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Parker Paige

Parker Paige - book author

Parker Paige has been writing fiction for several years with a passion for creating eccentric characters. She is fascinated with true stories and for that reason, she is drawn to the network Investigation Discovery like a drug. She is the author of “Whitley and Austin” and "The Color Pink." She is not completely insane, maybe just a little bit crazy. She lives in Los Angeles. Contact her at [email protected]

Parker Paige is the author of books: The Color Pink, The Ghost, Whitley, The Ghost of Blue Ivy, Coaching the Men's Team: She Gives Him a Hard Time and He Gives Her One Right Back, Uncannily Arousing: Paranormal Horror to Titilate and Excite, Our Lust is Legion: (Bundle of Group Menage with a Fantasy Twist, The Court of the Winter King: (Fantasy, Many Partner Menage), Our Lust is Legion, Uncannily Arousing

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The ghost.
Many hands, many bodies, many loves. All together. Find inside three tales of lustful gatherings of a strange and wonderful nature. Each is filled to the brim with salacious carnal action and more stimulating than the one before. Find enclosed the following stories:

Used by the Dark Elves - A voluptuous and nubile woman seeks reward in the dark world of the libidinous elves who work beneath the earth.
Her Public Debut - The Anonymous Society only take the very best and when one young applicant's first appearance comes, things get out of a hand.
The Court of the Winter King - A curious young woman finds a hot new place among the cold heart of winter.
The weird and wonderful is out there and there are those among us who love the abnormal. Follow three tales of salacious and strange lust between maids and demons, elves and humans, and even the great old gods that live beyond our dimension. Contains the stories "The Demon's Maid", "The Rule of Three", and "Used by the Dark Elves".