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Charles Thomas Osborne is a journalist, theatre and opera critic, poet and novelist. He was assistant editor of The London Magazine from 1958 until 1966, literature director of the Arts Council of Great Britain from 1971 until 1986, and chief theatre critic of Daily Telegraph (London) from 1986 to 1991. He is the only author the Agatha Christie Estate has ever allowed to produce adapted works in her name. (wikipedia)

Charles Osborne is the author of books: Black Coffee (Hercule Poirot, #45.5), Spider's Web, The Unexpected Guest, The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Novel for Serious People, The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie: A Biographical Companion to the Works of Agatha Christie, Murder In Three Stages: Black Coffee, Spider's Web, The Unexpected Guest, Schubert and His Vienna, W.H. Auden: The Life of a Poet, The Opera Lover's Companion, كافكا

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Inventor Sir Claude Amory feels a bitter taste in the mouth, when the new formula for explosive material stolen by someone in the household.

In order to quickly remedy the situation, Sir Claude locks the door and turns off the light, giving the thief a chance to return the formula without being detected. But darkness brings death and Hercule Poirot has to untangle family strife, love and suspicious visitors tangle in order to clarify the murderer and prevent disaster.
Clarissa, the wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, is given to daydreaming. ‘Supposing I were to come down one morning and find a dead body in the library, what should I do?’ she muses. Clarissa has her chance to find out when she discovers a body in the drawing-room of her house in Kent.

Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband comes home with an important foreign politician, Clarissa persuades her three house guests to become accessories and accomplices. It seems that the murdered man was not unknown to certain members of the house party (but which ones?), and the search begins for the murderer and the motive, while at the same time trying to persuade a police inspector that there has been no murder at all.

This novelisation by Charles Osborne is based on Agatha Christie's play, Spider's Web.
Agatha Christie is the most widely published author of all time with her works outsold only by Shakespeare and the Bible. She is regarded by generations of fans as the greatest mystery writer ever, and her novels are read and cherished the world over.

A thriller as well as a puzzler set in a foggy estate in Wales. This mystery opens as a stranger walks away from his ditched car toward a country manor to find a man murdered and his wife standing over him with a gun. But the woman is dazed and her confession unconvincing. The unexpected guest decides to help her and blame the murder on an intruder. Later, the police discover clues that point to a man who died two years previously and a pandora's box of loves and hates, suspicions and intrigues is opened to the night air.

Originally written by Agatha Christie as a play in 1954, now rendered as a novel by Charles Osborne, The Unexpected Guest is a compelling tale of murder and deceit sure to entertain and amuse fans of Christie worldwide.
The author of over 100 plays, short story collections, and novels, which have been translated into 103 languages, Agatha Christie has been outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare. Though many have tried to copy her, no one has succeeded, and Christie remains the best selling modern writer throughout the world. Now Charles Osborne, a lifelong student of Agatha Christie, has created a comprehensive guide to her world as examined through her books. Illustrated with rarely seen photos and updated to include details of the publications, films and TV adaptations of her writings, this book provides fascinating reading for any Christie aficionado.
For the first time in one volume, the three full-length novels by Charles Osborne based on Agatha Christie's acclaimed stage plays Black Coffee, Spider's Web and The Unexpected Guest. With 66 crime novels and 14 books of short stories to her name, Agatha Christie became the best-selling novelist in history, translated into more languages than Shakespeare. But her canon of work extended beyond books into world record-breaking stage plays. Charles Osborne, author of The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie, has adapted three of her original plays into full-length novels. Combining her typically beguiling plots and sparkling dialogue with his own faithful narrative, this trilogy of ingenious stories can now delight a new legion of fans. BLACK COFFEE: When a plan to recover a stolen formula ends in murder, Hercule Poirot must unravel a tangle of family feuds, old flames and suspicious foreigners and prevent a global catastrophe. SPIDER'S WEB: Discovering a body in her drawing-room, the wife of a diplomat attempts to unmask the murderer while convincing the local police inspector there has been no murder at all.THE UNEXPECTED GUEST: Agreeing to help concoct an alibi for a dead man's killer, an unwitting accomplice begins to wonder if he isn't shielding the wrong person after all.