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Manoj Kumar Sharma is the author of books: MIЯЯЯO : at THƎ WƎIЯⱭ WAYWAЯⱭ, History for UGC Net(Hindi): Manoj Kumar Sharma, 1e, Aakashcharini (The Flying Yogini): Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Yog-Tantrik Katha-Prasang, Mritatmaon Se Sampark: Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Bhoot-Pret Katha-Prasang, Aakashcharini: Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Yog-tantrik Katha-prasang, MATLAB and its Applications in Engineering, Nutrient Deficiencies of Field Crops: Guide to Diagnosis and Management

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The present collection of true stories under Mritatmaon Se Sampark (Contacting The Spririts): Satya Ghatnaon Par Aadharit Bhoot-Pret Katha-Prasang (Collection of Ghost Stories Based on True Events) entails nineteen stories. These unique and sensational stories are choke full of mysteries and adventures. Although these were incredible but do not exaggerate them. Written in an autobiographical tone, the author has demonstrated a unique lucid style and thorough command over the language.

At the time of death, dissolution of atoms of the gross body starts with a silent outburst. These atoms remains scattered in the milieu even after burning or burying the body. Nonetheless, they possess intense tendency to resurrect in the same original form. At the same time, the craving for the indulgent pleasures of human beings is also intact. This is what is called 'Pretatma (Ghosts)'. Body of the Pretatma is celestial and full of unfulfilled desires. The state after death and before Pretatma is called 'Mritatma (Spirits)'. The difference between Pretatma and Mritatma is not much.

Mritatma can travel with the speed of light because of having celestial body. They cover thousand of miles in a moment. They run instantly towards the desirous center of their attraction.

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We hope that the present collection of stories will be equally pleasing and engaging to the readers.

The present edition is published by Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission (A Divine Enterprise Empowered by The Third Eye)(A Monastery of Realized Sages). In the process, advanced computer systems (LaTeX, XeLaTeX, TikZ, gimp, C++) have been utilized to its fullest extent.

A profound sage and householder mystic of Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission has regained the `Pret Vidya' (The Art and Science of Contacting The Spirits) with his intense devotion to Yoga and arduous practice of esoteric Pranayama (The Art and Science of Breathing), the detailed description of the same will be available in future to the Sadhak (Practioner of Pranayama) in a form of a esoteric treatise (Granth).

Ancient Kriya Yoga Mission is committed to demonstrate the simple and transparent techniques of ancient science of living.

This body is just an instrument of meditation and the individual is nothing, the individual have nothing.

This book is dedicated to all Sadhakas.
Nutrient imbalance in soils is an emerging threat to sustainable agriculture: intensive cultivation, use of poor quality groundwater, depletion of soil organic matter and excessive use of fertilizers are major reasons for poor soil fertility worldwide. This necessitates correct diagnosis of plant nutrient deficiencies to avoid further use of pesticides in cases where pests or pathogens that are not in fact the cause of poor crop health.

Richly illustrated with 600 color photographs, this book is a visual field identification guide for symptoms of most common nutrient deficiencies in field crops, covering all their stages of occurrence. Detailed descriptions and suggested for management practices are given with each entry.