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Manju Gupta

Manju Gupta - book author

Manju Gupta is the author of books: Madhubala: I don't want to die..., Illustrated Biography of William Shakespeare, An Amazing World, Young Hands at Work: Child Labour in India, In the Mysterious Ruins, You Can't Punch with a Thumb

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The story of many different turbans worn in India
In the mysterious ruins is the english translation of Indian author Babu Devakinandan Khatri's debut novel Chandrakanta which was first published in 1888.
The days of individual brilliance are passe. Teams have taken over the world. An effective team is a force multiplier and is able to achieve exponentially more than the sum total of its individual members. This book shares with us effective mantras on inculcating the team spirit, creating great teams and retaining them.