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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Christa Wick has been hybrid publishing since 2012 (yep, she's one of the O.G. indie authors). She's written 50+ romances starring curvalicious heroines and alphalicious heroes whose stories span the spectrum of: steamy & sweet, steamy & emotional, steamy & suspenseful, steamy & paranormal, steamy & dark, and...well, you get the idea. Her darker, dirtier books are under C.M. Wick, and she also writes general fiction sci-fi thrillers and suspense novels under other pen names.

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Christa Wick is the author of books: Curvy Attraction: Aiden & Cecelia (Untouchable Curves, #1), Chasing Her Curves (Irresistible Curves, #1), Claiming Her Curves (Irresistible Curves, #2), Tempted Beyond Return (Far Too Tempting, #3), Unraveled: Corwin & Belle's story (Until You, #1), Wolf Curves (Wolf Clan, #1), Curves for Two, Billionaire's Pet, Tempted Beyond Reason (Far Too Tempting, #1), His to Cherish (Smoke & Curves, #3)

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"Ride with me." Three simple words. A seemingly perfect solution after my car breaks down.

So why am I so nervous about this? Sure, I've harbored the biggest crush on him for over a decade. But one road trip isn't going to clue him in on that well-kept secret.

I can't put my finger on what's making this ride feel like a big deal. That is, until he pulls me close and revs the hard rumbling engine of his bike.

Okay, things are definitely different.

And the ride hasn't even begun yet.

The Untouchable Curves Collection
Curvy Attraction (Aiden & Cecelia)
Curvy Seduction (Owen & Gemma)
Curvy Perfection (Cayce & Ashley)

This collection of steamy friends-to-lovers standalones contains hot & dirty alphas just wanting to give their sweet curvy girls the HEAs they deserve.

Previously published as Riding Curves (c) 2012 with revisions throughout, newly added content, and an extended ending.
Tough Texas girl meets determined New York billionaire... May the most stubborn one win.

Ginny: I swear, the man has got some kind of professional billionaire player handbook he's operating out of. Not to mention a truckload of tenacious swooniness going for him. But I've got my reasons for keeping my guard up. He's good. Too good. And if I don’t watch myself, I'm going to end up tripping and falling right on his...

Hawk: I swear, the woman doesn't just have her defenses up, she's got a fully armed artillery pointed straight at my balls. She's sweet though, underneath all the cactus-like prickliness. Smart, too. Convincing her to come work for me was step one. And step two? Hell, let me just focus on surviving step one with all my favorite body parts intact first...

The Irresistible Curves Collection
Chasing Her Curves (Hawk & Ginny)
Claiming Her Curves (Blake & Pippa)
Capturing Her Curves (Shane & Velda)

This collection of steamy & sweet standalones contains hot alpha billionaires just wanting to give their sweet curvy girls the HEAs they deserve.

Previously published as Texas Curves (c) 2012 with revisions throughout, newly added content, and an extended ending.
What’s a guy to do when the one woman he can’t stop thinking about doesn’t believe he’s got real feelings for her? Get downright stubborn and sweep her off her feet, that’s what.

Pippa: The idea that my richest and most gorgeous client just proposed to me feels like a crazy joke, or a pitch for some weird reality show. But the thing is, my situation is dire enough that taking Blake up on his offer is a given. I’ll have to keep my wits about me though. Otherwise, the man who’s willing to go through all this to rescue me (because that’s just the kind of guy he is) will be the man I’ll end up falling for harder than I already have.

Blake: So, that just happened. I just proposed and saved Pippa's business in one fell swoop. Of course I did. I’ve been protective of her from the very start of our friendship. And now that she’s wearing my ring, protective doesn’t even begin to cover the way I feel. That I stepped up to help her out of the mess she’s in was always a given. But the fact that I had to take such drastic measures to begin with? That’ll all make sense soon enough.

All I have to do first is convince the most stubborn woman alive that I really am in love with her.

Previously published as Curve Contract (c) 2012 with extensive plot revisions throughout, newly added content, and a different extended ending.
College senior Lillian "Lilliput" Richards really should move on from her side job of babysitting Stevie, the 10-year-old son of the exceedingly delicious Major Logan Jones. She's got a big girl's job to go with her big girl curves and has spent the summer racing between a downtown office building and the major's home.

Leaving Stevie isn't an option. She is very fond of her junior sidekick and, more importantly, the boy is missing his mom after the woman went AWOL to discover herself eight months ago. Oh, and there's another reason for staying -- Lily has been working a huge crush on the major for years. One-sided, of course. Not only is the major newly divorced and treats Lily like she's part of the family, but the man is hot enough to melt glaciers. There's not a thing a man like Logan could want with his plump, young and seemingly sedate babysitter.

At least that's what Lily thinks until a sexting skirmish with her best friend goes awry and brings the major rushing home. With all her dirty little fantasies about Logan and pictures of her lush body in the phone he's now holding, is Logan there to fuck or fire her?

This 21,000+ word Curve title is a BBW mirror of the 6900+ word Sexting Major Jones. SMJ will be extended (no ETA) with non-BBW dynamics and SMJ's store file will be updated. Gmail wickedchrista for an SMJ only update notice.
Once upon a time, the ocean fascinated me with its unending beauty and otherworldly creatures. Now, its mere image terrifies me. Maybe that's not a big deal for most people, but I spent the last four years studying to become a marine biologist.

That's not the worst of it. Corwin Hale, the big, bad Navy SEAL I've known forever, finds out about my sudden phobia and insists on fixing me. That's not the solution I need. All Corwin can do is lead me into the deepest waters of my life and break my heart.

But I can't tell him that.
Leah Howard doesn’t believe in werewolves, even if she dreams of shifting. Pack alpha Seth Gladwin can’t understand why a human female is ringing all his mating bells.

When Seth chases Leah down in her apartment building and partially shifts in front of her, he wants nothing more than a forgetting spell placed on the plus-size beauty so he can continue investigating a secret society of Hunters intent on making the local werewolf clan extinct.

Only this time, the society’s prey isn’t shifters -- it’s Leah.

This 18,000+ word BBW paranormal erotic romance is for Wicked readers with a craving for fearsome alpha males, a little magic and a whole lotta curves!
Thick as thieves since childhood, Chase and Roman have been to hell and back together. Returning from their second tour in Afghanistan, they intend to settle down. There's only one small problem -- they have to convince plus-size beauty Grace Michaels to share their future. First, they need to get her into bed.

This 7,800+ word story (extended from 6,200) features a happy-for-now ending between a plus-size beauty and the two returning soldiers determined to have her.
Former Olympic hopeful Katelyn Willow put aside her dreams of gold more than eight years ago. Now she's an unemployed charity analyst running three hours late for a job interview with the CEO of Griffin Holdings after being mugged. Bound and determined to have the interview anyway, she waits outside the private entrance to his Chicago offices.

Griffin Montgomery doesn't know what to make of the disheveled and slightly bruised woman waiting for him in the alley. The gentleman inside him wants to tuck her into his limo and safely escort her to her apartment, with the promise of an interview once another position opens up.

The man inside him just wants to take her in every position imaginable.
She’s gentle, innocent, and sweet—everything I’m not.

There’s a reason I was hired to protect her by one of the few former military buddies I consider a friend. Because I’m the man people call to get the job done, even if the job is guarding the lushest, sexiest body I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I’ve somehow been able to keep my hands off her these past months as her bodyguard, but that’s before I learn why she’s avoiding the biggest decision of her life. The surgery could either restore her sight or take away what little she can see forever; and I’m the reason she’s been holding off.

She says she wants one night with me—her first time, no less—while she still has a fraction of her vision left. Hell, I don’t know what the right thing to do here is. But what I do know is that protecting her isn’t just a job for me anymore.

And one night? That’s damn sure not going to cut it.

The Far Too Tempting Collection
Tempted Beyond Reason (Wake & Lacey)
Tempted Beyond Relief (Wylie & Rhea)
Tempted Beyond Return (Logan & Lily)
Tempted By Trouble (Austin & Gina)
[an extra hot Far Too Tempting standalone]

Previously published as Waking Up Her Curves (c) 2015, revised throughout with newly added content and an extended ending.

Note: This is a steamy & sweet standalone with character cameos from the even steamier standalone, Tempted By Trouble, formerly titled Black & Gold, which has similarly been republished with revisions and new content.
Book 3 -- Final installment in the Smoke & Curves series.