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Simon Archer

Simon Archer - book author

Simon Archer is the author of books: Forger of Worlds, Super Hero Academy (Super Hero Academy, #1), Let There Be Life (Forger of Worlds Book 2), Branded (Master of All, #1), Maid to Order: A Catgirl Harem Adventure (Build-A-Catgirl Book 1), Dinosaurs! (Forger of Worlds Book 3), Arch Rivals (Super Hero Academy, #2), After the Virus (After the Virus #1), Orc Pirate: Raiding the Seven Seas, Dragon Collector

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Craft your own World. Trade with neighboring Empires. Become a God.

Garrett thought Terra Forma was just a game, but in reality, it was a test created by a devastatingly beautiful ancient goddess to find the most creative man in the universe.

Now, in order to help her defeat an ancient primordial deity, Garrett will have to take a dirt rock and transform it into the heart of the most powerful empire the universe has ever seen.

And to do that, he'll have to unlock portals to other worlds, harvest their resources, and bring back settlers to his world.

Sure, it's a nearly impossible task, but at the same time, how often do you get the chance to play god?

Warning: This book contains adult elements and sheer incredibleness.
Nick Gateon may have made it through his first semester in Valcav Academy, found a mentor in the world's greatest superhero, found romance with several hot superheroines, and survived, but a new semester is coming.

New heroes, new villains, new powers, new women, all wrapped up in the greatest superpowered competition on the entire planet. Nick is going to need a need plan to lead his team of friends to victory against a dozen of the world's best superhero academies, but he has the power, the grit, and the guts to see it through.

Disclaimer: This book contains adult themes and harem elements.
Henry never realized he was special. Sure, he’s an engineer who served his country, but, well, when the virus hit, he soon finds himself alone in a nearly empty world.

And that’s the key. Nearly empty.

And there’s no one left with the technical know-how to make the world run again.

Well, no one but Henry.

And for humanity to survive, he will have to rebuild society out of the motliest crew of survivors the world has ever seen.

It might be impossible, but at the same time, Henry has always loved a challenge.