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MADELINE FINN AND THE LIBRARY DOG is the 2017 CBC Children's Choice Award Winner in the K - 2 Book of the Year category.

Madeline Finn comes straight from the heart.

I am continually inspired by these amazing Therapy Dogs and their handlers. They let me tag along for the better part of a year where I witnessed one magical moment after the next. Many of the dogs featured in the book are former shelter dogs, now living a new life helping children, and I'm proud to say this book continues to raise money for these wonderful programs.

Everyone knows dogs are masters at unconditional love. When a child senses they are accepted exactly as they are, their fears drop away. Doors open. It’s tough to put into words the beautiful bond between the animals and children. I hope this story shares a little bit of that magic.

MADELINE FINN AND THE LIBRARY DOG is a 2016 Parent's Choice Award Recommended book, a 2017 Children's Book Council Children's Choice Award Winner, and has been translated into 21 languages. Lisa Papp won the 2012 Storytelling Award, and a 2011 NAPPA Honor Award for The Town that Fooled the British, illustrated by her husband, Robert. Some of her favorite writers are L.M. Montgomery, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Sally Gardner. Illustrators she adores are Lisbeth Zwerger, Rien Poortvliet, and, of course, Robert Papp. She and her husband live in eastern Pennsylvania with their three wildly creative cats.

Lisa Papp is the author of books: Madeline Finn and the Library Dog, Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog, The Town That Fooled the British: A War of 1812 Story, The Battles, Chlo Et Les Animaux Du Refuge, Annika und der Lesehund, Meet Caroline (American Girls: Caroline, #1), Caroline's Secret Message (American Girls: Caroline, #2), Caroline's Battle (American Girls: Caroline, #5), A Surprise for Caroline (American Girls: Caroline, #3)

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Madeline Finn DOES NOT like to read. Not books. Not magazines. Not even the menu on the ice cream truck.

Fortunately, Madeline Finn meets Bonnie, a library dog. Reading out loud to Bonnie isn't so bad. When Madeline Finn gets stuck, Bonnie doesn't mind. Madeline Finn can pet her until she figures the word out.

As it turns out, it's fun to read when you're not afraid of making mistakes. Bonnie teaches Madeline Finn that it's okay to go slow. And to keep trying. And to get support from a friend.
Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog centers on budding independent reader Madeline Finn, her newly adopted puppy Star (one of Bonnie’s puppies!), and their unique quest to help animals at their local shelter. This sequel was a natural leap for Lisa Papp. After spending time with so many library dogs writing the first Madeline Finn book, she became aware that many of them are former shelter dogs. Papp is a passionate animal lover and pleased these special pups are at the heart of this installment.
St. Michaels, Maryland, is a town of shipbuilders whose reputation for crafting powerful schooners carries far beyond the shores of young America. And once the War of 1812 starts, that's not necessarily a good thing. For the British have targeted the town as part of their campaign to defeat America in its fight to maintain its independence.
And now, in August of 1813 the British fleet is sailing up the Chesapeake River to St. Michaels. The town's militia is assembled but no one expects they can win the fight against the powerful British cannons. Citizens are being evacuated and the town is in turmoil.

All young Henry Middle wants to do is find his father amid the chaos of the coming attack. The lanterns he carries will be of use to the militia. As Henry works to conquer his rising fear, he realizes he may hold the answer to outsmarting the British in his very hands.

Each paperback in this series features a trio of fictional stories highlighting a moment in history, with content taken from our popular Tales of Young Americans picture-book series. The Battles contains three stories focusing on key American battles: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. The Scarlet Stockings Spy is set during the Revolutionary War. In Philadelphia 1777, childhood games now become life-and-death actions for Maddy Rose and her Patriot soldier brother, as British spies are everywhere. In The Town that Fooled the British, the War of 1812 comes to life when the British target St. Michaels, Maryland, in their campaign to defeat America. But a young boy's quick thinking helps the town escape destruction. The Last Brother is set on the battlefields of Gettysburg where Gabe, a Union Army bugler, meets and befriends Orlee, a young Confederate bugler. Now, with the battle looming ahead of him, Gabe is conflicted about what to do.
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Chlo se rend dans un refuge pour animaux. Apr s sa visite, elle se pose plein de questions sur les chiens qui y vivent. Peuvent-ils jouer dehors? Ont-ils des couvertures pour dormir? Quelqu'un leur fait-il la lecture? Se font-ils dire qu'on les aime? Chlo veut aider les chiens du refuge et, avec l'aide de ses amis et de quelques livres, elle d couvre que m me les enfants peuvent am liorer les choses.

Lisa Papp nous pr sente la derni re aventure de Chlo, une histoire r confortante au sujet des animaux de refuge destin e aux jeunes lecteurs qui souhaitent s'impliquer dans leur communaut .

Chlo asks her mother for a puppy every single day. Finally, Mom says yes, and Chlo chooses Star, one of the puppies born to Mrs. Durand's dog Bianca. Then Mrs. Durand tells Chlo about animal shelters-a place many other pets come from. After a visit to their local shelter, Chlo has some questions. Does anyone play with the shelter dogs, or snuggle with them, or read to them? Questions lead to answers and ideas, and soon she discovers that there are lots of ways for small people to make a big difference.

Author-illustrator Lisa Papp offers a heartwarming exploration of life in an animal shelter in this inspiring and endearing book for young readers eager to help their communities.

Original title: Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog
Caroline Abbott is doing what she loves most—sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa—when her world turns upside down. A British officer boards their sloop, announces that Britain and America are at war, and takes her father prisoner. As Papa is led away, Caroline promises him that she will stay strong and steady until he returns. She tries hard to keep her promise by helping Mama run the family’s shipyard. Then the British attack her village and it looks as if the American side is in trouble. Can Caroline stay steady enough to help win the day?

Includes an illustrated "Looking Back" essay about America in 1812.
Caroline and Mama make a dangerous trip across Lake Ontario to the British fort where Papa is a prisoner. When Mama isn’t allowed to see Papa, it’s up to Caroline to pass a secret message to him—right under the nose of a British guard. Caroline hopes desperately that Papa will be able to use the information to escape. But can she get the message to him? And even if she does, will Papa understand it? When Caroline and Mama return home, all they can do is wait and hope. On Caroline’s birthday, an unexpected gift lifts her heart.
Caroline’s Papa has barely returned before frightening news arrives—British warships are headed for Sackets Harbor, ready to attack. Every able-bodied man, including Papa, must go and fight. Mama and Caroline are left alone to guard Abbott’s Shipyard from the enemy. Caroline tells herself she would do anything to keep Papa’s shipyard safe. But when the battle seems to be lost, Mama gives her a terrible order. They must burn the shipyard to the ground to keep it from the enemy. It’s the one thing Caroline isn’t sure she can do.
Caroline Abbott imagined it would be great fun to have two girls staying at her house for the winter. But her friend Rhonda Hathaway and cousin Lydia are both twelve, and sometimes they seem to be better friends with each other than with Caroline. Worse, they’d rather stay inside styling hair than go skating and sledding. Nothing Caroline tries seems to change things, not even the special Christmas gift she gives to Rhonda. Finally, hurt feelings lead Caroline to make a rash decision—one that puts all three girls on very thin ice.