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Curiosity kills the KatHA ebook download free

Curiosity is a collection of short stories each with a twist at the end.

Assessing performance of one s student is what every teacher does many times in his/her career. But what if the teacher is a terrorist trainer and the student a suicide bomber?

What if a visit to a historical place throws up an unexpected opportunity to listen to a firsthand report of the historical event from a person who was present at that time?

This is the age when everyone talks about zero tolerance to corruption. How would one react to a typical malpractice at a railway booking counter? When does a deal become a steal? Or more importantly does stealing make a purchase a better deal?

These and other similar questions are discussed in Curiosity Kills the Katha, a collection of humorous yet thought provoking stories with surprising endings.

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Ashok  Kallarakkal ebooks download free

Ashok Kallarakkal

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