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Ashley Mae Hoiland

Ashley Mae Hoiland - book author


I write, I paint, I teach, I explore, but most of all I try to connect to the people and places around me.

Ashley Mae Hoiland is the author of books: One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly: The Art of Seeking God, A New Constellation: A Memoir, The Lost Party, Animal Parade, Mother's Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother, I Gave Her a Name, I Gave Her a Name--Deluxe, Full Color Edition, Carrying Baby

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One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly is for restless souls who desire to know God more deeply. Ashley Mae Hoiland bids us follow her down “the hallowed and well-trodden path between the heart and mind,” where glimpses of godliness are discovered in rainstorms, bus rides, temples, and mountains. As a Latter-day Saint, Hoiland explores the complexities of faith in everyday life where laughter and creativity matter as much as faith, hope, and charity.
The story starts when Stork finds a party hat on the ground just outside the forest, and he can't help but put it on. He feels sure the hat is a sign that he's been invited to a very special party. Stork set out to find the festivities.
In this stunning new collection of poems, Rachel Hunt Steenblik (Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings) explores the deep, human longing for a divine mother to complement the male God that has long dominated our culture. Lovingly illustrated by Ashley Mae Hoiland (One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly). Praise for Mother's Milk

"In these brief and moving poems, Rachel Hunt Steenblik recalls and reimagines the relationship between the daughters of God and their hidden and distant mother. Using her own experience and revelation as well as her wide research, Rachel recreates the Heavenly Mother many dream of knowing, a woman not unlike our own mothers, one who shares our own experience of motherhood." -Claudia L. Bushman, author of Contemporary Mormonism

"The warm, delicious, delicate and strong poems in Mother's Milk moved and delighted me. Without doubt this book is a major step toward filling the Mother-sized hole in our hearts. Boldly pulling back the curtain of patriarchy to show that "God" is not a boy's name and that we have never lived in a one-parent family, Rachel reminds us that our Mother has never ceased to nourish and love us." -Carol Lynn Pearson, author of Mother Wove the Morning, and The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy

"Rachel Hunt Steenblik is Mormonism's most essential and necessary poet since Carol Lynn Pearson. Out of her hunger for a mother God, she has made food for us all. Out of her losses, she has made milk. It's what women's bodies know how to do, of course. But Rachel, oh honey, few of us do it so openly, so truthfully, so plainly, so well. Come, come, everyone-Mormon or not, brothers, sisters, kindred-and take these words. I am so proud that this book will teach the world what Mormon women know-perhaps uniquely-about God."-Joanna Brooks, author of Book of Mormon Girl.
Take your little one on a babywearing adventure as they lift the flaps of Carrying Baby to discover different ways animals carry their young.