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Gerard Donovan is an acclaimed Irish-born novelist, photographer and poet currently living in Plymouth, England, working as a lecturer at the University of Plymouth.

Donovan attracted immediate critical acclaim with his debut novel Schopenhauer's Telescope, which was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize in 2003. His subsequent novels include Doctor Salt (2005), Julius Winsome (2006), and, most recently, Sunless (2007). However, Sunless is essentially a rewritten version of Doctor Salt -- ultimately very different from the earlier novel, but built upon the same basic narrative elements—of which Donovan has said: "Doctor Salt... was a first draft of Sunless. I wrote [Doctor Salt] too fast, and the sense I was after just wasn't in the novel. ... I saw the chance to write the real novel, if you like, [when Doctor Salt was due to be published in the United States in 2007] and this I hope I've done in Sunless."

Prior to his career as a prose author, Donovan published three collections of poetry: Columbus Rides Again (1992), Kings and Bicycles (1995), and The Lighthouse (2000). His next publication will be a collection of short stories set in Ireland, followed by a novel set in early twentieth-century Europe which he is currently writing.

Donovan made a huge Dubai picture, with 4.250 photoshots (45 billion pixels) in Dubai's panoramica area.

Gerard Donovan is the author of books: Julius Winsome, Schopenhauer's Telescope, Sunless, Young Irelanders: Stories, Country of the Grand, De diefstal van Albert, The Lighthouse, Winter in Maine: Roman - Geschenkausgabe, Kings and Bicycles, Columbus Rides Again

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From the author of Schopenhauer's Telescope comes a beautiful and haunting novel of vengeance, literature, love, isolation, and man's tenuous grasp on reason.
The haunting novel Schopenhauer's Telescope ...[is] one of the most unusual novels of the year...The effect is pulse-quickening and horrific, as though we've been force marched through a theme park of grotesque monsters.- Newsday . In an unnamed European village, in the middle of a civil war, one man digs while another watches over him. Slowly, they begin to talk. Over the course of the afternoon, as the snow falls and truckloads of villagers are corralled in the next field, we discover why they are there--not just who they are but also how sinister events in the country have led them to be separated by a deepening grave, and why the history of civilization is inseparable from the history of mass violence. Beautifully written, with a poet's eye for detail coupled with a chilling and compelling narrative drive, Schopenhauer's Telescope is current in the best sense--no thin allegory of today's conflicts, but a remarkable attempt to make art out of the brutality of life.
From the acclaimed author of Julius Winsome comes this masterful novel about pills, doctors, and the modern American condition.
From the acclaimed author of Julius Winsome comes a stunning collection of stories about the not-always-green Emerald Isle.
A young man driving across Ireland with his wife asks her how long she would wait before being with another man if he died. A man is trapped, hidden, in a small changing room by the sea on Galway Bay, as he listens to his friends discuss his wife's infidelity. An anguished young boy and his widowed mother struggle to reconstruct their lost father and husband in their own respective ways. The stories in Country of the Grand magnify a New Ireland as it copes with the rewards and pressures of its fresh success: immigration, mid-life crisis, adultery and divorce, a lost sense of place and history, and of course, what to do with all that prosperity.
1938. Tijdens een mooie zomer aan de zuidkust van Engeland steelt een vrouw een kinderwagen, mét baby. Ze noemt het kind Albert. Ze is goed voorbereid, ze heeft een boek over babyverzorging en de nodige luiers en potjes eten. Van een afstandje ziet ze de ouders van Albert eraan onderdoor gaan. Ze zweeft tussen adoratie voor het kind en irritatie, want nu kan ze niet meer naar de bioscoop, haar lievelingshobby. En dan wordt Albert ziek.
Donovan laat zijn hoofdpersoon wankelen op de grens van herkenbare emotie en waanzin, uiterst kwetsbaar en dreigend tegelijkertijd. Een beklemmende psychologische roman over wat eenzaamheid met iemand kan doen.
Kings and Bicycles, Zen Masters in the Supermarket, Ballad of the Bridge Troll, A Week of Delirium and Shells -- Donovan's titles illustrate his rich mixture of the lyrical and the mundane. "Wide in scope and rich in content" -- Books Ireland. "The poems are too various and good to categorise, but Gerard Donovan's book kaleidoscopes the colours of death, loss, emigration, love, praise and humour. He is a latter-day Columbus riding through these colours" -- Greg Delanty on Donovan's first collection, Columbus Rides Again (Salmon 1992).