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Brittney Mulliner

Brittney Mulliner - book author

Brittney has been an avid reader since she can remember. Her parents' form of punishment for her growing up was taking away her books and making her go outside to play. She was born and raised in Southern California, with a brief hiatus in Arizona. She loves the beach, exercising, sleeping in, and cookies. She is an obsessive dog lover, although her affection currently has no outlet. Something that she is planning on remedying soon. She and her husband currently reside in the Rocky Mountains exploring and hiking as much as possible.

Brittney Mulliner is the author of books: Puck Drop (Utah Fury Hockey #1), Match Penalty (Utah Fury Hockey #2), Line Change (Utah Fury Hockey #3), Attacking Zone (Utah Fury Hockey #4), Buzzer Beater (Utah Fury Hockey #5), Open Net (Utah Fury Hockey #6), Full Strength (Utah Fury Hockey #7), Begin Again (Forgive and Never Forget, #1), His Royal Request (Royals of Lochland Book 1), Scoring Chance (Utah Fury Hockey #9)

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She doesn’t date hockey players, and he needs to earn the respect of his new team, but they're willing to break all the rules for just one kiss. As long as they keep their relationship a secret everyone everyone wins.

Since their parent’s death, Chloe Schultz has put every ounce of her energy into her twin brother, Erik’s, NHL career. She won’t let distractions—like dating—get in the way of keeping the Utah Fury as the championship team. Until she meets Reese.

Reese Murray was shocked when he was traded the week before the season started. He’s bitter, but he won’t let that stop him from proving he’s the best. The Fury welcomes Reese, with one warning, stay away from the marketing manager, Chloe Schultz, if he wants to stay on Erik’s good side. Too bad she’s the first woman that’s caught his eye in years.

Can Chloe and Reese keep their focus while trying to hide their growing attraction, or will their secret come out and tear the team apart?
He lives to shock and entertain and she’s perfectly content with her predictable life. But when they meet, sparks fly.

Madeline Romney swore off players after one heartbreak too many. She prefers the safety and stability of her aspiring politician boyfriend, even if he is growing distant. Nothing will alter her plans of the perfect future, not even the alluring bad boy from her dad’s team can tempt her.

Erik Shultz is a player. He knows it, the team knows it, the public loves it. He can get any woman he wants, and usually does, until he meets Madeline. She’s the first woman who can resist his charms. She’s also off-limits, which makes her oh so tempting. Erik can see she’s miserable with her boring suit of a boyfriend and is determined to prove he’s the right man for her.

Can these opposites see that they’re perfect for each other, or will they get ejected from the game?

Book 2 in the Utah Fury series, each book can be read as a standalone.
He's hockey's newest star. She's his new personal assistant...and fake girlfriend. Together they have to prove he belongs on the team.

Noah Malkin thought life couldn’t get any better than the day he got recruited to the Utah Fury, well, until he was shipped off to their farm team. After a year of waiting, he’s going to play with his dream team and share the ice with his idols. He can’t mess up his only chance to prove this is where he belongs.

Colby Wells is struggling as a personal assistant when she gets an unexpected lifeline. Her new client, Noah, is the NHL’s newest sweetheart. She’s prepared for anything until her boss tells her she has to pretend to be his girlfriend, at least until the media circus around him settles down. If she can pull this off she'll be able to pay back her student loans in just a few months, a freedom she's desperate for.

Can they keep their relationship professional as they grow closer, or will Colby and Noah lose their contracts?

Book 3 in the Utah Fury series, each book can be read as a standalone.
He's the captain of the Utah Fury. She's the number one fan of their rival team. Can these sworn enemies put hockey aside long enough to see they're perfect for each other?

Kendall Davis was born and raised a Baltimore Harbors’ fan and nothing, not even moving across the country to enemy territory is going to change that. She doesn’t care if she sticks out in Salt Lake where she’s attending grad school. All she wants is to graduate quickly and keep her secrets hidden before returning home to her military family. When the captain of the local hockey team comes into the cafe where she works, she takes the opportunity for a little payback.

Wyatt Hartman wasn’t looking for his life to change. He has enough weighing on his shoulders with the team without dealing with the drama of women. When a slightly crazy blonde threatens his anonymity and his favorite cafe he goes against his instinct to run. There’s something about her that keeps him coming back for more, but with each wall he breaks down, another one is built.

Can they win the fight to love the enemy, or are their differences too much to overcome?
A cynical athlete. A twice-shy developer. A chance meeting in a romantic spot. Will they risk their wary hearts and try again for happily ever after?

Colin Brassard was living his dream, playing on the Olympic Hockey team and basking in fame until his college sweetheart dumped him. He decided to embrace the bachelor life for five years, until his past showed up during a much needed vacation. What were the odds he and his ex would be in the same country, at the same resort, at the same time? He knew it had to be fate giving them a second chance. All he has to do is convince Lucy of that.

Lucy Royston is perfectly content with her safe life in Silicon Valley. Sure, she doesn't have any crazy stories to tell her grandkids, but she's made good choices. The most important one, ending things with the heartbreaker, Colin Brassard. When her best friend asks her to attend her bachelorette party in Cancun, Lucy is hesitant but knows she can't disappoint the bride-to-be. Running into her ex was the last thing she expected, or wanted.

Can Colin convince Lucy their meeting was fate and to give him another chance or are the old wounds too deep to forget?
She’s out to prove she’s enough on her own. He wants to show her being a part of a team isn’t a weakness. Can they meet in the middle or will her pride get in the way?

Addison Dupree is determined to make it as a single mother without asking for help. She’s found a great support system with the women of the Fury Pride, and a new job she actually enjoys. She’s content with focusing solely on her son, Elijah, even if that means denying her attraction to the Utah Fury’s rising star, Grant Fisher.

Something changed in Grant the moment he met Addison. While some guys on the team think he should avoid Addison and her baby, he’s in too deep. All he wants is to be part of their lives and take care of her and Elijah, but Addison resists. Each time he tries to help he drives a wedge further between them.

Will Addison let Grant in, or are they destined to stay friends?
Escaping her past, Aubrey Tate moves to Southern California for a fresh start with her older brother, Brandon. Starting over at a new school seems easy with her cousin, Mckayla, and her two best friends at her side, but handling the new guys is another matter. Aubrey ends up in the middle of three rivals that each want her to themselves. Mike claims her first and declare himself her friend and protector. Luke is the school heartthrob that stops Aubrey in her tracks, speechless. Gage is the mysterious, dark outsider that Aubrey can be herself around. How will she navigate her new life while she’s still haunted by her past?
Can a woman with a wounded past teach an arrogant hockey player humility or is she setting them both up for failure?

Amelia Curtis jumped at the chance to move to Salt Lake after getting a job offer to work with Madeline Murray at a physical therapy clinic. It’s not her dream job, but it offers exactly what she needs right now - a fresh start. Living with her sister, Elena, is a perk, but the best part is becoming friends with the Utah Fury players and the Pride. They welcome her with open arms, much to the frustration of the backup goaltender, Derrek Aston.

Derrek doesn’t fit in with the rest of the team. No matter how hard he works, they treat him like a kid. He’s determined to gain their respect and prove his value as a goaltender even though he doesn’t know where to start. When Amelia challenges him to change he has a choice, man up or sit down.