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Mary E. Thompson

Mary E. Thompson - book author

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Mary E Thompson grew up getting lost in the world of fiction, reading everything she could find. After a responsible career in chemical engineering, she finally realized she would only be happy if she were writing, so she started. There have been many moments when she thought chemical engineering was easier, but she pushed through, knowing nothing worth doing is ever easy (to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt). Now, living out one of many dreams, Mary is happy with her life, and anxiously awaiting every moment to come with her husband and two young children.

Mary E. Thompson is the author of books: Chubby & Charming (Big & Beautiful #1), Lush & Lovely (Big & Beautiful #2), Fat & Fine (Big & Beautiful #5), Plump & Pretty (Big & Beautiful #6), Shapely & Stunning (Big & Beautiful #3), Husky & Hot (Big & Beautiful, #7), Bulky & Beauteous (Big & Beautiful #4), Fluffy & Fabulous (Big & Beautiful, #8), Freedom (F-Bomb #1), His Curvy Friend (Book Boyfriends Wanted 1)

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Love isn't in the realm of possibility for Lexi Mack. After her parents manipulated her love to get their way before and after their divorce, she knew love wasn't something she ever wanted. It would just leave her hurt, and she'd had enough pain to last a lifetime.
Sex was another story though. Lexi could handle that. She needed it, and Mike Peterman was the perfect man to help her get that release.
Until Mike wants to change things. When he becomes her boss, she's ready to end their friends-with-benefits relationship, but he wants to take things to a completely different level.
Can Lexi get over her opposition to love, and dating the boss, and let Mike in? Or is she destined to be alone forever?