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emerge 19: The Writer's Studio Anthology ebook download free

Local and international writers converge to create emerge 19, a powerful anthology now in its 19th year, filled with intrepid and haunting stories. Explore a tiny universe within a shard of glass, find lullabies for insomniacs and follow the kidnapping of a magical cat. In this collection, you will find prose and poetry that lay new ground, whether it be uncovering hidden jawbones in walls, bearing witness to childhoods in raging war zones, or examining one’s paradoxical relationship with aging parents. This is a meeting of stories; get lost in the voices and find yourself anew within these pages.


Chelene Knight — Foreword


Ashley Hynd — Four poems

Yong Nan Kim — My Year Without Books

Jacqueline Willcocks — Two poems

Catherine Lewis — Two poems

Steffi Tad-y — Two poems

Tara Borin — Pit Kid

Cecil Hershler — Three poems

Barbara Carter — Tamarindo Concerto

B. D. Neufeld — creature

S. Sloan MacLeod — Four poems

Zofia Rose Musiej — Five poems

Janna Walsh — Four poems

Martha Warren — Berengaria

df parizeau — A Moment, in a Day, in the Life of Данкан Гидонович

Deborah Vieyra — Glitter Smashed

Elizabeth Armerding — Don’t Let the Bedbugs


Maggie Derrick — The Witch’s Patron

Purnima Bala — The Circle of Silence

Danielle Boyd — Niall

Elisabeth de Grandpré — The Empress

Brynn Morgan — Niernen Docks

Melissa Garcia — Liliana

Carly Daelli — The Soul of Dessia

R. D. Hughes — The Mage of Thunder

Michael Aaron Mayes — Not the First Incident

Isobel McDonald — A Modern Witches’ Congress

Robert Jay Groves — The Ghosts of Christmas Past

James A. Duncan — Crossing

Sam Milbrath — The Tail of the Lake Monster

Emma Murphy — Rat

Kim June Johnson — Two pieces

Jessica Lemes da Silva — Books and Bocaditos


Alaa Al-Musalli — Ghost in the Sky

Tene Barber — Two Tall Pikes

Madeleine Lamphier — Vipassana

Jordan Smith — də’sent

Kadee Wirick Smedley — Juliette

Kathryn Robbins-Pierce — Dancing to My Own Drum

J. G. Chayko — Finding Nellie

Emelia Symington Fedy — The Tracks

Melanie L. Walker — On the Day She Chose to Go

Terri Taylor — Dreaming Myself Awake

Kelly-Anne Maddox — Saving Avi

Karen McCall — A Night in Lower Labovia

Jane Shi — How to Make Strawberry Dumplings

Hailey Rollheiser — Omelette

Adriana Añon — A Tray of Sweets

Isabella Mori — Believe Me

Lindsay Borrows & John Borrows — Border Crossings


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Chelene Knight ebooks download free

Chelene Knight

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