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Catherine O'Flynn

Catherine O'Flynn - book author

Catherine O'Flynn, born in 1970, is a British writer.

Her debut novel, What Was Lost, won the Costa First Novel Award, was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award, The Commonwealth Writers' Prize and The Southbank Show Literature Award. It was longlisted for the Booker and Orange Prizes. She was named Waterstone’s Newcomer of the Year at the 2008 Galaxy British Book Awards.

Her second novel The News Where You Are, published in 2010, was shortlisted for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize, an Edgar Allen Poe Award and was a Channel 4 TV Book Club selection.

Her third novel Mr Lynch's Holiday is published in 2013.

Catherine O'Flynn is the author of books: What Was Lost, The News Where You Are, Mr Lynch's Holiday, Lori and Max, Roads Ahead, MR Lynch's Holiday, San Francisco, Lo que perdimos, Lori and Max and the Book Thieves, El que vam perdre

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The 1980s: Ten-year-old Kate Meaney - with her 'Top Secret' notebook and Mickey her toy monkey - is busy being a junior detective. She observes goings-on and follows 'suspects' at the newly opened Green Oaks shopping centre and in her street, where she is friends with the newsagent's son, Adrian. But when this curious, independent-spirited young girl disappears, Adrian falls under suspicion and is hounded out of his home by the press. Then, in 2004, Lisa is working as a deputy manager at Your Music, a cut-price record store. Every day, under the watchful eye of the CCTV, she tears her hair out at the behaviour of her customers and colleagues. But when she meets security guard Kurt, she becomes entranced by the little girl he keeps glimpsing on the centre's CCTV. As their after-hours friendship intensifies, they investigate how these sightings might be connected to the unsettling history of Green Oaks.
Set in Birmingham, The News Where You Are tells the funny, touching story of Frank, a local TV news presenter. Beneath his awkwardly corny screen persona, Frank is haunted by disappearances: the mysterious hit and run that killed his predecessor Phil Smethway; the demolition of his father’s post-war brutalist architecture; and the unmarked passing of those who die alone in the city. Frank struggles to make sense of these absences while having to report endless local news stories of holes opening up in people’s gardens and trying to cope with his resolutely miserable mother. The result is that rare thing: a page-turning novel which asks the big questions in an accessible way, and is laugh-out-loud funny, genuinely moving and ultimately uplifting.
Welcome to Lomaverde - a new Spanish utopia for those seeking their place in the sun. Now a ghost town where feral cats outnumber the handful of anxious residents. A place of empty pools, long afternoons and unrelenting sunshine.

Here, widowed Midlands bus driver Dermot Lynch turns up one bright morning. He's come to visit his son Eammon and his girlfriend, Laura. Except Eammon never opened Dermot's letter announcing his trip. Just like he can't quite get out of bed, or fix anything, or admit Laura has left him.

Though neither father nor son knows quite what to make of the other, Lomaverde's Brits - Roger and Cheryl, Becca and Iain - see in Dermot a shot of fresh blood. Someone to enliven their goat-hunting trips, their paranoid speculations, the endless barbecuing and bickering.

As Dermot and Eammon gradually reveal to one another the truth about why each left home, both get drawn further into the bizarre rituals of ex-pat life, where they uncover a shocking secret at the community's heart.

Mr Lynch's Holiday is about how families fracture and heal themselves and explores how living 'abroad' can feel less like a holiday and more like a life sentence.
Lori Mason dreams of being a private detective like her favourite crime-fighting duo Jim and Sylvie Clandestino. She spends her days looking for signs of criminal activity at school and on the streets, keeping a careful note of her suspicions in her top-secret notebook. The only problem is that nothing much seems to happen in New Heath until the troubled Max joins class 5B, and the two outsiders are drawn together to fight real crimes and conspiracies in their very own classroom.
In 1999 a spiky anthology of young writing was the first title to appear from the Tindal Street imprint and the first on a prize-winning road ahead. Ten years on, Tindal Street Press celebrates a decade of publishing - and of commitment to the short story and the wealth of regional writing talent - with a showcase that's just as ground-breaking. Prize-winning author Catherine O'Flynn here presents a range of exciting new voices from the next generation of English short story writers.
Eamonn Lynch stares at the letter announcing the imminent arrival of his father, Dermot. His first thought is: I'll make an excuse, I'll put him off. But it is too late. Dermot is already here, in southern Spain, and soon he'll discover that Eamonn lives in an unfinished building site; that Laura's left him; and that it'll be just the pair of them for two long, hot weeks. Eamonn doesn't seem to know what to make of his father's arrival. Swept up in Eamonn's British expat neighbours' ceaseless barbecuing and bickering, both father and son slowly discover the truth about each other and the family past. But at the same time they uncover a shocking, unacknowledged secret at the heart of this beleaguered community.
La Kate Meaney té vuit anys i no és una nena com les altres: òrfena i solitària, viu amb una àvia amb qui no s'entén i passa les hores fent de detectiu -amb l'ajuda del seu inseparable mico de peluix- pels immensos passadissos del nou centre comercial que acaben d'inaugurar al seu barri. Un bon dia, però, la Kate desapareix.Vint anys més tard, un guarda de seguretat del mateix centre comercial capta, a través de les càmeres, la imatge d'una nena i un mico de peluix. Podria tractar-se de la Kate? Àcida, carregada de suspens, divertida i intel·ligent, El que vam perdre converteix un centre comercial en un microcosmos que reflecteix el món on vivim, i assistim així a una intensa novel·la sobre l'amistat, la infància i la recerca de la felicitat. El que vam perdre va ser rebutjada per més de vint editorials i agents literaris abans que una petita editorial hi apostés. Des d'aleshores no ha parat de recollir premis, ha estat finalista del prestigiós Booker Prize i ha figurat entre els llibres més venuts tant als Estats Units com a la Gran Bretanya durant molts mesos.Catherine O'Flynn, filla de pares irlandesos, va néixer el 1970 a Birmingham. Va estudiar Antropologia i Sociologia a la Universitat de Manchester. Ha treballat de professora, d'editora de pàgines web i de cartera, i va escriure aquesta novel·la a Barcelona, on va residir uns anys, en què reflecteix la seva experiència com a dependenta d'una botiga de música.Catherine O'Flynn ha passat a formar part de la llista d'autors rebutjats i reconeguts després de manera unànime pel públic i la crítica. El que vam perdre es publicarà a vint-i-cinc països i serà duta al cinema pròximament.