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Brian Drake

Brian Drake - book author

Brian Drake has been a writer of mystery, crime and adventure fiction since his first publication at age 25. As a troublemaker in high school, Drake was once accused of contributing to the delinquency of his classmates; now, as an internationally-selling thriller writer, he can contribute to the delinquency of the whole earth. He is lifelong resident of California, but keeps running out of reasons to stay. In his spare time, Drake can be found racing through Sacramento County in a bright red hot rod. Someday he may get a dog.

Brian Drake is the author of books: The Termination Protocol (Scott Stiletto Book 1), The Fairmont Maneuver (Scott Steletto #2), Blood Rush (Team Reaper Thriller #4), The Glinkov Extraction (Scott Stiletto Book 3), Lethal Tender (Team Reaper Thriller #7), The Petrova Betrayal (Scott Steletto #4), The Minas Deception (Scott Steletto #5), The Dangerous Mr. Wolf, The Giordana Connnection (Scott Steletto #6), The Rogue Agent (Scott Stiletto #8)

Author books

Stiletto Strikes Again! An SOS brings C.I.A. agent Scott Stiletto to San Francisco. Ali Lewis was once a capable agent herself, before she left the covert world and took over her mother's fashion line. When her father is murdered by a former business partner who wants the business, Stiletto is the one man Ali can trust to learn the truth behind the killing. Legally, Stiletto's hands are tied. There is only so much he can do to stir the pot of police corruption he soon discovers, led by a young inspector who has no interest in solving the crime. When evidence points to a growing international conspiracy orchestrated by Iran involving the smuggling of nuclear bomb parts, kidnapped scientists, and a decades-old mafia / Silicon Valley alliance the government has been powerless to stop, Stiletto has no choice but to break the rules and show this domestic enemy what .45-caliber justice looks like. Get ready for a non-stop thrill ride ... you've never read action like this before!

Team Reaper has captured Jorge Sanchez, the leader of the Chologos drug cartel. His daughter, Blanca, begins plotting to get her father out of US custody by taking hostages and planting a bomb at a school in New Jersey.

Kane and his crew, having spent three months chasing Jorge Sanchez around the world, race to keep their reputation intact by stopping Blanca and destroying what’s left of the Chologos cartel.

Book four of The Team Reaper series is straight from the headlines. Inspired not only by the El Chapo trial, but the many cases of cartel leader’s children taking over for their imprisoned parents.
The Glinkov Extraction is the third book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto action thriller series.

An authorized mission to rescue a friend may be the last adventure of Stiletto’s career … or his life.

A coup stirring in Russia to overthrow President Putin faces the wrath of Moscow police and government agents. Suspects are arrested or assassinated. Survivors run for their lives, including Vladimir Glinkov, a friend of Scott Stiletto.

Glinkov desperately calls for help, but the U.S. government will not get involved. Despite his pleas to aid a friend in need, Stiletto is ordered to stand down.

But Stiletto will not do nothing while a friend suffers. He’ll get Glinkov and his family out of Russia before they’re executed… or die trying.

"...Stiletto is every bit as exciting, gritty, and tough as [Vince] Flynn's Mitch Rapp!...”

John Kane might be on a mission, but he’s experiencing a crisis of confidence this time around…

A jailed cartel leader buried a fortune—and it’s a kill or be killed race to find it!

Caesario Crisfulli is a major player in the French-Italian Corridor, the biggest drug syndicate in Europe. Crisfulli needs the cash to fund a mercenary army for his plans to dethrone the syndicate leader and take over. He’s motivated not by greed, but by revenge…

John Kane and Team Reaper have put the destruction of the French-Italian Corridor on the top of their priority list. If Crisfulli thinks he can simply dig up the money and control the flow of drugs through Europe, he has another thing coming.

The seventh book in the adrenalin-pumping Team Reaper series is guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat!


When valuable high-tech radar plans are stolen from a U.S. defense contractor, chaos breaks loose as friends and enemies snipe at each other to acquire the data. 

Scott Stiletto's mission is to retrieve the plans before they fall into the wrong hands, and potentially render the U.S. stealth fleet useless.

The enemy wants to spill blood. Stiletto will make certain it's their own.

You've never read action like this before!



Venezuela is in the midst of a civil war. Rebel forces are facing the hardened army of dictator Lazaro Minas, who uses death squads and secret prisons to keep dissent against his regime to a minimum. Hostilities have ceased after a hurricane ravages the island, but tempers are short, and both sides are itching to resume the fight.

Scott Stiletto’s mission is to bring guns and medical supplies to the rebels, and the horror of what they’re facing propels him into the fight. This is a battle he cannot ignore. The innocent suffer while under the boot of a dictator who presents himself to the world as a benign leader equal to others.

Venezuela is a powder keg where madmen control others with fear and violence. Scott Stiletto plans to show them what real fear – and sudden death – feels like.

Full of nail-biting suspense – The Minas Deception is the fifth book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto series.


When innocent people are in the crossfire and the police are unable to help, Wolf picks up where the law leaves off.

As he hunts for clues through the city’s dark alleys, chasing mafia killers, solving a decades-old crime, or helping a widow unravel the mystery behind a murder attempt, he quickly uncovers the hidden hands behind the violence, but even he isn’t ready for the shocking twists when the last bullets are fired.

THE DANGEROUS MR. WOLF is your introduction to a good man to have on your side.

Better pray he stays there.
The Giordana Connection is the sixth book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto action mystery series.

Stiletto is in Twin Falls, Idaho, to keep a promise. A promise to deliver a message to a daughter from her father, who died in battle next to Scott.

But he’s too late. Shelly Pierce has been murdered by unknown perpetrators. Worse, there’s a cover up. Witnesses threatened. Police intimidated. The tentacles of deceit stretch all the way to the top of the city government, to a puppet master with plans to conquer the Midwest crime syndicate who doesn’t care who he has to beat, blackmail, or kill to get what he wants.

Stiletto has faced tough odds before, and Twin Falls may be his toughest battle yet. Shelly reminds him of his own estranged daughter, so this is not simply another mission. For Stiletto, it’s personal. He made a promise he intends to keep, even if it means slaughtering every last man responsible for Shelly’s death.

Justice will not be denied.


When his best friend is targeted for termination, nobody but Scott can save him. Years ago, John Pike rescued Stiletto from his personal demons. Now, the CIA believes Pike has killed a fellow agent and vanished into the underworld, where he might divulge classified information to the highest bidder. Stiletto, no longer attached to the CIA or their rules, takes off on his own to learn the truth. Has Pike truly gone rogue after a lifetime of service to his country, or has he undertaken a personal mission to finally slay his own personal demons?

With the help of mafia princess Nikki Fortune, Stiletto crosses the globe following clues, leading to an eventual confrontation where the shocking truth forces Scott to make a life-and-death decision he isn’t sure he can live with.

Full of nail-biting suspense – The Rogue Agent is the eighth book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto series.