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Elizabeth (Beth) Massie is a 2-time Bram Stoker Award and Scribe Award-winning author of horror/suspense, historical fiction, media tie-ins, nonfiction, and short fiction for adults. She also writes novels for teens and middle grade readers. Her series, Ameri-Scares, is currently in development for television by Warner Horizon (Warner Brothers), LuckyChap, and Assemble Media. Stay tuned! She lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband, illustrator Cortney Skinner.

Elizabeth Massie is the author of books: Power of Persuasion (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3, #12), Sineater, King Takes Queen (The Tudors, #2), The Great Chicago Fire, 1871, Thy Will Be Done (The Tudors, #3), Versailles - Le Rêve d'un Roi, Wire Mesh Mothers, Homeplace, Shadow Dreams, Hell Gate

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When the female population of Sunnydale starts strutting its girl power, the push for gender equality seems like a normal expression of '90s feminism. After all, a girl trying out for the football team isn't usually a sign of imminent danger. But when the guys start acting like powerless pawns and a few even turn up dead, Buffy Summers notices that the local womyn's movement has reached a feverish -- and probably unnatural -- pitch.The Slayer is the only one who can see straight during the ultimate battle of the sexes. Her friends -- including Giles -- are spellbound by the malignant muses permeating the school. Even the local vampires are acting strange. Alone in her search for answers, Buffy must figure out who's behind the sinister sisterhood...and close the gender gap before the feminist revolution goes too far.
Dissent rises in the kingdom of King Henry VIII of England. The king's ongoing dispute with the papacy over a desire for annulment is about to incite the Reformation, and his next step is to appoint a new archbishop in order to obtain his long-awaited marriage to Anne Boleyn.

All crests that once bore the initials "H & K" are promptly replaced with an intertwining "H & A," the first of many significant changes to come. The birth of the new royal couple's first child, Princess Elizabeth, is followed by the death of Katherine of Aragon. New legislation decrees that any who dare commit an act against the king - or the kingdom's newfound beliefs - will face extreme consequences. With her husband growing increasingly impatient, it becomes apparent that the only crime Anne could commit against her king would be to deny him a male heir.

As pressures rise in the kingdom, those who once found themselves in the king's good graces foresee a somber end to their reign. This rich novelization of season two of The Tudors follows the complicated relationship between Henry and Anne through to its historically significant and dramatic conclusion.
She lost her family in the Civil War and fled from Georgia to Chicago disguised as a boy. Here 18-year-old Katina Monroe finds work as "William," acting in a small theater, as she dreams of writing a brilliant drama and gaining wealth and fame as a woman in her own name. But life takes an unexpected twist when she meets crusading young minister Russell Cosgrove on a street corner and he persuades "William" to help him create a shelter for the destitute. Katina can't tell Russell the truth, even as they work side-by-side, until the day love and jealousy drive her to reveal her true self at last. Together they build a dream of new lives and a new city -- until a sudden fire rages through the streets. Now they are racing for their lives as Chicago burns in their wake....

Anne Boleyn is dead and a Catholic rebellion is rising in the north. The king's army makes a bloody example of the traitors, and Henry VIII will not be satisfied until the defiant leaders pay with their heads. The virtuous and beautiful new queen of England, Jane Seymour, has convinced him to reconcile with his daughters, little Elizabeth and pious Mary, who the insurgents hope will one day restore the Church to power. Mary must wait her turn, however, when Jane blesses Henry with the one thing his other wives could not -- a son -- only she doesn't survive his birth. Devastated, the king locks himself in seclusion. A new leader is waiting for Henry's power to weaken, a jousting wound threatens his life, and disloyalty is brewing within the court. Fearful of England's waning alliances, the king's advisers convince him to marry homely Anne of Cleves, a political union in which he finds little comfort...until he meets a young, coquettish new mistress named Katherine.

In the seductive and gripping third season of The Tudors, the king finally gets everything he ever wanted. But unrest is brewing, and he will stop at nothing -- and spare no one -- to hold on to the throne.
1667, Louis XIV a vingt-huit ans. Le décès de sa mère Anne d'Autriche lui laisse enfin les mains libres pour gouverner. Traumatisé par le souvenir de la Fronde, le jeune monarque veut à tout prix garder les nobles sous contrôle. L'extraordinaire palais qu'il va imaginer à la place d'un modeste pavillon de chasse de Versailles sera leur prison dorée.

Tandis que de nouveaux murs s'élèvent, que des canaux sont creusés, des arbres plantés, Louis aime, trompe, manœuvre et manipule. Mais à qui faire confiance quand on est un grand roi ? À ses plus proches ministres ? Au valet ou à l'ami le plus fidèle ? Au frère complexé, aux maîtresses blessées et courtisanes énamourées ?

Inspiré de la série éponyme diffusée sur Canal +, ce roman historique nous entraîne dans les dédales sulfureux d'un château destiné àservir les ambitions vertigineuses du Roi-Soleil.
Elementary school teacher Kate McDolen spirits eight-year-old student Mistie away from her abusive parents. While driving to a new life for both of them, Kate and Mistie are carjacked by Tony, a dangerous girl who doesn't admire anything except violence and cruelty. The cross-country trip that follows will turn into a one-way journey to fear, desperation, and madness.
The isolated ancestral home of a beautiful young artist hides a terrifying secret.
This collection of short stories offers a glimpse into the myriad worlds of Elizabeth Massie’s characters. These folks are normal, everyday people, living mostly in small towns, growing up or growing old and handling life’s problems like you and me. Except for one thing — these people are about to be touched by the cold shadow of fear, enveloped by a dark nightmare laced with dread. Winner of the Bram Stoker Award twice, Massie gives us a chilling collection of some of her best stories from the past ten years. In these stories we can see the terror lurking in the familiar, and the darkness waiting in our dreams.
Beth's horror novel, Hell Gate, is a wild ride into the dark world of Coney Island in the early 1900s.

It has been called, ""A Thrill Ride Of Historic Proportions...Like Stephen King, Massie proves regularly—and here once again—that horror doesn't rely on vampires or zombies, and that it doesn't need to rely on the completely inexplicable or unscientific; rather, all horror requires is the thoughts and behaviors of human beings." —Marakay Rogers, BWW Reviews.