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Chenell Parker

Chenell Parker - book author

Chenell Parker is the author of books: I Can't Let Go, Worst Case Scenario, A Trillion To One, As Long As I'm The Only One, You're My Little Secret, Three Is a Crowd, You're My Little Secret 2, I Don't Want You Back, Never Knew Love Like This 2, You're My Little Secret 3

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Brooklyn went from being a naïve eighteen year old virgin to being the pregnant side chick of a soon to be married man. Dominic has always wanted to be a father and he’s excited that Brooklyn is making his dream a reality. Dominic loves Brooklyn but his history with his fiancée Kennedi has made it difficult to choose between the two.

Kennedi's greatest desire is to give Dominic a baby, but after having three miscarriages, she is discouraged and the news of Brooklyn's pregnancy is devastating. She loves Dominic and must decide if marrying him is an option for her.

Will a baby bring Dominic and Brooklyn closer while tearing him and Kennedi apart or will Brooklyn forever be his little secret?