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Kent Dalian is the author of books: House of Night #1 (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #1), House of Night: Legacy (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #1-5), House of Night #3 (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #3), House of Night #5 (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #5), House of Night #2 (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #2), House of Night #4 (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #4)

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Until recently, Zoey Redbird was an average high-school student worrying about grades, boys, and breakouts. But priorities have a way of changing when you are Marked as a vampyre, enroll in the vampyre academy House of Night, and have to figure out a whole new social hierarchy, affinities for elemental magic, and physiological changes that make you crave blood. The magical world of _New York Times_ best-selling authors P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast comes to comics! Over 12 million copies sold to fans in the U.S. with legions of loyal fans worldwide.
When Tulsa teenager Zoey Redbird was Marked as a vampyre, it turned her world upside down. Now, Zoey must adapt to a new school where classes begin at eight p.m., figure out a whole new social hierarchy, deal with physiological changes that make her crave blood, and learn to accept her newly given magical affinities to the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit.

Adding to the mythos of P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast's best-selling House of Night series, writer Kent Dalian and artist Joëlle Jones (along with Karl Kerschl, Joshua Covey, Daniel Krall, Jonathan Case, and Eric Canete) delve deep into the House of Night mythos and explore some of history's most notable vampyres, including Hyppolyte, Circe, and Cleopatra!
"Zoey Redbird and her friends investigate a tale from ancient Greece in their quest through the pages of vampyre history. As the House of Night confronts protests from religious zealots, Zoey hopes that Circe's famous Full Moon Ritual and her romance with the legendary traveler Odysseus will help her understand her elemental affinity for water and the mysteries she's encountered as a fledgling vampyre. * Featured on's ""best comic book news to come out of Comic-Con"" 2011! * More than twelve million novels sold!"
"Emily ushers readers through forty-seven pages of weird, kooky, and hilarious stories all focused on the dark. To most people, journeying to ""the dark side"" might seem like a bad thing. But to Emily, the dark side is the perfect place to go on all sorts of wild adventures with her posse of black kitties. Join Emily, Mystery, Sabbath, NeeChee, and Miles as they journey to the dark side of the moon, meet photogenic monsters in the dark room, and explain exactly why there are some very good reasons to be afraid of the dark! Don't miss out on Emily's exclusive interview with goth-rock superstar **Marilyn Manson**! "
"Struggling to understand her connection to the vampyre goddess Nyx and her elemental affinities, Zoey Redbird's got her hands full at the House of Night. Add needing a plan to revamp the student group known as the Dark Daughters, and this third-former vampyre's in need of a hand. Turning to her friends, Zoey hopes to gain clarity in her quest to understand where she fits into the modern world of vampyrism. * P. C. Cast brings her best-selling novels to comics for brand-new stories! * Over 12 million novels sold in 35 countries with legions of loyal fans! ""Move over, Stephenie Meyer.""_People_"
"Having gained a new understanding of her affinities for earth, wind, and water, Zoey Redbird moves into more dangerous territory as she attempts to master a lesson in fire. Zoey seeks guidance from the secret vampyre history of Cleopatra and her relationships with two great Roman leaders--Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Readers gain knowledge about Zoey's maturation as a fledgling vamp as she becomes the leader of the Dark Daughters. * Based on the best-selling novels from P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast! * A featured title on's list of the ""best comic book news to come out of Comic-Con [2011]""! * Sexy vampyre romance on the Nile!"