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White Charms and Dark Secrets (Grey Witch #2) ebook download free

Don't get sent to supernatural prison... That’s just common sense, right?

Being cursed with bad luck makes it impossible to find a decent job. Leaving me with no choice but some bar work in some very questionable establishments. If that wasn’t bad enough, my best friend has been accused of murder and is on the run, so I don’t even have my bestie to complain about it with.

When a twisted vampire-witch hybrid from Kier’s past shows up, I know that time is running short to find answers for the curse that plaguing me and anyone that gets too close.

When the only person that can save me is a four thousand year old demon that I’m pretty sure would like my head on a spike, what’s a witch to do?

-Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem-
This is a full length book. 334 Pages in print.

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Cece Rose ebooks download free

Cece Rose

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