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Eric J. Guignard

Eric J. Guignard - book author

ERIC J. GUIGNARD is a writer and editor of dark and speculative fiction, operating from the shadowy outskirts of Los Angeles, where he also runs the small press, Dark Moon Books. He’s twice won the Bram Stoker Award (the highest literary award of horror fiction), been a finalist for the International Thriller Writers Award, and a multi-nominee of the Pushcart Prize.

He has over one hundred stories and non-fiction credits appearing in publications around the world and has edited multiple anthologies, such as Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations , After Death... , The Five Senses of Horror , and A World of Horror , a showcase of international horror short fiction.

Additionally, he’s created an ongoing series of primers exploring modern masters of literary dark short fiction, titled: Exploring Dark Short Fiction ( Vol. I: Steve Rasnic Tem ; Vol. II: Kaaron Warren ; Vol. III: Nisi Shawl ; Vol. IV: Jeffrey Ford; Vol. V: Han Song; Vol. VI: Ramsey Campbell).

Also through SourceBooks he curates the new series, The Horror Writers Association Presents: Haunted Library of Horror Classics with co-editor Leslie S. Klinger.

Out now is his story collection, That Which Grows Wild (Cemetery Dance) and novel, Doorways To The Deadeye (JournalStone).

Outside the glamorous and jet-setting world of indie fiction, Eric’s a technical writer and college professor, and he stumbles home each day to a wife, children, cats, and a terrarium filled with mischievous beetles. Visit Eric at:, his blog:, or Twitter: @ericjguignard.

Eric J. Guignard is the author of books: Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations, After Death..., Horror Library, Volume 6, A World of Horror, That Which Grows Wild, Doorways to the Deadeye, Exploring Dark Short Fiction #1: A Primer to Steve Rasnic Tem, Exploring Dark Short Fiction #2: A Primer to Kaaron Warren, Bram Stoker Awards & 25th Annual World Horror Convention Souvenir Book (2015 Atlanta, GA), The Five Senses of Horror

Author books

Darkness exists everywhere, and in no place greater than those where spirits and curses still reside. Tread not lightly on ancient lands that have been discovered by this collection of intrepid authors.

In DARK TALES OF LOST CIVILIZATIONS, you will unearth an anthology of twenty-five previously unpublished horror and speculative fiction stories, relating to aspects of civilizations that are crumbling, forgotten, rediscovered, or perhaps merely spoken about in great and fearful whispers.

What is it that lures explorers to distant lands where none have returned? Where is Genghis Khan buried? What happened to Atlantis? Who will displace mankind on Earth? What laments have the Witches of Oz? Answers to these mysteries and other tales are presented within this critically acclaimed anthology by the enclosed authors.


Introduction by Eric J. Guignard
Angel of Destruction by Cynthia D. Witherspoon
The Door Beyond the Water by David Tallerman
To Run a Stick Through a Fish by Mark Lee Pearson
Quivira by Jackson Kuhl
Directions by Michael G. Cornelius
Quetzalcoatl's Conquistador by Jamie Lackey
Königreich der Sorge (Kingdom of Sorrow) by C. Deskin Rink
Gestures of Faith by Fadzlishah Johanabas
Bare Bones by Curtis James McConnell
British Guiana, 1853 by Folly Blaine
The Nightmare Orchestra by Chelsea Armstrong
The Funeral Procession by Jay R. Thurston
Requiem by Jason Andrew
Gilgamesh and the by Mountain by Bruce L. Priddy
Buried Treasure by Rob Rosen
The Small, Black God by Caw Miller
In Eden by Cherstin Holtzman
We Are Not the Favored Children by Matthew Borgard
Rebirth in Dreams by A.J. French
Whale of a Time by Gitte Christensen
Sins of our Fathers by Wendra Chambers
The Talisman of Hatra by Andrew S. Williams
Sumeria to the Stars by Jonathan Vos Post
The Tall Grass by Joe R. Lansdale
The Island Trovar by JC Hemphill
(with interior illustration by Ron Perovich)


"Bright new voices offer chilling glimpses of the darkness beyond mere night."

-David Brin, author of Earth, The Postman, and Otherness.
Librarian note: alternate-cover edition of 9780988556928.

Death. Who has not considered their own mortality and wondered at what awaits, once our frail human shell expires? What occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates?

Does our spirit remain on Earth while the mortal body rots? Do remnants of our soul transcend to a celestial Heaven or sink to Hell's torment? Are we offered choices in an individualized afterlife? Can we die again in the hereafter? Is life merely a cosmic joke, or is it an experiment for something greater?

Included within this critically acclaimed anthology are answers to these queries alongside tales and suppositions relating from traditional ghosts to the afterlife of e-coli. Explore the afterworld of an Australian cowboy. Discover what the white light really means to the recently departed. Consider the impact of modern, or future, technology on the dead. Follow the karmic path of reincarnation. Travel from the 999th level of Fengdu's Hell to the gates of Robot Heaven.

Enclosed are thirty-four all-new dark and speculative fiction stories, individually illustrated by Audra Phillips, and exploring the possibilities "after death."


Introduction by Eric J. Guignard
Someone to Remember by Andrew S. Williams
Boy, 7 by Alvaro Rodriguez
Sea of Trees by Edward M. Erdelac
The Last Moments Before Bed by Steve Rasnic Tem
The Resurrection Policy by Lisa Morton
High Places by John M. Floyd
Circling the Stones at Fulcrum's Low by Kelda Crich
I Will Remain by David Steffen
Tree of Life by Aaron J. French
The Reckless Alternative by Sanford Allen & Josh Rountree
The Thousandth Hell by Brad C. Hodson
Mall Rats by James S. Dorr
Afterword by Ray Cluley
Like a Bat out of Hell by Jonathan Shipley
The Overlander by Jacob Edwards
Forever by John Palisano
My Father Knew Douglas MacArthur by Bentley Little
Robot Heaven by Jamie Lackey
Beyond the Veil by Robert B. Marcus, Jr.
Prisoner of Peace by David Tallerman
A Feast of Meat and Mead by Christine Morgan
Be Quiet At The Back by William Meikle
Cages by Peter Giglio
Hammerhead by Simon Clark
Marvel at the Face of Forever by Kelly Dunn
The Unfinished Lunch by Trevor Denyer
I Was The Walrus by Steve Cameron
The Devil's Backbone by Larry Hodges
The Death of E. Coli by Benjamin Kane Ethridge
Final Testament of a Weapons Engineer by Emily C. Skaftun
Acclimation Package by Joe McKinney
Hellevator by Josh Strnad
In and Out the Window by Allan Izen
With Max Barry in the Nearer Precincts by John Langan
The multiple Bram Stoker Award(R) nominated Horror Library anthology series is back! Shepherded by new editor Eric J. Guignard -- himself a past Stoker winner -- Horror Library Volume 6 is imbued with a new level of literary energy and purpose. It features 27 brand new horror short stories, written by 27 different authors, including well-known pros and up-and-coming new talents.

As always, if you'd like a snapshot of where modern literary horror fiction is headed, you've found the right book.

Don't miss Horror Library Volume 6! The Librarian wants to see YOU.
Every nation of the globe has unique tales to tell, whispers that settle in through the land, creatures or superstitions that enliven the night, but rarely do readers get to experience such a diversity of these voices in one place as in A World of Horror, the latest anthology book created by award-winning editor Eric J. Guignard, and beautifully illustrated by artist Steve Lines.

Enclosed within these pages are twenty-two all-new dark and speculative fiction stories written by authors from around the world that explore the myths and monsters, fables and fears of their homelands.

• In “The Wife Who Didn’t Eat,” a modest Japanese farmer’s prayer to the gods comes true . . . much to his dismay.

• In “Things I Do For Love,” the intertwined lives in an Indonesian village are upended by as diabolical and otherworldly a device as a simple whisper.

• In “Mutshidzi,” an African teen must raise her brother and run the household after their mother dies. But there is so much to do . . .

• In “Sick Cats in Small Spaces,” a vacationing Australian family come upon a ghost town where the actual ghosts are bottled and kept.

Also encounter the haunting things that stalk those radioactive forests outside Chernobyl in Ukraine; sample the curious dishes one may eat in Canada; beware the veldt monster that mirrors yourself in Uganda; or simply battle mountain trolls alongside Alfred Nobel in Sweden. These stories and more are found within A World of Horror.

Enter and discover, truly, there's no place on the planet devoid of frights, thrills, and wondrous imagination!

Table of Contents includes:

“Introduction: Diversity in Fiction” by Eric J. Guignard
“Mutshidzi” by Mohale Mashigo (South Africa)
“One Last Wayang” by L Chan (Singapore)
“Things I Do For Love” by Nadia Bulkin (Indonesia)
“On a Wooden Plate, On a Winter’s Night” by David Nickle (Canada)
“Country Boy” by Billie Sue Mosiman (United States of America)
“The Wife Who Didn't Eat” by Thersa Matsuura (Japan)
“The Disappeared” by Kristine Ong Muslim (Philippines)
“The Secret Life of the Unclaimed” by Suyi Davies Okungbowa (Nigeria)
“How Alfred Nobel Got His Mojo” by Johannes Pinter (Sweden)
“Sick Cats in Small Spaces” by Kaaron Warren (Australia)
“Obibi” by Dilman Dila (Uganda)
“The Nightmare” by Rhea Daniel (India)
“Chemirocha” by Charlie Human (South Africa)
“Honey” by Valya Dudycz Lupescu (Ukraine)
“Warning: Flammable, See Back Label” by Marcia Douglas (Jamaica)
“Arlecchino” by Carla Negrini (Italy)
“The Man at Table Nine” by Ray Cluley (England)
“The Mantle of Flesh” by Ashlee Scheuerman (Australia)
“The Shadows of Saint Urban” by Claudio Foti (Italy)
“Warashi’s Grip” by Yukimi Ogawa (Japan)
“The White Monkey” by Carlos Orsi (Brazil)
“The West Wind” by David McGroarty (Scotland)



“Guignard’s editorial prowess is evident throughout; he has selected works that are as shocking as they are thought-provoking. This breath of fresh air for horror readers shows the limitless possibilities of the genre.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“This is the book we need right now! Fresh voices from all over the world, bringing American audiences new ways to feel the fear. Horror is a universal genre and for too long we have only experienced one western version of it. No more. Get ready to experience a whole new world of terror.”
—Becky Spratford; librarian, reviewer, RA for All: Horror

“A cultural tour in the sacred art of horror—definitive proof that ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and more are equally terrifying in every corner of the world.”
Fanbase Press

“A fresh collection of horror authors exploring monsters and myths from their homelands.”
Library Journal
That Which Grows Wild collects sixteen dark and masterful short stories by award-winning author Eric J. Guignard. Equal parts whimsy and weird, horror and heartbreak, this debut collection traverses the darker side of the fantastic through vibrant and harrowing tales that depict monsters and regrets, hope and atonement, and the oddly changing reflection that turns back at you in the mirror.

Discover why, after only several years, Eric J. Guignard has developed an ardent following and earned praise by masters of the craft such as Ramsey Campbell (“Guignard gives voice to paranoid vision that’s all too believable.”) and Rick Hautala (“No other young horror author is better, I think, than Eric J. Guignard.”)

Table of Contents includes:

A Case Study in Natural Selection and How It Applies to Love
Last Days of the Gunslinger, John Amos
Footprints Fading in the Desert
The House of the Rising Sun, Forever
The Inveterate Establishment of Daddano & Co.
Last Night...
Those Who Watch From On High
Vancouver Fog
A Curse and a Kiss
Whispers of the Earth
A Serving of Nomu Sashimi
Certain Sights of an Afflicted Woman
A Journey of Great Waves
A Quaint Ol’ Bigfoot Tale
Dreams of a Little Suicide



“I feel privileged to have read THAT WHICH GROWS WILD by Eric J. Guignard. The defining new voice of horror has arrived, and I stand in awe.” —Nancy Holder, NYT bestselling author, WICKED

“Eric J. Guignard crafts storytelling into a timeless masterpiece: THAT WHICH GROWS WILD: 16 TALES OF DARK FICTION is a brilliant collection of haunting stories that will captivate readers that relish dark fiction.” —Fanbase Press

“A good story evolves, develops, grows into an adventurous journey that the reader can become absorbed in and think about long after the last page is turned. And that’s just what the book THAT WHICH GROWS WILD: 16 TALES OF DARK FICTION by Bram Stoker Award-winner Eric J. Guignard does for the reader.” —Amazing Stories Magazine
Luke Thacker is a drifting hobo in Depression-era America, riding the rails of the nation and surviving by crumbs and hope. Along the way he learns the iconography of transients—the Hobo Code—better than anyone else and deciphers a secret that thrusts him into Athanasia, the middle ground of memories.

He learns that Athanasia exists around us, a realm in which the deceased persevere by how they are remembered, and the memories Luke meets will do anything to not ever be forgotten, whether by trickery, violence, or daring.

Luke learns, too, that what’s remembered yesterday is not always the same as what will be remembered tomorrow, and he sets off to keep alive the memories of those he loves in the way a ’bo does best: telling tales of old legends, and making up new ones alike.

Fifty years later, the tall crossbucks of Luke Thacker are repeated by homeless King Shaw, who’s struggling to keep Luke’s own legend alive and with it, perhaps, his own.

’Cause it don’t matter if you rob banks with a dead John Dillinger, are hunted over the years by vengeful Earp brothers, or go against the monstrous railroad guard, Smith McCain: When a story is told, all who are part of it become a little stronger.

### Blurbs: ###

"Rich, strange, and wonderful, as if Stephen King and Ray Bradbury were sitting together weaving a tale over a camp fire. So good I didn’t want it to end." —Michael Marshall Smith, NY Times-bestselling author (SPARES; THE ANOMALY; THE STRAW MEN trilogy)

"…This is a ride worth hopping, and it will take you somewhere you really haven’t been." —Glen Hirshberg, Shirley Jackson and International Horror Guild Award-winning author, Motherless Children Trilogy

"…A long, hard look into the heart of the myth of America. With this, his first novel, Eric J. Guignard has crafted an extraordinary tale that will haunt readers long after they finish it." —Six-time Brad Stoker Award-winning author Lisa Morton
For over four decades, Steve Rasnic Tem has been an acclaimed author of horror, weird, and sentimental fiction. Hailed by Publishers Weekly as “A perfect balance between the bizarre and the straight-forward” and Library Journal as “One of the most distinctive voices in imaginative literature,” Steve Rasnic Tem has been read and cherished the world over for his affecting, genre-crossing tales.

Dark Moon Books and editor Eric J. Guignard bring you this introduction to his work, the first in a series of primers exploring modern masters of literary dark short fiction. Herein is a chance to discover—or learn more of—the rich voice of Steve Rasnic Tem, as beautifully illustrated by artist Michelle Prebich.

Included within these pages are:

• Six short stories, one written exclusively for this book
• Author interview
• Complete bibliography
• Academic commentary by Michael Arnzen, PhD (former humanities chair and professor of the year, Seton Hill University)
• … and more!

Enter this doorway to the vast and fantastic: Get to know Steve Rasnic Tem.


Table of Contents includes:

Introduction by Eric J. Guignard
Steve Rasnic Tem: A Biography
Hungry (fiction)
Hungry: A Commentary
The Last Moments Before Bed (fiction)
The Last Moments Before Bed: A Commentary
In These Final Days of Sales (fiction)
In These Final Days of Sales: A Commentary
The Giveaway (fiction)
The Giveaway: A Commentary
Rat Catcher (fiction)
Rat Catcher: A Commentary
Whatever You Want (fiction)
Whatever You Want: A Commentary
Why Steve Rasnic Tem Matters by Michael Arnzen, PhD
In Conversation with Steve Rasnic Tem
The Subject Matter of Horror: An Essay by Steve Rasnic Tem
A Bibliography of English Language Fiction for Steve Rasnic Tem
Australian author Kaaron Warren is widely recognized as one of the leading writers today of speculative and dark short fiction. She’s published four novels, multiple novellas, and well over one hundred heart-rending tales of horror, science fiction, and beautiful fantasy, and is the first author ever to simultaneously win all three of Australia’s top speculative fiction writing awards (Ditmar, Shadows, and Aurealis awards for The Grief Hole).

Dark Moon Books and editor Eric J. Guignard bring you this introduction to her work, the second in a series of primers exploring modern masters of literary dark short fiction. Herein is a chance to discover—or learn more of—the distinct voice of Kaaron Warren, as beautifully illustrated by artist Michelle Prebich.

Included within these pages are:

• Six short stories, one written exclusively for this book
• Author interview
• Complete bibliography
• Academic commentary by Michael Arnzen, PhD (former humanities chair and professor of the year, Seton Hill University)
• … and more!

Enter this doorway to the vast and fantastic: Get to know Kaaron Warren.


Table of Contents includes:

• Introduction by Eric J. Guignard
• Kaaron Warren: A Biography
• Guarding the Mound (fiction)
• Guarding the Mound: A Commentary
• Born and Bread (fiction)
• Born and Bread: A Commentary
• Death's Door Café (fiction)
• Death's Door Café: A Commentary
• The Wrong Seat (fiction)
• The Wrong Seat: A Commentary
• Sins of the Ancestors (fiction)
• Sins of the Ancestors: A Commentary
• Crisis Apparition (fiction)
• Crisis Apparition: A Commentary
• Why Kaaron Warren Matters by Michael Arnzen, PhD
• In Conversation with Kaaron Warren
• Tips for Finalizing Your Short Story: An Essay by Kaaron Warren
• A Bibliography of English Language Fiction for Kaaron Warren
An anthology souvenir book featuring fiction, essays, and interviews by and about the guests of honor, and featuring content by members of the Horror Writers Association, from the Bram Stoker Awards & 25th Annual World Horror Convention held 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

Grand Master William F. Nolan
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Jack Ketchum
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Tanith Lee
Guest of Honor: John Farris
Guest of Honor: Lisa Tuttle
Guest of Honor: Kami Garcia
Guest of Honor: Christopher Golden
Guest of Honor: Charlaine Harris
Guest of Honor: Tom Piccirilli
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton
Editor Guest of Honor: Chris Ryall
Toastmaster: Jonathan Maberry
Bram Stoker Awards Emcee: Jeff Strand
Special Presentation by Dacre Stoker
Hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste: Our impressions of the world are formed by our five senses, and so too are our fears, our imaginations, and our captivation in reading fiction stories that embrace these senses. Whether hearing the song of infernal caverns, tasting the erotic kiss of treachery, or smelling the lush fragrance of a fiend, enclosed within this anthology are fifteen horror and dark fantasy tales that will quicken the beat of fear, sweeten the flavor of wonder, sharpen the spike of thrills, and otherwise brighten the marvel of storytelling that is found resonant!

Editor Eric J. Guignard and psychologist Jessica Bayliss, PhD also include companion discourse throughout, offering academic and literary insight as well as psychological commentary examining the physiology of our senses, why each of our senses are engaged by dark fiction stories, and how it all inspires writers to continually churn out ideas in uncommon and invigorating ways.

Featuring stunning interior illustrations by Nils Bross, and including fiction short stories by such world-renowned authors as John Farris, Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, Darrell Schweitzer, and Richard Christian Matheson, amongst others. Intended for readers, writers, and students alike, explore THE FIVE SENSES OF HORROR!

Table of Contents includes:

“Preface: The Five Senses of Horror” by Eric J. Guignard
“Introduction: Why Do Horror Stories Work? The Psychobiology of Horror” by Jessica Bayliss, PhD
“Thoughts About the Sense of Touch” by Jessica Bayliss, PhD
“Heading Home” by Ramsey Campbell
“Soft” by Darrell Schweitzer
“Feel the Noise” by Lisa Morton
“Thoughts About the Sense of Hearing” by Jessica Bayliss, PhD
“In the Cave of the Delicate Singers” by Lucy Taylor
“Sounds” by Kathryn Ptacek
“Malleus, Incus, Stapes” by Sarah Totton
“Thoughts About the Sense of Taste” by Jessica Bayliss, PhD
“His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood” by Poppy Z. Brite
“Cassilago’s Wife” by Sarah Singleton
“Sweet Subtleties” by Lisa L. Hannett
“Thoughts About the Sense of Sight” by Jessica Bayliss, PhD
“The Beholder” by Richard Christian Matheson
“In the Porches of My Ears” by Norman Prentiss
“The Impression of Craig Shee” by David McGroarty
“Thoughts About the Sense of Smell” by Jessica Bayliss, PhD
“Shem-el-Nessim: An Inspiration in Perfume” by Chris Bell
“The Scent” by John F.D. Taff
“The Odor of Violets” by John Farris
“Understanding and Incorporating the Five Human Senses into Modern Horror Short Fiction Writing” by Eric J. Guignard
“Afterword: Sensation and Perception” by K. H. Vaughan, PhD
“Suggested Academic Reading for Further Study”
“A Brief Reading List of Modern Fiction Short Stories with Relation to the Senses (1940–2015)”