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Lene Kaaberbøl

Lene Kaaberbøl - book author

Jeg kom til verden på Rigshospitalet i København d. 24.3.1960. Overlægen var i kjole og hvidt - han var blevet afbrudt midt i en gallamiddag - men min søster siger, at det er da ikke noget, hendes fødselslæge var i islandsk nationaldragt. Nogen vil mene at det således allerede fra starten var klart at jeg var et ganske særligt barn. Andre vil sikkert påstå at min mor bare var god til at skabe pludselige gynækologiske kriser.

Jeg blev altså født i København, men det må nok betragtes som en fejl, for min forældre er jyske, min opvækst foregik i Jylland (mestendels i Malling ved Århus), og jeg betragter mig i dag som eksil-jyde på Frederiksberg, på det mine jyske venner omtaler som Djævleøen (Sjælland).

Jeg har skrevet altid, eller i hvert fald lige siden jeg nåede ud over »Ole så en so«-stadiet. Som hestetosset teenager skrev jeg bøgerne om Tina og hestene (de to første udkom da jeg var femten, den fjerde og sidste da jeg var sytten). Som 18-årig opdagede jeg Tolkien og Ringenes herre, og derefter Ursula K. LeGuins trilogi om Jordhavet, og lige siden har mit bog-hjerte banket for eventyr og drageblod og verdener, der ligger mindst tre skridt til højre for regnbuen eller Mælkevejen, og under alle omstændigheder et pænt stykke fra den asfalterede danske virkelighed.

I dag, cirka 30 bøger senere, er jeg stadig lige så håbløst vild med at skrive som jeg altid har været. Og selv om jeg har været en lille smuttur i krimi-land og skrevet en kriminalroman for voksne - læs mere på hvis du har lyst - så er jeg bestemt stadig børnebogsforfatter og har stadig hang til magiske momenter!

Name Lene Kaaberbøl
Born 1960, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Education: Århus University, degree (English, drama). Hobbies and other interests: Playing pentanque.

Office—Phabel & Plott ApS, Laksegade 12,, DK-1063 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Novelist. Formerly worked as a high school teacher, copy writer, publishing company editor, cleaning assistant, and riding teacher. Phabel & Plott ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, owner and writer.

Honors Awards
Best Disney Novel Writer of the Year award, Disney Worldwide Artist Convention, 2001, for five "W.I.T.C.H." series novels.

Lene Kaaberbøl is the author of books: The Boy in the Suitcase (Nina Borg, #1), The Shamer's Daughter (The Shamer Chronicles, #1), The Serpent Gift (The Shamer Chronicles, #3), The Shamer's Signet (The Shamer Chronicles, #2), The Shamer's War (The Shamer Chronicles, #4), Invisible Murder (Nina Borg, #2), Death of a Nightingale (Nina Borg, #3), When Lightning Strikes (W.I.T.C.H. Adventures, #1), Skyggeporten, Silverhorse (Katriona, #1-2)

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“Você adora salvar as pessoas, não é? Bem, aqui está a sua chance.” Mesmo sem entender o que sua amiga Karin quer dizer com isso, Nina atende seu pedido e vai até a estação ferroviária de Copenhague buscar uma mala no guarda-volumes. Dentro, encontra um menino de 3 anos nu e dopado, mas vivo.

Chocada, Nina mal tem tempo de pensar no que fazer, pois um brutamontes furioso aparece atrás do garoto. Será que ela está diante de um caso de tráfico de crianças? Sem saber se deve confiar na polícia, ela foge com o menino e vai à procura de Karin, a única que pode esclarecer aquele absurdo.

Quando descobre que a amiga foi brutalmente assassinada, Nina se dá conta de que sua vida está ameaçada e que o garoto também precisa ser salvo. Mas, para isso, é necessário descobrir quem ele é, de onde veio e por que está sendo caçado.

Neste primeiro livro da série da enfermeira Nina Borg, vendido para 27 países, as autoras Lene Kaaberbøl e Agnete Friis apresentam uma heroína que luta contra seus demônios e busca fazer justiça em meio à crueldade e à indiferença do mundo.
Dina has unwillingly inherited her mother's gift: the ability to elicit shamed confessions simply by looking into someone's eyes. To Dina, however, these powers are not a gift but a curse. Surrounded by fear and hostility, she longs for simple friendship.

But when her mother is called to Dunark Castle to uncover the truth about a bloody triple murder, Dina must come to terms with her power--or let her mother fall prey to the vicious and revolting dragons of Dunark.
Has Dina inherited another dangerous ability--this time from the father she's never met?

A watching face in a market crowd, a mist-shrouded figure on the moor, a haunting presence seen only when he wants to be seen--Sezuan, possessor of the Serpent Gift for lie and illusion, is a chilling and ambiguous figure at the best of times.

He is also Dina's father.

And when he comes to claim the daughter he has never seen, the Shamer and her family are catapulted into reckless flight and danger. With nowhere else to turn, Dina must learn to see through her father's deceit and use her own powers to her advantage.

One look into the Shamer's eyes and a person's darkest secrets are revealed

Dina has recently come into her uncomfortable powers as a Shamer, and now even her brother, Davin, no longer dares to meet her gaze.

Yet in these dangerous times there are far worse things in store for the young Shamer, who is kidnapped and forced to use her gift as a weapon against innocent people. Dina must get free. Can her brother help her escape?
The spellbinding final volume of the Shamer Chronicles

The Dragon Lord of Dunark is ruthlessly hunting down Shamers and burning them at the stake. He must be brought down, and so a rebellion is formed.

Rebellions need leaders, and what better choice than the legitimate heir to Dunark, Dina's friend Nico? Nico is reluctant to kill even a rabbit. Still, Dina's considerable powers should help him triumph over the Dragon Lord. But Nico knows only too well that heroes have a nasty habit of ending up dead . . .
Scavenging hospital ruins in northern Hungary, two Roma boys stumble on something more valuable than usual black market finds. The chain of events threatens many lives. In Denmark, Red Cross nurse Nina Borg puts her life and family on the line when she treats Hungarian Gypsies living illegally in a Copenhagen garage. What are they hiding? What makes them so sick?
From the Nordic noir duo who brought you The New York Times bestseller The Boy in the Suitcase comes a chilling new thriller with a mystery seventy years in the making.

Nina. Natasha. Olga. Three women united by one terrifying secret. But only one of them has killed to keep it.

Natasha Doroshenko, a Ukrainian woman who has been convicted of the attempted murder of her Danish fiancé, escapes police custody on her way to an interrogation in Copenhagen's police headquarters. That night, the frozen, tortured body of Michael, the ex-fiancé, is found in a car, and the manhunt for Natasha escalates. It isn't the first time the young Ukrainian woman has lost a partner to violent ends: her first husband was also murdered, three years earlier in Kiev, and in the same manner: tortured to death in a car.
Danish Red Cross nurse Nina Borg has been following Natasha's case for several years now, since Natasha first took refuge at a crisis center where Nina works. Nina, who had tried to help Natasha leave her abusive fiancé more than once, just can't see the young Ukrainian mother as a vicious killer. But in her effort to protect Natasha's daughter and discover the truth, Nina realizes there is much she didn't know about this woman and her past. The mystery has long and bloody roots, going back to a terrible famine that devastated Stalinist Ukraine in 1934, when a ten-year-old girl with the voice of a nightingale sang her family into shallow graves.
Will has a crush on Danny Nova, a new boy in school. He's cute, nice, and the best dancer! But there is something strange about Danny....
Soon after he comes to town, mysterious power outages start happening. Will isn't in the dark for long, as she and her four friends start off on a dangerous journey to solve the mystery. Will needs to use her special powers over energy to prove just how strong her heart truly is.
Anna's mom disappeared seven years ago. Now Anna is hearing her yell and scream for help, but the voice is only in Anna's head. Is she going nuts? Or is her mother really trapped somewhere and needs her help? The tracks are leading Anna through the gate of shadows, Skyggeporten, and right into the darkness that Anna is so afraid of. You can die from this darkness.
In the country of Breda, men are forbidden a home to call their own. They live as nomads, resting only at the mercy of the ruling women. Kat's mother, Tess, the Maestra of Crowfoot Inn, is one of these powerful women and Kat has always known it is her destiny to follow in Tess' footsteps. But then one rain-swept night, a scarred woman comes to Crowfoot riding an extraordinary silver horse and Kat's world is turned upside down. From that moment on it is her burning ambition to become a Bredanari a keeper of the peace and rider of these magnificent creatures. But it isn't easy for a girl from the Vales to fit in at the Bredanari training academy in the big city. Worse still, Kat knows something which has put her life in danger. She has discovered the whereabouts of a dangerous outlaw.Now there are ruthless people who will do anything to keep her from revealing this secret, including leaving her unconscious on Hellhorse Mountain, where the beautiful but deadly stallions run wild. Kat soon finds herself deeply enmeshed in the dangerous plots and politics that threaten her country, not to mention the life of someone she has come to love. This is first of two spellbinding books following Kat's adventures.