappearance. And when the corpses of two elderly men do turn up, neither of the dead men is the missing academic.
Unexpectedly, the police get help from one of the professor's colleagues, who believes there is an astonishing link between the murders and the disappearance of Professor Hindersten. But as the pressure on Lindell increases dramatically, she is shocked to discover that the killer has many more diabolical schemes in store.
Combining heart-pounding suspense with brilliant psychological insight, The Cruel Stars of the Night moves like a comet as it approaches the cliff-hanging climax. It is sure to win Kjell Eriksson a whole new galaxy of American fans.
A Swedish county commissioner walks out of a high-level meeting and disappears. Many years later, one of the town's natives is convinced that he's caught a glimpse of the missing man while traveling in Bangalore, India. When the rumors reach his hometown, a veteran police officer stumbles across a seemingly unrelated case. Ann Lindell, Eriksson's series detective, must investigate a severed female foot found where a striking number of inhabitants are single men. But the owner of the house where the victim believed to have lived is no longer able to answer any questions….
In The Demon of Dakar, Ann Lindell and her motley crew of colleagues are faced with a most baffling murder case in which all clues lead straight back to a popular local restaurant named Dakar. The owner, Slobodan Andersson, has some shady connections in his past, and his partner's reputation is equally murky.
The kitchen crew is not above suspicion, either. The meat chef is an oddball, to say the least, while unbeknownst to the rest, the newest hire's personal life is a tangled web of lies. Even Eva Willman, the seemingly blameless older woman returning to the workforce as a waitress, has skeletons in her closet.
And then the tension rachets up a number of notches as it becomes apparent that one murder has not satisfied the killer in the least. If Ann is to prevent a bloodbath at Restaurant Dakar, she must match wits with a killer whose motives are seemingly completely obscure.
But the reader knows the killer well. His crimes are justified from his point of view. Not only that, he's a very likable fellow who is only looking for justice.
In Black Lies, Red Blood, police officer Ann Lindell is great at solving crimes, but she doesn't have as much luck in her personal life. When she meets journalist Anders Brant, Ann thinks her luck has turned around. But then Anders disappears without a trace and a homeless man's body is found with Anders' phone number in the dead man's pocket. As Ann races to find Anders, she hopes that she will not be too late, and she also hopes that whatever she discovers will not break her heart.
È una calda giornata di giugno, Josefin Cederén cammina con la figlia Emily lungo la strada di un quartiere residenziale di Uppsala, quando improvvisamente una macchina le investe con violenza, uccidendole. Quello stesso giorno, scompare Sven-Erik Cederén, marito e padre delle due vittime, ora principale sospettato del duplice omicidio. Ma davvero si è trattato di un dramma privato? È possibile che un uomo arrivi ad annientare la propria famiglia? Alla guida delle indagini, Ann Lindell, trentacinque anni, da quindici all'anticrimine di Uppsala, non ne è del tutto convinta. C'è anche un'altra pista che si fa strada: Cederén potrebbe essere coinvolto in un clamoroso scandalo farmaceutico internazionale. Impegnata nelle ricerche con la determinazione che la distingue, Ann intanto sente sempre più forte il desiderio di una vita normale, ma proprio quando è convinta che le cose comincino a girare nel verso giusto, si trova improvvisamente davanti a una scelta decisiva che rimette tutto in discussione. Esponente di spicco della scuola del giallo svedese, Kjell Eriksson è stato il primo a fare di una donna la protagonista di una serie poliziesca di successo, ottenendo un riconoscimento da parte della polizia di Stoccolma per l'autenticità e l'impegno del suo racconto.
Professor Bertram von Ohler has been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. This news causes problems in his otherwise quiet upper-class neighborhood in Uppsala, Sweden, as not everybody is happy with the choice of winner. Mysterious incidents start to occur. 'Boyish pranks' say the police, but what follows is certainly not innocent amusement. Detective Inspector Ann Lindell becomes involved in the case and immediately is transported back into her own past.
Kjell Eriksson är både författare och trädgårdsmästare.

I Den upplysta stigen hittas en ung man mördad, gömd under en gran. Varför kom han till den lilla uppländska byn Ramnäs? Kriminalinspektör Ann Lindell leder utredningen om mordet som skakar om en hel by. Lant-arbetarfamiljen Risberg och den inflyttade insektsforskaren Erik Rosander finns i centrum. Deckaren gör en djupdykning i den uppländska myllan, bland människor och stämningar, med ut-blickar mot både Paris och Peru. Den upplysta stigen är en roman om vår tid, den lilla byn och världen utanför.
ragikomisk uppväxtberättelse om generationen som växte upp i Täby under 80-talet.

"I radhuskvarteret där jag växte upp såg husen likadana ut. I skolan hette alla fröknar Margareta. Ingen fick vara annorlunda och alla skulle vara lika dåliga.

Det var 80-tal och Lill Lindfors och Ingemar Stenmark var namn som fick Sverige att stanna. Alla ville ha en Levi's-stjärt och förfasade sig över idrottsdagar, tandställningar och att tvingas spela blockflöjt i grupp.

Skogaholmslimpa och för mycket O'boy blev min diet och fick mig att växa och bli allt tjockare. Snart förföljdes jag av både jämnåriga plågoandar och en skolsyster som satte mig på tvångsbantning.

Det här är min berättelse om kampen för att få vara mig själv, den hårda vägen förbi alla hinder som ville döda min kreativitet och mina drömmar i en tid då alla skulle passa in i en redan förutbestämd mall."