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Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders - book author

Richard Sanders is the author of books: Beastly Fury: The Strange Birth Of British Football, 581 Ways To Kill Your Boss, Why Die Tomorrow When You Can Die Today?, Fishbone Creek, Dutch Justice, Prtty Grl (Maybe 10?) w/ Old Ded Preest, The Scion of Chimera, Murder Files: (Book Two) Temple of the Damned, Downfall: (Book One) Herald of a Midnight Empire, Betrayal Dawn

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"Footeballe is nothinge but beastlie furie and extreme violence", wrote Thomas Elyot in 1531. Nearly five hundred years later, the game may still seem furious and violent, but it has also become the most popular sport on the planet.

This is the story of how the modern, professional, spectator sport of football was born in Britain in the second half of the nineteenth century. It's a tale of testosterone-filled public schoolboys, eccentric mill-owners and bolshy miners, and of why we play football the way we do. Who invented heading? Why do we have an offside law? And why are foreigners so much better than us at the game we invented?

Based on exhaustive research, Beastly Fury picks apart the complex processes which forged the modern game, turning accepted wisdom on its head. It's a story which is strangely familiar - of grasping players, corrupt clubs and autocratic officials. It's a tale of brutality, but at times too, of surprising artistry. Above all it's a story of how football, uniquely among the sports of that era, became what it is today - the people's game.
A Steve Jobs-level genius is missing, last seen walking his pet salamander on a leash. (Or without the leash, accounts differ.) Has he been kidnapped? Gone into hiding? Lost his mind? Is he dead? As I’m trying to track him across the country, I’m thinking, how about all of the above?
A seemingly normal girl from a small Earth town, who never quite fit in growing up, is whisked away into a galaxy of wonders and dangers and magic beyond imagination as the Chimera King's death leaves empty the powerful Universal Throne--completely unknown to earthlings--and Bethany learns the truth of her brutal, absentee father, the powers and dangers awakening inside her own scion-blood; and that mystical Entities and mysterious Others seek to use her, slay her, or worship her--and in the deadly, horrific, beautiful, magical chaos, she must discover who she wants to be, and whether she is strong enough to survive in such a universe no longer hiding its awesome majesty, spectacular wonders, and terrifying many-layered secrets.
While life remains a struggle for Hunter Blackmore, he has begun steps, however unsavory, however unlikely they would have once seemed; to establish himself well enough to continue his investigation and restore his name, and discover why he was made the fall man for brutal international murder that he had done everything in his power to prevent--but had been blindsided by it as badly as everyone else at the African Consulate. Yet it was him whose life was trashed, no one else. Someone had it out for him, he is evermore certain of it--and he is ever more determined to find out who. Having solved the mystery of Myron Davis's death, and helped the family of his old friend achieve peace, he was surprised to discover the notebook that, however loosely, connected Myron's death with the conspiracy Hunter became victim to in the summer of 2017--that took his life away from him, a life he still desperately wishes to recover. Despite the new discovery, and new angles to research, he knows the choices he made undoubtedly created new enemies for him, of the Federal Agent persuasion. Not to mention embarrassing the local police for their inept homicide investigation. On top of these concerns, there was the fact that Tortuga de Angelos-Mayhew had come through for him--and not for charity. It had proven the difference in the end of success and failure. And so Blackmore cannot regret it, no matter how wrong it felt, and worrisome, to know he now owed at least one quite powerful, quite dangerous, member of the Detroit Underworld an unspecified favor ... Eager to exit this upside-down feeling world as soon as he can, and recover his life, and clear his name, he wants nothing more than to follow the clues pointing to D.C., however few they were. But knew he would run afoul of Federal Agents, Police, and the local Underworld if he fled Detroit now. Besides, as he continues to investigate what he can, he pieces together a dark suspicion. He hates it, he hopes he is wrong, but the more he rationally thinks it through, the more certain he is he cannot skip town, not yet, not without at least investigating this dark suspicion of his. Unlike his friend, whose murder he solved out of loyalty, only to discover it was connected to his own problems and generated some few leads ... this time, as he snooped around, needing to be certain, he did not expect any rewards, or gratitude, or any new information for is own case. This was a public service. The kind of distraction he did not need. But also the kind he simply had no ability to turn his back on. Even though, if he was right, it would only mean more enemies and not more allies or resources or clues. That didn't matter. If he was right, two recent children's deaths were not accidental ... and if so ... that meant more could die. And if there was anything Hunter hated more than murder in general, it was the murder of innocents, particularly children. And so he chooses against his own interests to remain in Detroit, at least for a while, long enough to investigate a particular Parrish, and, if nothing else, be certain no more children were victims of a truly gruesome and evil homicide--if his suspicions were right.
Thirty years after Phoenix Requiem, the galaxy has changed tremendously. Yet, despite leaps in scientific and technological advancement, deeply inexplicable--and in some cases downright impossible--mysteries are on the rise. Even Calvin, who disappeared without a trace eight years ago--along with ship and crew--is but one more question mark and cold-case, for which not the slightest clue has ever been uncovered, by human or alien.

Now, as the Empire stands terrifyingly ready, after rapid growth and relative prosperity--despite near constant war of decades--to potentially collapse into a black chaos born from betrayal, ambition, sedition, and politics, gamesmanship, conspiracy, and even war, at all levels, and from often the least likely of instigators; darker and deadlier spectres haunt the blackest space between the stars. The truly bewildering, physics-breaking, mind-bending, inexplicable and unpredictable have begun to challenge the very best of minds, and computer analyses--even artificial intelligence at its strongest performance is useless to reconcile what they witness with what is possible.

None can make any consistent sense of it, and more information seems to only make the bizarre hugely stranger by the day.

Now the tiny I.W.S. Sparrow, and her expert crew of science-specialized Intel Wing operators, led by Lt. Captain Tera Novak, adventurer, risk-taker, and prodigy of scientific genius--peerless in her natural gifts, must somehow make sense of the impossible, find the unfindable, explain the unexplainable, and in their efforts, as the Empire--and the Galaxy--seems ready to collapse into xenocide, war, and much worse, all around them, they tug a thread of discovery--a thread that has been dormant a very, truly long time--and learn that the answers they seek, if they exist, are even further from sentient grasp than imagined.

They also learn that, if any one thing can be depended upon as truth, it is that no life, anywhere, in all the galaxy, is safe. And the dangers are multiplying by the day. Dangers whose whispers and hints--all clear as day yet definitively, mathematically, scientifically impossible--are increasing. The blackness is darkening. And humanity remains bent upon painting the galaxy with blood on a scale like never before.
Despite a troubled personal life, Hunter Blackmore has always served his country with distinction. From his time in Delta Force, to being an expert homicide detective in Detroit, to many years with the Diplomatic Secret Service (in some of the most unstable regions of the world) where he was a dual threat expected to fulfill the protective mission of handling a valuable foreign asset, as well as discreet investigation and counter-intelligence work, he has lived and bled for the United States. However when his assigned asset is murdered, while trying to communicate vital intelligence to Hunter, he is made to take the fall for what becomes a firestorm international incident. Betrayed, down on his luck, and with seemingly nothing to live for, he vows to uncover the deadly secrets surrounding that fateful night in March, 2017.