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Shinta Cho

Shinta Cho - book author

Shinta Cho is the author of books: The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts, Kyabetsu-Kun, Henteko Dobutsu Nikki, My Body Science Series Super Set, Sid the Signal, Sakasama Raion, Ninen 2-Kumi Wa Hiyoko No Kurasu

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"Both informative and blunt, the book provides young readers with solid facts as well as plenty to snicker about, including sage advice ('Don't hold them in--pass that gas!)."--"Publishers Weekly." Full color.
Simplified Chinese edition of Kyabetsu-Kun or 'Cabbage kid' by the most popular Japanese children's writer Cho Shinta whose books are classics. This award winning 'cabbage kid' is filled with fascinating images of colors that show what happens when one eats cabbage of different sizes.