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E. Davies

E. Davies - book author

E. Davies grew up moving constantly, which taught him what people have in common, the ways relationships are formed, and the dangers of “miscellaneous” boxes. As a young gay author, Ed prefers to tell feel-good stories that are brimming with hope.

He writes full-time, goes on long nature walks, tries to fill his passport, drinks piña coladas on the beach, flees from cute guys, coos over fuzzy animals (especially bees), and is liable to tilt his head and click his tongue if you don't use your turn signal.

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E. Davies is the author of books: Buzz (The Riley Brothers, #1), Clang (The Riley Brothers #2), Splinter (Significant Brothers, #1), Swish (The Riley Brothers #3), Shelter (Men of Hidden Creek - Season 1, #1), Crunch (The Riley Brothers, #4), Slam (The Riley Brothers, #5), Grind (The Riley Brothers #6), Afterburn (After, #1), Grasp (Significant Brothers, #2)

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“I'm walking away from that dream.”

“We can't guarantee your life if you keep playing.”

At twenty-three, an undiagnosed heart condition sends pro hockey player Cameron Riley back to his hometown newly single and looking for work. Cam can't hide his past – especially when his heart racing is a big risk, and boy, does his new boss's nephew make his heart race. Noah's exactly the kind of guy Cam needs after his hellish ex.

“I want to do something new.”

Art curator Noah Clark is glad his beekeeping uncle hired this hunk. Cameron is a sweet, smart bad boy. Noah works hard, like organizing a hockey-themed art exhibition, and he wants to let himself love hard. Noah's busy life would be perfect with Cameron, but what's his new lover hiding?

“Tell me why you've been watching me.”

Pitting Cam's budding relationship with sweet Noah against millions of bucks, Cam is offered a lot of money to abandon his new priorities: life, love, and family. The game of their lives is on the line. And after all's said and done, is it too late for Noah to forgive Cam for his partial truths?
“I can't let you face this alone.”

“I don't know. I'm just lonely.”

Summer barbecues and his brothers' renovations keep blacksmith Jackson Riley happy, but he's missing one thing: a relationship. Sweet, sexy Chase helps him with his dating profile and catches Jackson's eye instead. When they trade skills and time, the embers are stirred into a flame of passion. Jackson wants a family tattoo – something Chase's skilled hands can deliver. But Jackson worries when Chase asks him to forge a sword. What could he need protection from?

“I don't have a family.”

Tattoo artist Chase MacLeod can't stop running from his past. When he thinks he's escaped, a letter arrives that throws everything off balance. The fencing lessons he's taking bolster his confidence, and his new flame Jackson steps in and defends him. Then, Jackson makes an offer to open his home and heart to him. Chase must find the courage to face his past.

“Just tell me if they're gone for good.”

Chase wants to stick around and redefine the meaning of family, but the enemy fights dirty. Will Jackson's protection be enough to help Chase stand up for himself? Or will Chase's scars forever close his heart? Despite their best efforts, Chase's worst enemy might just be himself.

Clang is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
After zero-gravity heroics left astronaut Nicolas Rogers injured, his new job as a park ranger seems perfect. Being a caretaker of his corner of the Smoky Mountains makes him almost okay with having to be on Earth. More importantly, this deep in the woods, Nico's practically a hermit at a remote ranger station. Sure, he has good friends in nearby Knoxville, but he's otherwise free from petty drama and broken hearts... until Deen enters his world.

Caught in a compromising position by relentless paparazzi, rock star and international playboy Deen Jayse barely escaped with his career intact. He needs image rehab and a break from fame. His manager strongly suggests a stint in the Smokies, promoting national parks and being wholesome. Which would be a lot easier if Nico weren't there in his sexy park ranger uniform.

Nico already has his hands full with arsonists at the park without Deen adding to his workload. He thinks he has to babysit a spoiled celebrity, but when he catches a glimpse of the man behind the persona he sees something he can't resist. They've both experienced the isolation of fame, and while their loneliness brings them together, their worlds threaten to tear them apart. Deen can't just drop everything to go live in the mountains, and Nico can't abandon them... After a taste of being together, how can they possibly face a future apart?

Splinter is a standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger. Book #2, Grasp, will be available August 22nd!
"I wouldn't be caught dead kissing you."

“Alex was always something else.”

Bank teller Thomas Riley is the youngest of three brothers, and the only single one. That's not to say nobody's interested... His ex, hunky Alex, is back in town and wants to see him. But Alex nearly screwed up both of his brothers' lives, and Thomas isn't willing to forgive him easily. There's no way reigniting an old flame can work... right?

“I knew we still had chemistry.”

Moving back to your hometown isn't easy when your ex moves back, too – especially the one that got away. After getting on Thomas's bad side, private detective Alex Walker is determined to at least explain himself. He's not just looking to screw Thomas again. Then, on the ski trails, Thomas falls head over heels for him... more literally than Alex hoped. How can he prove he's trustworthy to the family after spying on both of Thomas's brothers?

“Is it becoming more?”

Becoming boyfriends is risky when Thomas just wants to get ahead in life and Alex is challenging his morals and his fears. If Alex wants to catch Thomas, this time, Alex will have to keep up and change his ways for good. And can Thomas overcome his own fears to come clean to everyone?

Swish is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
“It's time to stop running away.”

Private security contractor Orion Miele is only back in Hidden Creek long enough to help his Gramma get better. Orion never expected to fall for the only brown-eyed beauty he turned down in high school... one who needs his protection now. Juggling his responsibilities might get messy.

Gabriel Spicer can't wait to get out of this town and his cousin's fixed-up shed, far away from his clingy ex. He works at the Mieles' farm produce stall to save up for the big move to Houston, where his life will get better. But meeting his high school crush all over again throws his careful plans awry.

The walled garden designs Gabriel loves to sketch have nothing on the walls around his heart. While Orion comes to terms with being bi, Gabriel realizes that leaving isn't all it's cracked up to be. What he needs is shelter... here, in Orion's arms.

Welcome to Hidden Creek, Texas, where the heart knows what it wants, and where true love lives happily ever after. Every Men of Hidden Creek novel can be read on its own, but keep an eye out for familiar faces around town! This book contains a sweetly scheming grandma, a guy who thinks he’s straight, and a sketchbook full of hopes and dreams.
“I listened to you, years too late.”

“I don't have a right to complain.”

Tattoo artist Floyd Turner's faith in justice was destroyed when he was rookie cop. He struggled for a couple years with drinks and his own anger. He's long past that stage – now, he runs a tattoo shop downtown. But despite his fulfilling career, he's nervous about the upcoming high school reunion. Not having a date to bring there reveals his insecurity: he aches for something more. And then, when he thinks things can't get any more stressful, his former patrol partner walks in.

“These tattoos better make a difference.”

After his past caught up with him, cop Greyson Peters became a fitness instructor and moved back home. His old career was hard from the start, and he's always struggled to find a healthy outlet. He's slowly healing, pouring his energy into exercise, but he's still got unsightly scars he wants covered. It's hard to be a playboy when his self-confidence keeps taking hits. Worse yet, his family keeps pressuring him to get back into the force.

“I turned my pain outward, you turned it inward.”

With Floyd's family chasing him for a debt he's long since paid and Greyson struggling to find closure for the career he still misses, the two old classmates are drawn together sharing skills. Both men are openly gay now, and they slowly realize they could always be fake dates for the reunion. As their feelings strengthen, can they even hold out until the reunion to admit that they're both afraid of wanting more? And can they open their eyes and see the support all around them?

Crunch is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
“We'll protect him.”
“I don’t want to be the poster boy.”

Hockey player Kevin Shaw, fresh out of university, just signed onto a Toronto team for a year. He knows he isn't innately gifted, but he works damn hard to make up for it. The last thing he needs during his first season of pro hockey is a distraction... but he can't say no when he's asked to train with a sexy friend of a friend. He wants to get better, grab a spot on the third or fourth line, and not let slip any hint of attraction to his new buddy.

“If they see, they see.”

Called up from the minor league to the major league at the end of last season, hockey player Matty O'Brien is secretly terrified he won't hack it. He's quick on his feet on the ice, and he loves living with his buddies and his dog after practice ends. One thing's missing: a relationship. He plays center forward, but he's always the wingman and never the center of attention. The way Kevin watches him makes him feel like the star player.

“He's just jealous of what you and I have.”

A spontaneous kiss sends them both scurrying for shelter, deciding whether they have room in their life for more than friendship. Just as they start to get comfortable, before they can decide what they are, someone finds out their secret. Locker room gossip is annoying for Matty, but fatal for Kevin's career if the guys on the team don't shut it down. Will Kevin gain the maturity and strength to stand up for himself without plunging deep into the closet or risking his career all over again? And can they trust their friends to hold their secrets close?

Slam is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
“I'm glad I picked you.”
“My family could accept me being gay, but not trans.”

James is in trouble. His family turned their back on him after he transitioned, and he was forced to start his new life without them, but now he's paying the price. Buried in debt, his last chance is to start a business with hunky carpenter Ryan and hope that they succeed. The one thing he can't afford is a distraction, but what if Ryan is the only one to see past it all and love him inside and out?

“Strictly-business is hard around you."

Ryan Hart doesn't rattle easy. From lazy contractors to being the last single friend, nothing bothers him until he meets James. Ryan's new business partner pushes him to follow his dreams, even though he faces problems Ryan's never considered. Ryan doesn't back down from a challenge or from threats to his business, James's hard-won privacy, and their future together. As business partners, of course. Nothing more.

“I can't believe they don't see you as the man I love.”

They both know mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea, but the pull between them is too hard to resist. Can Ryan have it all with the clever, caring, bossy guy who's won his heart?

Grind is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
Knitted together by our hurt and hope.

Santa Barbara firefighter Liam Knight is king of the one-night stand. Dylan, the gorgeous twink working in the craft store below his apartment, is supposed to be just that: a hookup. But Liam wants to protect Dylan from anyone taking advantage of him, and it fuels the spark growing between them.

Dylan Waters is poised to fall hard—and not just for hunky Liam from his knitting PTSD support group. He’s juggling jobs, a college transfer, and panic attacks that his mother’s alternative medicine won’t fix. He can help others, but he’s never managed to accept help himself.

They’re both hiding from their pasts, but the closer they grow, the less room there is to run. When it all goes up in smoke, can they save each other—and the relationship that could make them both believe in love?

Afterburn is the first book in the After series, which explores mental health challenges with gentle humor and heart while hunky firefighters turn up the heat. It can be enjoyed on its own, and promises a happily-ever-after.
Zoo vet Blane Winter’s grumpy attitude and muscles hide a romantic heart. He only relaxes when he's around animals, since he likes them more than people. Until he meets a certain incessantly cheerful artist…

Studying meerkats as he paints a wedding present for his sister gives Falcon Harper the perfect excuse to creep on the hot vet. It takes his mind off the dreaded event: he’s happy for his sister, but his secret ex will be at the wedding. His asshole secret ex.

The solution is obvious: Blane can be Falcon's plus-one and show Spencer that Falcon’s moved on to bigger, better things all these years later. But feelings grow as Falcon coaxes Blane out of his shell. Just as happiness seems within their grasp, jealousy threatens to tear it away for good.