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Tamara Hart Heiner

Tamara Hart Heiner - book author

Tamara Hart Heiner is the author of books: Episode 1: The New Girl: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Walker Wildcats Year 1: Age 10), Perilous, Inevitable, Episode 1: Growing Girl: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Southwest Cougars Year 1: Age 12), Episode 1: Creature Comforts: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Walker Wildcats Year 2: Age 11), Perilous (Perilous #1), Altercation (Perilous, #2), After the Fall (Eureka in Love Series), Episode 2: Club Girls: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Walker Wildcats Year 1: Age 10), Lay Me Down (A Kellam High Novel)

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Detective Carl Hamilton is called out on a homicide case, where the partially decayed body of an unidentified teenage girl is found along a remote highway. . . . Weeks before, Jaci Rivera join her best friends Callie, Sara and Amanda for a night of pizza and shopping. But an evening at the mall turns into a terrifying twist of events that drives Jaci and her friends 2000 miles across the Canadian border.

The girls escape the kidnapper's lair only to find that he has spies and agents working on both sides. They are being hunted, and not even the police can be trusted. . . . And Detective Hamilton is in a life and death race to find the three remaining girls before the kidnapper does.
Visions of death plague Jayne, who thinks watching her boyfriend and sister die is the worst that could happen to her. But when she witnesses a murder, Jayne finds herself caught up in a dangerous world of intrigue and suspense.

As it turns out, she is not the only one doing the stalking. The killer is on to her, and all of her visions of the dying don't reveal how her life will end. Somehow, she must stop the murderer before he arranges Jayne's own inevitable death.
The FBI promises Jacinta Rivera and her friends that they are safe. Jaci wants desperately to believe them but weeks of hiding from their kidnapper, alias "The Hand," have left her wary. Hidden from the public eye in an FBI safe house, Jaci must reconcile both the mysterious disappearance of her father and the murder of her best friend. A betrayal lands Jaci back in the grasp of The Hand, shattering her ability to trust and leaving her to wonder if she will ever piece together her broken life.
Falling in love is the easy part.

Arkansas. Solitude and nature. Time to breathe and rediscover herself.

That's what Luce thinks she's getting when she returns home after her divorce. Instead, she meets Connor and falls, once again, in love.

Connor blames his lying and cheating father for his mother's irresponsible behavior, leaving the burden of maintaining the family business squarely on Connor's shoulders. Luce is the unexpected variable that throws off his entire equation, the random x that sends his life into a delicious tilt-a-whirl. She's everything he ever wanted.

Minus her divorce.

When Connor's mom falls ill and makes a deathbed request, he knows he'll do his best to oblige her. Even if it means pretending to marry the woman he loves.

For readers of Nicholas Spark, Victorine Lieske, and Karen Kingsbury comes a sweet southern romance that explores the strengths of love and humanity in the setting of small-town America.
Life is more than just breathing.

Kylee's the cook. She's the maid. She's the caretaker.

But that's where her Cinderella story ends.

She has an evil stepfather instead of a stepmother, and there's no Prince Charming in sight. Each day is like the one before it. She knows there must be something more to life than merely existing.

And then Price moves in next door. He brings along his own baggage, but somehow he reaches a part of Kylee that makes her feel more alive than she's ever felt. Just when she thinks there might be a happy ending in store for her, she discovers something that threatens to keep her and Price apart forever.

If you loved Before I Fall and The Fault in Our Stars, you will love this haunting love story about redemption and discovery.