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Jack Parker is the author of books: Silent Suspect, Sudden Anger, The Trap, Accidentally on Purpose, Little Hope, On the Flip Side, Deadly Riddles (Mike Anderson Book 1), Dead Secret, Deadly Silence (Aldous Asquith #1), Murder in New York

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Discover a crime thriller which will captivate you till the stunning ending.

What happens when a serial killer begins hunting in the nation's capital? For Jack Richards, a desperate and depressed young desktop publisher, it means finding himself mistakenly thrust into the firestorm as a lead suspect – only to learn to his own shock and amazement that he alone knows the true killer's identity...if anyone will believe him in time.
Looking for murder mystery with a feisty female detective?

Many people had reason to kill the victim, and they tried 'til they got it right. You'd think that would leave plenty of clues, but they don't add up right. Can a 16-year-old girl put the puzzle pieces together and solve the murder?
When they're gone you can kill me.

Mary West is a dedicated CIA agent, intent on finding out the truth about her parents' death. She had never known another life apart from what her job had to offer. But when she is tasked to "babysit" a wealthy CEO's son, the secrets surrounding a past she couldn't exactly remember start to unravel. Will she be able to uncover the truth before they get to her?
Looking for a murder mystery with a feisty female detective?

Gracie Greene has secrets.

A teacher was found dead and a lot of other students have had accidents, some serious. Gracie Greene's not so sure they were accidents, but can she find the pattern and motive before someone else dies?
"He's the one standing in front of Fox, the tall guy." Olivia needn't have asked to whom the Detective was referring to. Her eyes shot up and her strong, upright posture stumbled for a slight second. "He got here before me?" Her voice had not cracked, it hadn't, she was in control.
From the outside, Claire Gauthier appears to be leading an almost charmed life: a good job, a solid education, plenty of money, and good looks. But beneath the surface, something far darker is hiding. And her secret isn't so secret any more. In fact, it's attracted a kindred all the worst ways. Now she's both hiding from and protecting a detective in love with her.
Looking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective?

Gracie Greene has secrets.

At 18 years old Gracie Greene has already solved 2 murders. Now she finds herself a suspect in a 3rd murder and must solve it to clear herself.
Discover a crime thriller which will captivate you till the stunning ending.

Detective Peel is a man on the edge of losing his career unless he's able to successfully complete this one interrogation.

Peel had started his investigations three months ago, and he was still working on it. Since then, more and more murder cases had landed on his desk. They were all high-class, opulent businessmen.

It seemed like the crimes were linked but the victims had never met each other, But Not everything is as it seems.
Do you love murder mysteries? Then discover Angela Tarantino, a feisty female detective with a talent for uncovering the truth.

Angela Tarantino is a dedicated police officer who is young and full of life, yet she is left yearning for success. When a detective position opens up in her department, she is the first to jump at the opportunity. Soon she finds out there is a catch, in order to acquire this position she is to work undercover infiltrating one of the biggest crime families in New York, the Lucchese.